Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas is over for another year…

Well, Christmas is over for yet another year and we had a wonderful one.  Cameron truly enjoyed opening every single gift.  Yep, not just his gifts, but everyone else’s gifts as well.  I tried to explain to him that ALL of the gifts weren’t for him, but he didn’t quite understand.  He tore into every single gift, the paper went flying and in record time he had everything opened.  I think he enjoyed unwrapping the gifts more then what was inside (lol).  Shawn and I exchanged a few small things, but nothing too extravagant.  We always just spend the money on Cameron. 

Anyway, we had a wonderful time with family.  Having my parents so close was wonderful and the time we shared with them was so memorable.  Here are a few pictures of my tree with the gifts under it.  Doesn’t it look so pretty?


Here is a picture of Cameron just relaxing after opening all of the gifts.


Did you all have a nice Christmas?  What else have you all been up to?  I don’t know about all of you, but once I take down the tree and all of my other decorations…. I feel the need to re-arrange my family room along with a few other things.  Goodness, where should I start?  I have so many pictures to share that it is unbelievable.  Well, let’s start out with some items that have great stories behind them.  My MIL gave me some old christening gowns along with her great great grandmother’s wedding dress.  I have just found the perfect spot for everything that she gave me and I guess I will start with those.  Trust me…… they are beautiful and they add so much beauty to my home.  I absolutely love them!!  Let’s take a look – shall we ladies?  Here is the wedding dress.  I thought it looked great on my old barn door at the end of my hallway. 


Here is a closer look at it.  It is aged to perfection if you ask for my opinion.  No coffee/tea staining necessary!!


I took something very simple and used it to hang it up.  I cut a twig from a tree and used a small piece of homespun… very prim and perfect!  The great prim hanger.  Isn’t the dress beautiful?




Here are the christening gowns….. my sweet hubby made the peg rack for me out of old barn wood.  Didn’t he do a nice job?


221 211


I just thought that they were beautiful and I was so happy when she gave them to me.  This old bag was also in the tote of things that she gave me, but I wanted to add something more to it.  I wanted it to look old so I coffee/tea stained it and then stenciled something on it.  I then stuffed it with poly-fil to make it look like it was full of old seeds.  I currently have it in my entry way and it looks great.

201 202


My MIL also gave me this old prim quilt (aka. crazy quilt) that someone had made.  She isn’t really sure who, but it was packed away with all of the christening gowns and the wedding dress so she is assuming it is pretty old.  I thought it had character , but I knew that it had to be on the wall all by itself since it was a bit busy.  So, I used another old twig that I cut off a tree and hung it up by that.  What do you all think?  Do you like it or not?  It took me some getting use to, but it is wearing on me a bit more every day.  Be honest…. what do you think?


I will leave you with a picture of one of my favorite Christmas gifts that I received this year.  My SIL had someone sketch a picture of Cameron.  She gave this to me for Christmas and I absolutely fell in love with it and yes….. it made me cry.  My other favorite gift was from my in-laws… I don’t have a picture of them, but hopefully in the next couple of days I will.  My FIL made me window sills for my windows and I am so excited.  He is going to put them in tomorrow evening and I will finally be able to put candles in my windows (YAY).  More pics coming soon!!

164 165

Here is the picture in my family room.  Isn’t it beautiful?  Thanks Karen!!


I have so much more to share, but I hate to share it all in one post….. my new chandelier that I re-finished was put up tonight, my ladder back chairs were started today, my bowl rack is finally up and well there are so many more pics.  So, please be sure to come back and see them soon.

Until Next Time ~ Enjoy your last few days of 2009 and be ready because 2010 is just right around the corner!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

From Our Family To Yours….

We wish you a Merry Christmas, We wish you a Merry Christmas, We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!  From our family to yours… we hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Safe New Year!!



