Friday, May 15, 2009

Changing My Mind

One thing I love about having "my own blog" is that I get to change my mind if I want to. So, with all of that being said...... I am going to draw a winner today for my GIVEAWAY! So, if you didn't sign up yet by leaving me a comment on my GIVEAWAY post then you better do so before I pick a winner. I have been watching that post over this week and it looks like more or less that everyone has left a comment and the comments haven't increased for days. So, I think I will pick a winner later today. That will give me an opportunity to get working on that special item that the winner wants and hopefully get it mailed out early next week. That way when I am opening gifts on my birthday which is on May 22nd then you can hopefully be opening your box of goodies too!! Sounds like fun - huh?
Yesterday was a day full of rain here in Ohio. We had some thunderstorms and heavy rain, but it is sunny and beautiful today. Hopefully it stays like this into tomorrow afternoon. With Race for the Cure tomorrow morning, I just want it to be sunny for all of the participants. They are expecting over 40,000 people in downtown Columbus tomorrow morning for the race. The team that I joined which is "Heather's Team" is currently at over 6000 strong!! Can you imagine all 6000 people wearing bright pink wigs? It is going to be great!! I am watching our 5:00 news tonight to see how Charles Penzones styles wigs. That way I can be looking hot in my pink wig or maybe NOT (lol). I have tried it on already and trust me........ the long hair just doesn't look right on me, but it is all for a GREAT cause!!
I have all my flowers planted for this year. I finished them up last night. If I plant anymore flowers then it will probably just be annuals in my flower pots, but right now my beds are JAM PACKED FULL with perennials. I think I have everything known to man, but that is what brings me so much happiness during the summer. I have a couple butterfly bushes, purple salvia, shasta daisies, viola's, sweet woodruff, plumbago, pink and yellow coreopsis, bleeding hearts, asthers, cranesbill geraniums, campanula, lisianthus, gaillardia, coneflowers, gay feathers, black eye'd susan's, various dayliles and the list goes on. I have 3 different clematis vines and they are all in bloom, but still more to come. The real nice thing about my flowers is that pretty much all of them have been planted and in the ground for over 4 years. So, they are definitely looking beautiful more and more every year! I just get excited talking about them (lol). Yep, I am crazy!!
Well, I will post a winner around 1 or 2pm so be sure to stay tuned for the announcement!! See ya back here in a little while. In the meantime, I will leave you with this picture that I took of my Mom's red willow tree chair. Don't you love it? Yep, it is definitely my favorite chair that she has in her home. The shelf in my header is my Mom's as well. Thanks Mom for the use of your prim goodies!!


Heather's Stitches said...

That's a lovely prim chair your Mom has!

Good Luck tomorrow, Praying for lots of sun!!

Susannah said...

Hello Lisa, I just love it when you blog often! You are so sweet.. and what an inspiration to all of us out here!!!

I can't wait to see your flower pictures as the time goes on. One of my favorites is the cranesbil geranium. You have some very pretty perennials. What fun for you. You must like to get your hands in the do I!

Will check back this afternoon to find out who the winner is for your birthday give-away.


At Home With Amy said...

I was admiring you header this morning while drooling over that little box with the sunflowers in it. I love your mothers chair and that yummy stand beside it.

Have a sunshiny day.

basketsnprims said...

Love your header. It's too early here to plant much ~ we are still having frost at night so I'm hauling in & out little plants I have started or bought. Enjoy your day.

girliegirl said...

Love the new blog header, Lisa! I can't wait till you draw a winner.


The Whites said...

I love your new blog look! What a perfect little gathering in your header! Beautiful chair, too.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed on the giveaway!


~Judy~ said...

Lisa...PICK ME! It's is sunny and beautiful here in Maryland too.

~Sarah~All Roads Lead Home~ said...

Lisa~ I always thought I was a follower of your blog...but I wasn't officially! I am now! :) Your blog is wonderful! SO many great your bucket lights! And your blog header is beautiful! Have a wonderful day is a rainy and dreary one where I am at!! Take care. ~Sarah~
P.S. I would love to be entered into your giveaway if it is not too late! Thank you so much!

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Pick me, pick me!!! I promise not to open until your b-day! Just kidding of course, I'd probably open it right away! LOL

Love your mom's chair!!!!

Jody said...

Oh I really like the new header Lisa, and your mom's chair is so neat! Like you I just love the spring and looking so forward to it drying out here so I can get started planting too. It is so chilly here still, so I am hoping it warms up soon. Take care....

Anonymous said...

is it too late to enter the giveaway???! :D

i sure have been enjoying your blog - thanks for sharing all your great ideas! i can feel your energy coming through! i loooooooove to decorate prim inside and i looooooooooooooove gettin' my hands dirty outside, too! i hope you'll post pictures of your outside beds!


stacy said...

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John said...

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