Friday, January 29, 2010

Cha Cha Cha Cha Changes

I am making a small change to my blog ladies.  I have been receiving alot of anonymous comments…. some of them from fellow followers and some from companies that just want to spam me.  I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand to have spam on my blog and I hate having to go in and delete it.  Not only do I not wanna hear about gambling and casino’s, but I also don’t care to hear about filthy sites.  That is definitely NOT me nor will it ever be.  So, I am turning on the “word verification” with hopes that it will nip it in the bud.  If that doesn’t take care of things then I will change my blog so only certain people that have a google account can leave comments.  I hate doing this because I have quite a few gals out there that leave anonymous comments and I love to hear from you, but I also want to keep my site CLEAN!!  Hope you all understand.  Happy Friday!

Blessings, Lisa

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Game Boards Galore – I am so addicted!

Well, I must say that I am happy to report that my game board hallway is now complete.  I was debating on whether or not to put my game boards in the hallway or going up the stairs and I am glad that I put them where I did.  I guess I like them in my hallway because I pass by them ever single day, several times a day.  I get to enjoy them so much more where they are at plus I get to show them off more.  I guess you could say that I am pretty proud of them.  I have so many game boards, several different sizes, lots of prim colors and they are all different in their own way.  Let’s see….. I have a total of 23 game boards and they were all made by myself which is pretty neat.  Of course I have other game boards elsewhere in my home, but the bulk of them are right in my hallway.  Yep, I am pretty pleased with the way that it turned out.  So, are you all ready for a look?  Here we go…..


These were some that I just recently finished up.  Here they are shortly after staining.

035 037


046 039

117 118 119 120

121 122 123


126 127

043 044 042

Well, there you have it ladies.  That is my game board hallway.  What do you all think?  I am so happy with it and very proud to share with you what it looks like.  It has been a long time coming, but it is finally complete.  It is definitely fun being creative.  There is nothing more satisfying then sitting down and letting your mind take over.  Creating another game board and  filling in another area on my wall.  My Mom keeps asking me what my next project is gonna be and I keep telling her that I am not quite sure yet.  I have a half bath that could use a small make-over.  I love how it is decorated so I won’t change that up, but I am looking forward to painting the cabinets so we will definitely put that on the list.  I would also love to give our bedroom a make-over and I also want to get things hung up in my stairwell so I have a few things that could keep me busy until springtime.  Once spring arrives then I will be working totally and completely on that cupboard that I want to put my TV on.  Yep, I am waiting patiently for that day to complete that bad boy.  Hopefully it will be worth it in the long run.  Here is a picture of it just in case you forgot what it looked like.  Oh boy…. just looking at it makes me all giddy inside.  I am so desperately wanting to use it, but I must refrain from going out in the cold to work on it.

114 113

Well, I better run for now.  I have to get lunch ready for my very ornery little boy.  By the way ladies….. can someone please explain to my son that we are suppose to wear pants at ALL TIMES!!  Yep, I went in to get him from his nap yesterday and there he stands without any pants.  I just have to laugh when he tells me that he likes to be a naked jaybird.  So rotten!!



Yep, he is just so happy and content being naked.  He cracks me up!!  Hopefully this phase will end sooner rather then later.

Until Next Time ~ Blessings, Lisa

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Thrifty Tuesday on a Wednesday

Good Morning Fellow Friends!!  Hope this post finds you all doing well.  I am feeling rather chipper today which is a nice change.  I went for a follow-up appointment with my pulmonary doctor yesterday.  My blood pressure, pulse and lungs all sounded great.  I was told to increase my puffs per day on my inhaler and if I still feel great within the next 2-3 days then I can stop taking my prednisone (steroids).  Did you hear that ladies?  I might finally get some much needed rest/sleep.  I am so excited to get off those steroids.  It has done some really funky stuff to my system so it will be nice to quit those meds.  Anyway, I would say that for the most part….. I am feeling like my good ole self which is absolutely wonderful.

Let’s talk about feeling wonderful……

What makes you feel wonderful about yourself?  Is it your ability to find great thrift store buys at such a great price?  Is it your ability to make baskets, signs, furniture or stitch?  Well, I don’t know about you, but with this winter weather and not seeing much sunshine…… I have been digging into my wonderful world of crafting.  I have been a maniac lately with crafting especially since I was on a hiatus with being sick.  I went over 2 weeks with not doing any crafting and well in my world, that is unheard of.  I have made so many game boards over the past couple days.  It has literally been all about game boards here at my home.  I am just happy to report that my game board hallway is now complete!!  Yep, I have no more room for game boards in my hallway unless I wanted to hang them down at eye level with my 3 year old.  I am not sure about you, but I just don’t think that is a very good idea especially since he has been so rotten lately.  He definitely has a mind of his own and boy oh boy is that a challenge.  Anyway, I will post pics of my finished game board hallway within the next day or two.  Right now I am going to show you my latest thrift store find……. yep, tackling those thrift stores is another thing that makes me feel great!  Ok, ok I am just so happy to be feeling better so anything at this point makes me feel great!!  Ok, let’s take a look at my latest thrift store find…….


