Monday, May 11, 2009


With my 34th Birthday fast approaching..... I thought it would be a great time for a Birthday Giveaway! Well, after going to Amish Country this past weekend, I picked up a few things for my giveaway. This little towel holder, mustard colored towel, and the FAITH sign are all items that I will be giving away for my Birthday!! Oh, but wait, I am not done yet. I thought it would only be right to make you all something. So, the presents don't stop there!
I will also be making you ONE of the choices below. Yep, you will get your choice on whether or not you want the game board or the sign. The game board size is 10x10 and the Olde Crow sign is on a 4x12 piece of wood. I will also allow you to pick your own color. Do you want the mustard, the buttermilk or would you want it in red? All colors of course will be over black. So, you should be thinking about that and in the meantime be sure to leave a comment letting me know what was your most memorable birthday present EVER. When my birthday arrives on May 22nd I will pick a winner. I will not pick a winner based on your comment, but by a simple drawing of a name. Please leave 1 comment only and also allow plenty of time after the drawing to make your gift and get it shipped out. If you DO NOT have a blog then please be sure to leave your name and e-mail address so I can contact you if you win. Good Luck to you All!!


Heather's Stitches said...

WOW, What a nice Give-away! Please add my name!

I can't decide on what to choose if I'm picked..Must keep

Leslie ~ HarvestHomePrimitives said...

What a wonderful giveaway! How nice of you! Please add my name in the hat.

Have a great day!

The Whites said...

Please enter me in your wonderful giveaway, Lisa!

This may sound silly, but my most memorable birthday present ever was a pair of red, white and blue roller skates that I got when I was 8 years old. I had wanted them for a long time and I didn't think I was going to get them. My parents surprised me with them after school. I'll never forget how excited I was! I've had tons of wonderful birthdays since, but there was just something about that gift that has stuck with me!


Amy said...

Hi Lisa, I have been following and reading your blog for the past couple of weeks (I am also a fellow Ohioan), and I enjoy it very much. After I get caught up on your blog, I always click one of the blogs on the side to go check out, sure is easy to get lost...reading and enjoying everyone's ideas on prim goodies.
I do not have a blog, but would be interested in adding my name to the hat for the giveaway if possible, my birthday is May 27...what a nice birthday gift that would be for me! :)
My best birthday memory is any that invloves my kids... :)
Thanks and keep sharing, I love it!
New Carlisle, Ohio

marnie said...

What a fantastic giveaway! Please add me into the hat.

Hands down, when I was 5, my parents gave me this stuffed dog, with a nose that made noise. I named him Snoopy (way before Charlie Brown and his Snoopy became popular) and slept with him every night until I was married. He now resides on our bed but I don't sleep with him!!


Colleen said...

34!!! I don't even remember IF I was's been a while!! LOL

Wonderful giveaway! Add me to the hat.

Have a good day :)

Wendy said...

Wow I would love to be put in your Birthday giveaway!! How wonderful of you to share your Birthday with us!!:0) Have a wonderful day!~Wendy

Sherrie said...

What a great give-a-way,Lisa! I would love to have a chance to win. My most memorable b/d gift was when I was 40. My husband and I had gone out to eat and when we returned our home was filled with my very dearest friends!! We spent hours of fun and fellowship which was priceless gifts! All of this was planned by my DH. Great Memories! Sherrie

Jody said...

What a terrific giveaway! Everything is so cool! My most memorable birthday gift was a desk that my hubby bought me. Loved it!

At Home With Amy said...

What a nice giveway your are offering to us in honor of your birthday. Please enter me in the drawing. We should be giving gifts to you silly girl.

I can't think of a birthday that stands out to me or atleast one that I remember standing out. It must have something to do with how many birthdays I have already had!!

Janene said...

Okay you young whipper snapper, I would love to be added to your birthday giveaway!
I can't choose a memorable birthday to share because I'm getting too old to remember any of them!
Your time is coming soon! First the boobs and then the that order! LOL

ohiofarmgirl said...

A pair of orange plasic shoes I got when I was 12...I loved those things.... lol Please add me to your list. Dianntha

Tammy said...

I just had to tell you how much I love your blog!I so enjoy reading about all the things you make and seeing all the pictures of your decorating.I love the picture of you and your Mom...two pretty ladies,and you can really see the love!Your little boy is so cute!He has the sweetest smile!
I would love to be entered in your birthday giveaway!I guess my most memorable birthday was the last birthday that I got to spend with my Dad.He passed away will be 7 years ago in July.He always got me a birthday cake and flowers no matter what.I sure do miss that and I sure miss him too.
I hope you will have a very Happy Birthday!
Prim hugs,

Donna said...

Please enter my name in your giveaway drawing. I love your Blog and check it every day - I even have it on my tool bar heading! My best birthday memories are the ones that are spent in the Ohio Amish Country! My husband lets me buy great birthday gifts there!

~Judy~ said...

Hi Lisa! Nice giveaway. My birthday was just in April. We were at the beach with 3 of my sons and 3 of my husband's friend. They were helping him get the boat ready for the season. They took me to Outback and instead of the wait staff singing to me they made all the guys sing to me. Please enter me.

Char said...

OMGOODNESS!!!.....I MUST, I mean..... I humbly ask for you to 'ADD MY NAME TO THAT GIVEAWAY!'.....OH MY, OH MY!!!...I AM SO EXCITED...AND I HAVEN'T EVEN WON YET!!!!....hehehehehehehe

Great goodies you got there girlie!

Cindy Lu said...

Please add my name to the pot

girliegirl said...

What a great give-away! I love everything. Happy Birthday a little early Lisa, I'm a little older than you. Take time to enjoy yourself and relax.


appleberrycottage said...

Please enter me into the giveaway! What a wonderful bunch of goodies.

eeekj35 said...

