Sunday, May 24, 2009

Prim Patience - Something I don't have

Do any of you prim gals have patience? I often like to say that I do, but my husband begs to differ. We got home from my parents house today and I knew that as soon as I got home, that I wanted to get my first coat of paint on my kitchen cabinet doors. For all of you that asked..... I decided to go with Olde Century Paint (Buttermilk). I saw in a prim store close to me that she had refinished her cabinets with this color and I loved the way they looked so I decided to take the plunge and go for it. Luckily, the weather was very warm today here in Ohio so I was able to get the first coat on the upper cabinet doors. I love the color and the cabinets are really taking shape. I just can't wait for them to be done so I can get everything back in to the original places. I was trying to decide if the cabinets would look ok with my red walls, but I guess I will just have to wait and see when they are all done. If I don't like the way the cabinets look against the red walls then I can always paint the walls and be done with it. Let's just hope the red looks good in the end (lol). I am sure I will be done with painting after it is all said and done. I must admit that I love seeing a transformation. Nothing more rewarding then to have something ugly at the beginning and turn it into something prim and beautiful at the end. Here are a couple pictures that my husband took of me while I was painting. I told him that I wish he wouldn't have taken a picture of me hovering over the cabinet...... I look HUGE!!

Looking good - don't you think? If all goes as planned then hopefully I will have them painted with a second coat tomorrow and then maybe by mid week I will be able to stain them. Isn't this exciting? I just love the color - don't you?
I also wanted to share with you my new crow. This is actually a Dru Ann McCarty creation. Isn't he just too cute? I love how he sits on his perch and he looks great hanging on my wall as you are heading up my stairs to our bedrooms. I ordered a few other items, but I still have yet to take pictures of them. Hopefully I will do that soon and share them with you. It is funny because every single time we head upstairs for bed in the evening or to put Cameron down for his nap, my husband makes a crow sound at the crow. It is hilarious!!
Well, I better run for now. I need to rest up before I have to do some more painting. Stay Tuned for more pictures. I have so many goodies to share with you. Wouldn't ya know it, that I didn't find a whole lot when I went to Amish Country this past weekend with my Mom? I was surprised and so was my Mom. I did get a hypertufa pot and can't wait to plant some flowers in it and I also got a few more bulbs for my little candles that I have here and there in my home and oh I also got one of those tipsy pot kits. I saw it in my Birds & Blooms magazine that I subscribe to and when I saw that they had all the pertinent parts that you needed in this kit in Amish Country.......well, I snatched it up pretty fast! I can't wait to work on that to and share it with all of you. Oh My Goodness, I have so many things to do and so little time (lol). Well, I am signing off for now.


Susie@YLP said...

I love the color you are doing on the cabinets and I think with a red background, they'll be stunning.
I just planted my tipsy pots yesterday. They look a little saggy today, but boy do I love the look of 'em. I put in red and white petunias and little tiny blue and white lobelia flowers, so that hopefully when they are in full bloom, they'll look patriotic.

Susie (Yankee Lane Primitives)

Gayle said...

It looks so good - can't wait to see the finished project. I'm working up the nerve to pain my cupboards too!

Teri said...

I love the Buttermilk paint, Lisa. I am going to do my bottom cabinets like an ash color and my top a grey/green but I have yet to begin (having surgery tomorrow) I LOVE the crow!!!!! Looking forward to seeing the finished job'll be a while before I'll be sitting at a computer..(now, I have something to look forward to!) :-)

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Hi Lisa,
Boy, you sure are a busy the paint on your cabinet doors and I think they will go so well with your walls, I really can't wait to see them done so I know how you feel.LOL

The tipsy post sound so neat you'll have to take a picture!

Love the crow and DH caw caw every night:)

Carmen C. said...

Lisa~ your cabinets are lookin' good, I really like the buttermilk color, can't wait to see them finished! That crow is adorable!!!!

Goat Creek Grandma said...

I can't wait to see the finished cabinets but I know they'll look wonderful! Makes me feel guilty for not finishing mine yet. Maybe after school...

Take Care,

Here goes my life said...

OMG that's so funny about your Dh and the crow sound.My Dh does the same thing if we are in the car and we pass an animal.If it's a cow he moos,if it's a pig he oinks,that's too funny.I luv your crow and your cabinets are going to look great.Buttermilk is the color I used almost thru the entire house.I luv that color.Can't wait to see them finished.Have a great holiday:0)Sherri

the primitive country bug said...

Hi Lisa,
I think the cabinets are going to look great with your red walls! I can't wait to see more!
What issue of B&B's was the directions for the tipsy pots in? I get that magazine too but maybe skimmed over a very important part. LOL! Can you leave me a comment on my blog? Thanks!
Hugs~ Birgit

basketsnprims said...

Lisa ~
I'm sure your cabinets will look great when they are finished. Love the buttermilk you chose. Can't wait to see the finished product.

CozyCoops Corner said...

I love the color you chose for your cabinets! I think they will look wonderful with red walls:-)I just can't wait to see them all done. Oh and I don't have patience AT ALL when it comes to my decorating projects. I want them done as fast as possible! :-)I hope you've had a nice weekend Lisa!

Carrie said...

Hi Lisa~

Looks like you have been a "busy beaver" the past few days. Can't wait to see all of your finished projects. I am sure they will all turn out wonderfully Prim (as always!!).

Hugs!! Carrie♥