Yep, I found another light.  It definitely needs a make-over, but I am sure that within time, it will be prim perfect!!  I just need to add some black flat paint, a new prim lamp shade and it will be good to go.  So, what do you all think?  Great prim potential – dontchya think?

I wish I had more to share today, but I don’t.  I will however have pictures of my completed game board hallway tomorrow or Friday.  So, if you are interested then please be sure to come back for a visit.

Until Next Time ~ Blessings, Lisa

Monday, January 25, 2010

Doing What I Love Best…. Crafting!!

I must say that I am so happy to be feeling better!!  I am still on the steroids and probably will be for another 10-15 days, but they have done great things for my lungs.  Gotta love a good pulmonary doctor!!  Anyway, I felt so great this past weekend that I decided to do a little bit of crafting.  Ahhh, I have missed crafting so much that when I started making more signs and game boards this past weekend…. well, I went crazy!  My sweet hubby cut some boards for me awhile back and I had some leftover pieces of wood.  I had him square some up for me and I decided to make myself some more game boards.  Did I tell you that I have almost completed my game board hallway?  Well, I still have about 5 or so more to sand tonight and then stain them and then my hallway should be completed.  I love how it is slowly taking shape.  I ordered some different size game board stencils a couple weeks back and I must say that I love that I have so many sizes now.  I can make a game board on any size or piece of wood and it looks great.  Who doesn’t love a variety – right?  Well, let’s take a look at some of my newly created game boards.  Are you ready?




So, do you like what you see so far?  I also made some new signs for my Mom.  Here are her signs and a couple pics of where she ended up putting them.  I will be adding these to my selling blog as well just in case any of you are interested.



018 019

Don’t you love the crocks sign?  I ordered that stencil especially for Mom.  I thought it was perfect for her “Crock” stand.  I have more pictures that I need to take of Mom’s home…. I went over this past weekend and did some more decorating for her.  Things are slowly taking shape and hopefully it will be done or close to be done soon.  More pics coming soon!!

Oh…… did I tell you that my Mom and I ordered some new wall border stencils?  We ordered them shortly before I got sick and of course they came in while I was sick.  Anyway, Mom stenciled my bathroom for me yesterday and I love how it turned out.  I was VERY pleased.  Thanks Mom!!

028 029



So, do you love it or what?  Does it totally complete the bathroom or what?  I just loved the stencil and well so does my Mom.


I did go to the thrift store the other evening.  I found one item, but I will post that either tomorrow or in a couple days.  I was upset over one item that I found…. it was an absolutely perfect light.  It was an old crock with a handle that was a light.  I just loved it, but I wasn’t too sure on spending $20.00 for it.  So, perhaps if I go back in a couple days and it is still there then I might snatch it up then, but for right now I am pleased with what I found and for $2.92……yep, I was tickled.  The picture of that thrift store item coming soon!!


I will leave you today with a not so funny story and a few words of wisdom for those with small children.  Never under estimate a 3 year old.  They may be small, but they are smart!!  I had my hubby help me outside for a brief moment (probably 2-3 minutes) and within that time frame, Cameron had locked us out of the house.  He locked the storm door and shut the other door.  He tore down my curtains and well it was pretty darn interesting trying to get back in.  Uh yeah, he knew good and well how to shut and lock the door, but had no clue how to unlock it and pull it open.  So, just a helpful hint…… NEVER leave your small child inside the house by himself.  You could be in for a heap of trouble.  Lesson learned!!

Until Next Time ~ Blessings, Lisa

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I’m Back & Feeling Somewhat Better

This coughing seriously needs to stop!  Luckily, I am feeling somewhat better.  I think it really helped that I got some sleep last night.  This prednisone (steroids) that the doctor has me on causes me to not sleep worth a darn.  They prescribed a cough syrup with codeine for me and said that should help me sleep….. NOT!!  So, before last night, I had only 6 hours of sleep since last Wednesday.  I was literally up all the time.  I would read magazine after magazine and well I am sick of looking at magazines.  I often thought that all of this time that I was wide awake…. I could get some serious housework or crafting done, but I didn’t.  I have had absolutely no energy and that has been bothersome as well.  I organized some laundry for my hubby the other day…. separated the whites from the blacks and the reds and well you would’ve thought that I ran a couple thousand marathon’s.  I was beat and down and out for the rest of the day and the day after.  I guess the no breathing thing really does it for me.  I am just happy to have my voice back.  Yep, once I got my voice back…… watch out!!  I was talking to my Mom, my hubby was probably worn out from my talking and well I just would talk to be talking.  Taking my voice away is not a good thing (lol).  Anyway, I lowered my dosage of my steroids today to 3 pills a day for 3 days and then it will go to 2 and then 1 until they are gone.  Luckily, I am all done with my antibiotic (Levaquin).  That stuff made me so flipping sick!!  Oh, I was nauseated and vomiting and it was just all bad.  I guess after a long drawn out paragraph….. I am just hear to say that I am feeling better a little bit more and more everyday.  Cameron is sick now so that is irritating, but hopefully if we can get him in to the doctors tomorrow then he will be feeling better soon as well.  Yep, we have all had our rounds in being sick.  Nasty germs!!

