Monday, April 26, 2010

Storms, Gardening & Crafting Oh My!

Have you ever wondered where all of your energy disappears to?  Well, I haven’t had any energy for the past week or so and I have hated every minute of it.  I love it when I have energy because I get so much accomplished and feel great about it.  The past couple weeks have been kinda difficult when it comes to my health.  I have been on this medicine for my diabetes and it has literally torn up my stomach.  It works wonders with my blood sugar readings, but it causes great problems with my stomach and creates road blocks when I want to leave the house for a day out.  Anyway, my doctor took me off my metformin and told me to just continue to take my other meds and see how things work out.  Well, they haven’t been working out at all.  My glucose levels have been higher then normal……not dangerously high, but higher then normal and I am not sure my doctor knows what to do at this point.  I was on another medicine, but heck it put 15-20 pounds on me and I looked like the good year blimp.  I am far from looking like Barbie, but still when you are already overweight…..well, you don’t need any extra pounds added on.  So, I don’t think my doctor knows what to do from here and in the meantime my glucose levels are high and my energy has gone in for a tailspin.  I was longing for some energy this weekend and since I stayed pretty close to home…… I took my regular dosage of metformin.  Guess what happened?!?  I got my energy back and completed some projects that have been waiting to get finished.  Of course my stomach was upset again, but my readings were great and I had energy.  Good thing I am a Stay at Home Mom (hahahahaha).

So………… speaking of projects, I got alot accomplished this past weekend.  I pulled weeds after weeds out of my flowerbeds, brought out my Amish buggy wagon wheel and placed it in my flowerbed, planted a few flowers in some flower pots and helped my hubby with the flowerbeds in the backyard.  I had so much energy and didn’t want it to go to waste.  It would rain and I was still outside enjoying the energy while I had it.  I did however go inside when it started storming.  We had a pretty big storm yesterday around lunch time.  It poured the rain down and we had quite a bit of hail.  I took a couple pictures of the hail that was all over our yard and flowerbeds.



I didn’t mind the storms nor the hail.  Our yard was in need of the water.  we had put down fertilizer so we were happy to see the rain finally arrive.  The hail isn’t that bad as long as it doesn’t cause damage (ya know)?  I pray for those that lost their homes or loved ones to the tornadoes that touched down this past weekend.  It is definitely the season for that kinda weather, but you hate for anyone to lose loved ones or their homes and all that they have worked so hard for all of their lives.


Let’s talk projects – shall we?  I have received several requests for me to make some stacking boxes.  I have made them for myself, but I have never made them and sold them on my selling blog.  Well, I actually filled a couple orders this past week and finished them up yesterday.  I will be adding these to my selling blog so if you are interested then please check out Londonberry Primitives.




I will be offering the large stacking boxes as well as smaller boxes.  They can be plain or I can stencil the sides as well as the top.  As long as the stencil is available then I would be happy to do it for you.  Keep watching my selling blog for more pictures and pricing.  Thanks!


Not sure if it is rainy and dreary where you are, but it is here in Ohio.  So, I thought I would leave you with a couple pictures of some of my flowers that are currently in bloom as well as some new salvia that I picked up the other day at the greenhouse.  Hope you enjoy them and they help to brighten your day.

Until Next Time ~ Blessings, Lisa


~ And when it rains on your parade, look up rather than down. Without the rain, there would be no rainbow. ~ Jerry Chin


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Thrifty Tuesday & A Busy Spring Time

I must say that I have been so busy since this weather here in Ohio warmed up.  I have been taking advantage of it and trying my best to get my flowerbeds in shape.  Yep, I think I can grow such a wide variety of weeds and they are everywhere.  My sweet hubby has been helping quite a bit and we finally got the front flowerbed weeded and soon we will be moving to the backyard.  I love my flowers, but absolutely hate weeds!!  It is bad news when you don’t have a single weed in your yard, but the flowerbeds are loaded down with them.  Anyway, my flowers are looking alot better and my perennials are able to breath and grow alot better.  What else have I been up to?  Well, a little bit of everything to be honest with you, but I will touch base on that later.  Are you ready to see my latest thrift store find?  I actually found quite a few things, but this really caught my eye so I snatched it up rather quickly.  I told myself to only get one thing until I was able to get my other items done so this was my pick.

