Sunday, May 31, 2009

Selling Blog Additions

Another busy day here at my home. You all should know me by now....... I can't seem to sit still for very long (lol). Anyway, I painted part of the fence outside and then my husband took over and I started on some of my signs. I placed an order for some new stencils a couple weeks ago and received them last week. I was pretty anxious to get started on making some new signs and adding them to my selling blog. Here are a couple signs in the middle of my process. They look great just like this - don't ya think? I had an order request for an Olde Crow Seed Co. sign so I had to get it made and the others were just to add to my selling blog. So, if you are interested then head on over to Londonberry Primitives to check them out. They are available to purchase!
Here are some new gameboards that I added to my selling blog. I think this first one has to be my favorite. I just love the look and all of those words on the gameboard fit perfectly into my life! Don't you love it? This one is available to purchase as well.
Here is another favorite of mine. You would never know that both boards were painted with yellow ochre - huh? They are indeed both yellow ochre however the paint is made by different companies. I like the idea that they are both yellow ochre, but they also both give off a different look. I really love both colors. Very prim!
Here is another new sign that I made this evening. Gotta love this one and guess what!?! It is painted yellow ochre over black and it gives off a totally different look to me also. Hmm, you wonder if it could be the wood or maybe I put a heavier coat of stain on it. Hmm, makes me wonder. Which prim gal doesn't need one of these - right?
I love this antique sign I made. This is available to purchase as well.
Last, but certainly not least........ my best friend when it comes to stenciling. I just started using the spray adhesive when stenciling and I LOVE IT!! I bought it at Wal-Mart for around $2.00 and it is truly your best friend when it comes to stenciling. It holds everything in place and really helps prevent leaks of paint sneaking through. Just be sure to read the directions or you could get your stencil to stick permanently on to your wood and I am sure you don't want that (lol). Hoping this week goes fast....... I am meeting Cindy from Cynthia Lee Designs on Friday and we are going Thrift Store Shopping. I am sure it will be a blast, but I promised awhile back that I wouldn't take her out at the knees to get to the best thrift store goodie on the shelf. I better be on my best behavior : ) Hope you all have a wonderful week!!


Sherrie said...

I loooove all of your new prim signs/gameboards..I may have to have another one. I think your new selling blog is going to get a lot of prim gals in trouble!! Can't believe you have already done so many today....way to go! Have a good week! Sherrie

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,
I forgot to mention in my email that had not used spray adhesive before on my stencil...but I think that I will have to try it as I always worry that my stencils might move. They haven't yet, but I still worry about it.
OK, now that you have told everyone that you won't take me out at the knees to get to the goodies know that you will have to be on your best behavior or I'll have to tell on you. LOL...
Friday will be here before we know it...see you then.
hugs, Cindy

Janene said...

I love what you are making! Those signs are amazing!
I can not believe that you are thrifting with Cindy! Are you crazy?
I can see it now, the two of you fighting over the same items...You will be banned from those stores forever! LOL
Have a great time together...and behave yourselves!

the primitive country bug said...

I love your signs but the crow one is my favorite!
You do such great work, Lisa!
Have fun thrifting with Cindy. I hope you both find lots of goodies.
Hugs~ Birgit

The Whites said...

Great job on the signs and boards! I agree on the adhesive - makes a huge difference!


Colleen said...

Love all the boards!! What kind of wood do you use??

Karen said...

Lisa your items you make are just beautiful - I'm in love with all of them!

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