Monday, June 6, 2011

Hot & Humid

I didn’t realize it had been such a long time since my last post until my Mom told me.  Where does the time go?!?  It especially goes by fast anymore and I just can’t stand it.  I guess maybe it is because I feel like we never had spring.  Oh trust me…. I am not complaining about the sunshine, but the cool weather was never here.  It was COLD and then HOT.  We had tons of rain and now we have the beautiful sun, but is it ever warm. 


I haven’t done much with my home since I have been working.  I guess I never have the time nor the energy by the time I get home.  I would like to do a garage sale soon, but I am not sure when I will ever have the time to get ready for it.  So…… I guess we will see if that ever happens (lol).  I just have so much stuff to sell and so little time to get it out and get it ready.  I have however been working in my flowerbeds.  I have been staying busy with weeding and planting a few flowers here and there.  Here are a few pics for your viewing.  I purchased this window with window box a couple years back.  I thought it would look great hanging on the back of the house and this is what it looks like.




Here are some pictures of my painted daisies….. I just love these!!



Here is a picture of my clematis.  I have several, but this one was especially pretty this year.



Weren’t they pretty?  I just love how it wrapped around my birdhouse this year.  Very pretty.  As for things done inside my home….. I did FINALLY hang my tobacco basket.  I also decided to hang a few other items on the same wall.  Here is the picture of my tobacco basket on the wall.




I will leave you with this today….. a great picture of none other then my most precious gift ever!!  Yep, if you guessed a picture of Cameron then you were right.  He is now done with school and enjoying a summer with Daddy.  Talk about breaking Mommy’s heart….. I remember last summer we were playing together and now Mommy is at work and Daddy is home.  Oh bother……

008 017




Blessings to you all…….