027 028


Don’t you think it will be prim perfect after it is done with a make-over?!?  I thought it had great potential.  For $2.99 – well, you can’t beat that price!!!


My Mom bought this crock for me at an antique store close to where my sister lives.  Don’t you love it?  I thought it was great, but then when I brought it home…. I realized that the rim around the top was a little lop-sided.  Oh well, I guess I will just have to keep it sitting on my shelf a certain way (lol).

019 032

I will leave you today with a couple pictures of Qbert.  I must say that this little guy brings so much laughter into our family.  He really cracks us up with his cute personality.  Here are a couple pictures of him playing with Cameron’s snack cup which I guess now belongs to Qbert. 




Isn’t he so silly?  Last night he was carrying around Cameron’s plastic hoe that we got for him to use in the garden.  Yep, Qbert was carrying it around and running through the backyard.  It was sooooo funny!!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. 

Until Next Time ~ Blessings, Lisa

Monday, April 12, 2010

Thrift Store Finds & More

I was so happy, but yet so sad when I went to the thrift store the other day.  I was thrilled that I had the opportunity to go in there after such a long break, but when I walked up to the door….. I realized that they were having a large sale.  I myself have never known for my thrift store to have large discount sales because the prices are already low enough as it is, but they were.  I opened the door and that is when I realized that something was horribly wrong.  Yep, the thrift store that I enjoy going in to at every chance I can get was closing their doors.  WHAT?!?!  Are you serious?  I thought that was crazy for a thrift store to be closing the doors.  I mean it is a Goodwill Store so why in the world are they closing their doors?  I spoke with the gal that rang up my items and she said that the times are just too tough and that they weren’t making the money.  I was instantly depressed.  I loved going to that place……granted they very rarely had anything, but it gave me a place to go and I loved taking my stuff that I didn’t use anymore there for a donation.  What a bummer!!

Well, I didn’t leave empty handed the other night.  I left with a cutting board and then ended up going back 5 minutes later and picking up something that I had my eye on.  It was a steal to say the least so I couldn’t turn it down (lol).  Here is a picture of my cutting board before my make-over.



I myself didn’t care for the fancy cut out side, but loved the plain side.  Just a little paint, sanding and stain and it was perfect!!  It cost me $1.92.

Here are the after pictures.



Here is the item that caught my eye.  I left and went back 5 minutes later and picked it up.  As I mentioned before….. it was a steal or at least I thought it was.  Are you ready for pictures?




So, what do you all think?  Do you see the prim potential?  I know that I can use it.  I know that I can find the perfect spot in my home for it.  Would you like to know how much I spent on it?  Hold on to your seats ladies and gents.  I spent ONLY $2.92 on that beauty.  Of course it isn’t a beauty yet, but it is indeed a diamond in the rough.  Wait til I get my little hands on that little thing.  Oh……just wait for that transformation because it is coming very soon.  I already started working on it and it will be a great and unbelievable transformation.  Could be my best one yet.  Well, I will let you decide.


On to a different note.  How has the weather been in your part of the world?  The weather a couple days ago was a bit chilly, but it is warming back up again to the 70’s so I can’t complain.  My weeping cherry tree in my front yard has been in full bloom and absolutely gorgeous.  It seems to always get ready to bloom and then the frost hits it or we get some nasty cold rains.  That didn’t happen this year and I was thrilled.  I snapped a couple pictures the other evening and thought you all might be interested in seeing it.  I love these trees.  I think I could have a yard full of them.  Anyway, here are the pictures.





Is that gorgeous or what?  Definitely a sure sign that spring has arrived!!!!  Hope you see lots of God’s beautiful creations like that in your part of the world.