I am happy to say that I have pictures to share with you all.  I took a couple of these today and had to share something prim in order to keep you all around (lol).  Hope you enjoy a few new things around my home.  My Mom gave me this just the other day…… what a treat to give me this when I am sick.  Thanks Mom ~ I love it!!


I know, I know I shouldn’t have done this today especially since I am still trying to get better, but I have had this around for almost a year and never hung it up.  I did a swap with Pam and thought that one of her baskets would look too cute hanging there so I decided to hang it up.  Doesn’t it look to cute?  Ya gotta love Pam’s baskets too!!  They are awesome and she does beautiful work.  Thanks Again Pam for swapping with me!!



Here are a few more items that I received from Pam.  I just absolutely love her baskets and this angel that she made caught my eye when I saw it on her Facebook page.  Isn’t the angel so cute?!?  The red stain on the baskets match my kitchen perfectly and well a prim gal can’t go wrong with black!



Here are a few other items that my Mom gave to me.  She had them, but wasn’t using them and offered them to me.  Of course I told her to bring them on over and well I know just the right place for them when I get to feeling 100%.  Thanks Mom!!


Don’t you love the pillow covers?  She gave me two of them.  I currently have them on my couch, but I am not sure if they will stay there or not.  They might go into our bedroom when I get to re-finishing it, but we will see.  My sweet Mom also gave me this beautiful quilt and well I fell in love with it.  Seems as though she had several of the same exact quilt.  I asked her how or why she bought 3 or 4 of the same quilt and she simply said “I love it”.  I guess I can see why.  I love it too!!  What do you all think?  Aren’t I a lucky gal?  My Mom is just so sweet.  She literally has a heart of gold and I love her dearly.


Speaking of my poor Mom…… she is having withdraws from me and I am having those same withdraws from her.  She is desperately wanting me to come over and help her decorate and well I am getting quite anxious myself.  We sat down together about a week or two ago and ordered some stencils so we could start stenciling some of our rooms and we are so excited to get started on them, but I have been in isolation from my Mom.    The stencils came in just the other day and well I guess you could say that we are so excited to get back together and start decorating.  It was funny….. my Mom brought over some of her books and magazines to me the other day and she handed them off to my hubby.  She stood outside my door and we talked back and forth to one another with the door closed.  I hate doing that, but I didn’t want her to get sick so it was necessary to say the least.  Hopefully soon we can get together and get decorating!!  I love you Mom!!  Miss ya big bunches too.

Well, ladies I better run for now.  I am off to shower since my hubby is home now.  I have been a bit dizzy and lightheaded so I tend to not shower when he is gone.  I just sometimes freak out a little bit when I can’t see straight.  Hope you all are staying healthy!!

Until Next Time…… Blessings, Lisa

Monday, January 11, 2010

Brrrr, It’s cold outside!!

It has been very chilly here in Ohio.  Too cold to be going outside so I have been working on the inside of my home and trying to change things around a little bit here and there.  I was finally able to get my bowl rack up on the wall and get it decorated.  It took me some time, but I am pretty pleased with the way it looks now.  Here is a picture….


I also hung a few things up beside it.  I thought it needed something so I added a few other prim goodies!  Take a look.


Oh ~ I also moved my favorite chair back out into the family room for myself to enjoy!!  It has been in our spare room because we just didn’t have the room with all of the toys.  Now that all of the toys are back in the playroom….. I was happily able to move my favorite chair back out into the family room.  Yep, I have seen my chair in several magazines which is pretty neat and I found the perfect spot for it next to my punched tin light.  Wanna see?

021 022

Along with re-arranging our home around after the Christmas tree was taken down, we also moved the family room around too.  I thought I should get pics rather quickly before my little man hurricane came along and messed it up so here are some other pics of my family room and my kitchen.  Enjoy!!



Don’t you think my TV will look great on that cabinet once I get it re-finished?  It will be just what my family room needs.  My Mom and I also ordered some stencils so we will soon be adding a stencil border to my family room and I can’t wait!!  More pics on that coming soon!!




This is the entry way that walks right into the family room and past the stairs that lead upstairs.  Small, but cozy and I must say that I love our home!!


And……….. since my little boy just turned 3, I am happy to share with you some pictures.  He absolutely loved his cake and cupcakes and I guess you could say that we celebrated for a full week.  Crazy – huh?  Well, that is how it took place and there are more pics to come, but here are a few for your to enjoy right now.

103 108

117 121


Isn’t he such a ham?!?  Hope you enjoyed the pictures.  Stay Warm!!

Until Next Time…..Blessings, Lisa