Thursday, December 17, 2009

Game board hallway almost complete

I am happy to report that in between helping my parents and baking Christmas goodies that I have been able to make some more signs and game-boards.  I have slowly been making game-boards so I could finish my hallway off.  I thought it would be neat to put game-boards down each side of my hallway and I must say that I am glad that I did.  It is slowly taking shape and I love all of the game boards that I have made.  It really makes the hallway look so prim and warm.  So, are you all ready to see some pictures that I took?  Here are some of my newest game boards…..  the first one of course is my favorite.  I just love those colors together!!

029 030


I will be adding these to my selling blog if anyone is interested in purchasing one or some of them.  I also will be adding a sign that I recently made for my hallway.  I thought it would look great on the wall just right as you entered into the hallway.  I was definitely pleased with the way it turned out as well.  Here is a picture and I will add this to my selling blog as well.


Don’t you love that game board sign?  It is relatively big, but perfect for my hallway.  Here are some other shots of my hallway.  Enjoy!!

032 033


As you can see…. there are still a few bare spots so I will be adding a few more boards to my collection.  Of course a prim gal can’t have any bare spots – right? (lol).  Yep, I think I could at least add 4 more boards or maybe 5.  Hmmm, let the search continue for more stencils (hahaha).  I might even create my own game board, but I guess you will all have to wait and be patient.  I know…… us prim gals don’t have alot of patience (lol).

Well, I need to finish some of my baking……  my kitchen is a mess!


Feast your eyes on some of these goodies that I made yesterday.  Mmmm, they are so tasty!!


Time to get back to the kitchen.  I will leave you with this…… From our family to yours ~ Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all.


Monday, December 14, 2009

Mom’s New Home Tour – Part 1

As I promised in my previous post….today is the day that you all get to see some of Mom’s new home.  We still have alot to get decorated, but it is slowly getting done.  I try to go over a couple times a week to just help her decorate, but she has so much stuff that it gets overwhelming.  Anyway, here are some pictures to start with.  We will start in the kitchen, but be aware that this room isn’t totally finished yet.  We still need to work on decorating the top of her cabinets and there are a few things that she still wants to hang, but here is just a taste.  Enjoy!!


It is definitely taking shape.  She had her light above the island put in.  Doesn’t it look beautiful?  She is going to change her curtains above the kitchen sink as well.  Vickie from North Shore Primitives is making them and I must say that they are real cute and very prim!  I still need to finish putting some of the knobs on the cabinet doors and drawers, but we are slowly getting there.  Here are some items that are around Mom’s kitchen.  Just some of her cute decorations.  Don’t you love her dried apples and I totally love her old keg.  She put an old flour sifter in the top and filled it with artificial potatoes and garlic and an old antique scoop.  Great idea – huh?

041 040

Her family room isn’t totally done yet, but I will show you a little bit of it.  More to come so stay tuned!

070 038


Don’t you love Mom’s tree?  It is just like mine…..we bought them at North Shore Primitives.  The neat thing about Mom’s tree is that she has old cross stitched pillows on her tree.  Yep, she cross stitched each and every pillow.  Here is a close up of those.  I love them because they were made by her!!  Yep… I am being sentimental again (lol).

066 067


Aren’t they great?  My Mom was always into cross stitching.  She could stitch for hours and hours.  Here are some Christmas pillows that she made.  I just love these as well.

080 078

Let’s take a look at her dining room.  Shall we?  This is pretty close to being finished.

042 043

044 045 047


Here is her front room.  This room is completed, but we are still trying to figure out how to hide those nasty electric cords.  Geesh, those things are so unsightly.

050  056

054 055

053 051

084 088


Here is her hallway, entry way and half bath.  Hope you are enjoying the tour.

057 062

063 064

060 061

Well, I think I have posted every single picture that I took.  We hope you enjoyed the tour of Mom’s New Home!  I will keep you posted on Part 2.  Until Next Time ~ I will leave you with this picture of Mom’s front door.  Isn’t it too cute? 


Prim Blessings,

Mom (Sandy) and Lisa