Today I leave you with a couple pictures of my little man.  We enrolled him in soccer which he is totally loving.  He is growing up so fast and I really wasn’t sure if I should cry or smile when I saw him on Saturday while playing soccer.  My little baby that was once 7 lbs. 3.3 oz is now turning into a little man.  Sad, but true and it is reality.  I guess I sometimes just wish I could freeze this moment in time.  My parents are close by, we are healthy, happy and life is good.  I miss my grandparents and wish I could just have a day to introduce them to my hubby and my son, but I am sure one day we will all meet again.  Until then we will enjoy our lives to the fullest and enjoy God’s wonderful beauty that surrounds us every day.  Thank you Lord for all of these wonderful creations and for giving us the opportunity to enjoy them!!




Until Next Time ~ Blessings Always!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

~ Spring Time ~

Hope you all have been receiving the same beautiful weather like we have.  It has been absolutely beautiful here in Ohio and I have really been taking advantage of it.  The temps have been in the 80’s with a slight breeze and absolutely perfect!!  I went out the other day and bought some paint for my doors as well as for my trim around the doors.  I painted my front door, back door and the door that goes into our detached garage.  WOW, what a little paint can do for a door is amazing!!  I still need to work on the trim around the outside of the doors, but it is looking alot better!!  I also took advantage of the beautiful weather and worked on my day lily flower bed.  All of my beds need weeding so I am doing a little here and there with hopes of having them ready for new dirt, mulch and bricks this summer.  So, I guess I will just keep plugging along with those.

Did you all have an enjoyable Easter?  We had a nice time and I thought I would post a couple pictures of Cameron while hunting for Easter eggs and playing outside.  Enjoy them!



116 122



081 060

154 199

Speaking of Cameron….. we were very lucky with what happened to him the other week.  We were in the process of re-finishing the master bedroom and moving the toy room upstairs.  Well, Cameron is such a BOY and he makes me soooooo nervous sometimes!!  Well, he decided that while we were sitting downstairs taking a quick break that he was going to check out him play room.  He did just that and more.  Yep, the next thing we hear is bang, bang, bang coming all the way down the steps.  He decided that he was going to ride his hippity hop that we got him for Christmas down the steps.  He went tumbling down 13 steps and luckily did not hurt anything or break any bones.  I guess you could say that the Dear Lord was watching over him.  He hasn’t been giving that hippity hop much thought lately (lol).

Alot of you have inquired about Qbert and how he is doing with Cameron.  He is doing wonderfully and I must say that he is really a GREAT dog.  I grew up with schnauzers so I really didn’t have any doubt that he would be great, but he is super with Cameron and just the most loving little guy.  Cameron and Qbert play soccer in the backyard….. Cameron will kick the ball and then Qbert takes over and pushes it all over the back yard with his nose while barking at it.  It is really funny and too cute!!  Qbert also likes to follow Cameron up the slide and that in itself is really cute!  Anyway, here are some pictures of the ever so funny and cute Qbert.

023 041 147 150

Hope you enjoyed the pictures.  The temperatures are suppose to drop tomorrow to the 50’s and then warm back up this weekend.  So, I have some signs and game-boards to work on and a few other things.  If you all have been following me long enough then you know how I love to stay busy.

Until Next Time ~ Lisa

Monday, April 5, 2010

Mom’s Prim Home Tour

I created this slideshow of my Mom’s Prim Home and thought I would share it with all of you.  Hope you enjoy it!!

~ New Offerings ~

Hope you all had a blessed Easter.  It is always nice to take the time to reflect on the true meaning of Easter – wouldn’t you agree?

The weather has been absolutely beautiful here in Ohio.  I have been soaking it up and enjoying alot of outside time with Cameron.  We love the sunshine that is for sure.

Anyway, I wanted to let you know about some new offerings that I posted on my selling blog Londonberry Primitives.  I have new signs available and some extra large table top game-boards that measure 24x24.  So, if you are interested on taking a look then head on over to my selling blog.   Here are just a couple pictures of my new offerings.  There are plenty more from where those came from. 

Thank you!

009 003