Sunday, May 3, 2009

So Much to Share - A Busy Saturday

I love checking out new primitive stores and after seeing the post a couple weeks ago about North Shore Primitives on the blog of Backwoods Country Primitives - I thought that I definitely had to check it out. So, the rain had stopped here yesterday and my husband decided to take me to Washington Courthouse, Ohio. He is great with directions and we drove right up to the this wonderful prim store. North Shore Primitives is absolutely wonderful. The owner Vickie and her friend were so sweet! Not only did they have great stuff in the store, but they also have a very strong faith in God and that makes me like them even more. Vickie has a store loaded with beautiful prim furniture, lights, curtains and well the list goes on. I loved everything about the store, but I just didn't have the money to buy anything. I agree with Backwoods Country Prims.... it is definitely like no other primitive store that I have been in before. I have been to Country Gatherings in Berlin, Ohio (Amish Country) and it is nice, but I have to admit that I personally think that North Shore Primitives is in a close race with Country Gatherings and they might even be better then the stores that I have seen in Amish Country. Talk about prim inspiration....... you will definitely be inspired when you walk into the doors there at North Shore Primitives. Vickie has indeed been blessed and God has been wonderful to her to allow her to open such a beautiful shop. She said it was a dream come true for her and I can see why. If any of you are every coming through Ohio then this is a place that you definitely have to stop at. It is well worth the stop and Vickie is so sweet and makes you feel so welcome. Next time I visit..... I am hoping to go without Cameron. We took Cameron and he was pretty cranky so it didn't give me alot of time to really look at everything. I definitely need to call her back and talk to her about the kitchen that they had setup in the upper part of the store. Uh yeah, they had the upper part of the store setup like a home along with a kitchen with some BEAUTIFUL cabinets and tons and tons of more prim furniture. I now know for sure how I want to do my cabinets after seeing those cabinets so I need to call her back and talk to her about how she did them. Oh, they were just beautiful!!
Isn't this a pretty little church? We passed this church and I loved how is set back away from the road and among all the beautiful trees and pond. What a beautiful setting for a little church.
Oh yes...... my husband surprised me with an early Mother's Day gift. He bought me this cute little punched tin light at North Shore Primitives. Isn't it great? I just think it is so cute and prim and well it shows up great next to my red walls in my kitchen.
Here is my new flooring that I completed. I did most of it except a few cuts here and there that my FIL and DH helped me with. Didn't it turn out wonderfully? I think it looks great and so much more prim then the ugly cheap linoleum that we had in there before. Here are some pictures of the entry way. If all goes well then we are hoping to put it down in the kitchen as well, but of course we have to wait for more money (lol). Money is always the problem...... if I had more money then I could have a bigger home, if I had more money then I could have bought some beautiful prim furniture from North Shore Primitives and if I had more money then I could have my kitchen floors done. Hummm, where are those money trees when you need them?!? They are so hard to find (lol). Yep, I guess the search will continue for those money trees. Hope you all have a blessed Sunday.
Until Next Time!


The Brickhouse said...

I love your blog! AND your home is beautiful. I need to check out that great shop...looks great! Wonder how far of a drive it will be? Oh and the money tree...I am looking for one of them for me, too..LOL!

girliegirl said...

Wow, this looks like a must have stop if I ever get over to OH. I plan on moving back to the Richmond, IN area in the next year so hopefully I can get over there. I like how your floors turned out too. I know what you mean about the money tree. I guess we should be thankful for what we do have and do a little bit at a time. I'd love to go shopping and meet you Lisa! You seem so sweet.


primitive basketcase said...

Lisa ~
I love your header, love the lamp & your new floor. It will look great in your kitchen when you get a chance to do it. I would love to visit that prim. shop ~ looks wonderful. Too bad she doesn't have a website. I'm sure I'd be drooling.

Olde Tyme Marketplace said...

Hi Lisa!
Would love to stop there sometime! Thanks so much for sharing! Oh....the flooring looks great!

Bittersweet Primitives said...

Lisa, I love your new blog topper. So warm and cozy. What a raving review you gave on the neat prim shop. Makes me want to take a road trip. I love the new flooring. Thanks for sharing you pics. Sherie

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

I'd love to visit that shop! I'll have to look it up and see if we go anywhere near it when traveling to Virginia. Your floor looks great and I love that little tin lamp!

Goat Creek Grandma said...

The floor looks great Lisa! Your DH did well with the early Mother's Day gift. I keep wondering if mine will even remember it.

Take care and enjoy the rest of your Sunday,

Kris said...

Boy! I can't believe I'm hearing you say you like another store better than Country Gatherings! It must be spectacular! Is it closer to you than Amish country? That would definitely be a plus!
Your floor turned out great. Your entry looks so inviting!
What a sweetie your hubby is. I love the lamp!

Take care, Kris

Carla said...

Your new floor looks great! Don't you get such a great feeling of accomplishment when you complete a project like that? The store sounds great and I'll have to try to get there next time we get that way. So sweet of Hubby to buy you that sweet lamp.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,
Love the new header on your blog. Love the lamp that your hubby got you. (He did good!!) Your floor turned out great and I love how you have your entry-way decorated! After seeing North Shore Primitives on "Backwoods Country Primitives" blog and now on yours...a friend and I have decided to go visit later this week. Everytime I went to Washington Court House for my show...I wanted to stopped by there and never did, but I'm going there now.
hugs, Cindy

Raggedy Angel said...

I really like your new flooring, I am getting ready to do some...well a lot...but will start with the bathroom and hallway.
The one good thing about not having much money is it forces us to be really creative with everything. Beth

Backwoodsprim said...

Hi Lisa!
Your floor looks super!
Love the light your DH bought you!
Our DH's are such sweethearts!!
Thank you for referring your post about North Shore back to my blog...I appreciate you doing that!
I'm glad you went and checked it out....didn't I tell ya it was really somethin'???!!!! :)

Have a blessed week my blog friend!

The Whites said...

The floor looks great and that shop sounds wonderful!

What a sweet mother's day gift!


UPON A HILL said...

I live in Chillicothe, Oh, so I need to visit North Shoe Prims. Your floor looks great, & I love your little gift from your husband.

pammikins said...

Lisa, I stopped over from A Primitive Place to say Hi. I love your new looks wonderful there. I know just what you mean about having to wait to do a new project, there are so many things I would love to do myself but will have to wait a bit longer. If you do find that money tree, could you send a few seeds my way? lol

Blessings to you and yours, pam

Anonymous said...


Isnt your hubby a sweetie picking out that great prim lamp.. what a lucky girl! If you cant find just the right spot for it I'm sure I have just the place for Love your blog I just wish I had more time to visit it. Take care and chin up money trees grow where we least expect them to.