Happy Birthday to you!! Thanks for your generosity!! Hope I win, Kim

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Oh yes!!!! Please enter my name in your birthday giveaway. One of my best presents I ever got was from my DH. I collect Troll Beads and my husband gave me 4 beads. They were all "wrapped" in separate envelopes (gift wrapping is not his forte'). The first envelope had written on the outside "The first time I saw you, my heart stopped." Inside were two stopper beads (they keep the beads from sliding around on the bracelet)' The next envelope had written, "And I knew you were an Angel" and inside of course, was an angel charm. The final envelope said "And I knew you'd be my princess forever!" and inside that envelope was a princess bead. How sweet is that???? I'll forgive the poor wrapping job. Actually, I think this was Valentines day but I'm still going with it 'cause it was my best gift ever!!!

Woods Olde Homestead said...

Wow is right that is an awesome giveaway...that is so sweet of you to do that for your birthday...please add my name to the drawing...
Prim Blessings...

Debra said...

My most memorable birthday was my 50th. A coworker knowing I loved Kool Aid gave me 50 packs of Kool Aid & 5 lbs of sugar!
Yes I did drink it all!

Woods Olde Homestead said...

I forgot to say that the birthday that I love to remember is the one in 2001 my dad gave me a necklace and that was the last gift I got from him he passed a couple weeks later...

Carla said...

What a great giveaway, Lisa! Please enter me. I was 34 once, too! I can't remember it, though. :-(

Patti said...

Hi Lisa,
What a great giveaway! I'd love to win it. Please enter me in the drawing.

Anonymous said...

I would love to win!


(so my email isn't on the blog, you can post my name and I'll come a runnin'!...wishful thinking!)

Stellar Creations said...

Awesome giveaway.. please include me. Hope you had a wonderful mother's day!


Kris said...

Ooooh! Great goodies!!

I can't say that I have a particular birthday that really stands out. All my birthdays are special when I get to spend them with the ones I love!

And I have to agree with Janene about the boobs and the memory going, but she forgot to mention the eyesight! I'm close to wearing my reading glasses on a chain around my neck!!

Enjoy your evening!


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

The most memorable birthday for me was when I was 16...I had asked for a clock radio, yes, I'm that old... dad had set the clock on it to wake me up and put the radio under my bed. On my 16th birthday I woke up to music and I didn't know where it was coming from:) I found my clock radio under my was beige with a clock on it... I was thrilled:)

Please enter me in your wonderful giveaway...I'd choose the gameboard exactly like the one shown, I loved it in your last post:)

Happy birthday Lisa!!!

basketsnprims said...

What a wonderful giveaway ~ I love it all. I could sure use that towel rack. Just so prim. My most memorable birthday is my 22nd ~ my son was born 3 days before my birthday. The best present I ever got. Happy Birthday ~ I hope it's all you are wishing for.

Anonymous said...

What a nice giveaway! Please enter my name. My best present would have to be my surprise birthday party from my family.

Have a great day!

Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

What a generous give away Lisa! My most memorable birthday present was a trip to Canada to see my friend!

Have a great evening, hugs, Linda

Carrie said...

Good evening Lisa!!

First and foremost I wanted to tell you that you are the winner of my 100th post giveway!!!!!! So, if you send me your info to I will get all of your goodies off to you ASAP.

But you HAVE to show me what you did with all of your goodies, I bought doubles of a few of the items and I love your taste so I need ideas!! LOL!!

Secondly, I would LOVE to be entered into your giveaway!!

I think my best Birthday gift of all times was my little sister....her birth is the 18th of August and mine is the 11th!!

Hugs!! Carrie♥

Goat Creek Grandma said...

What a great bunch of goodies for a giveaway. Your such a nice person to do this for your birthday. Please add my name.

Now don't laugh... the birthday memory that sticks out in my mind is when I was about 8. I remember wearing my favorite purple dress and roller skating up and down the sidewalk. I loved that dress... *lol*

Take Care,

Jayne said...

What a great giveaway! It is very kind of you! I like your signs. I bet your mom liked them too. Please enter me in your giveaway. I think my best birthday gift was an abyssinian kitten from my parents. That was a day or two ago however! LOL! Happy Birthday to you! Jayne

saraonyx said...

What a great giveaway:) Please enter me.

Backwoodsprim said...

Ooooooooooo!!! How neat!!!
Please enter me for your give-away!!
My B-day is on the 25th!!

I guess two of my most memorable
gifts were a "sweet 16" ring from my parents and the blue stepback hutch DH made me that you see on the sidebar of my blog....


Anonymous said...

What a fantastic give-away...please add me. I read your blog frequently and love it. My daughter lives in Ohio and loves the Amish country.

Happy Birthday Lisa...

Mad Red Hare said...

Wow, you are so generous. Please enter me! You should be getting gifts for your birthday instead of giving them away!

theolde stone house said...

I read your blog all the time. I just love all your creations. Thanks for sharing them with us.

It's so neat that you and your mom share such a nice bond. And have the same taste. the picture of you and her is so neat.

Please enter me in your birthday giveaway. I am picking places for everything to go already.. LOL

Have a good day

theolde stone house said...

Oh and I forgot to say my most memorable birthday was when my DH proposed on my birthday. It was really special. He's a keeper.


In His service, Anne said...

hmmmmmm I do love the gameboard...tough choice..please enter me and I'll have to think on this.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,
What a wonderful giveaway...please enter me.

The birthday I remember the most was when I was 5 years old...I got a Barbie doll and also got to go pick out a puppy!

Hope you have a great week. Did you get my email...I hope it answered some of your questions.
hugs, Cindy

Bonnie said...

Oh, what a wonderful give away! I really enjoy your blog. Please add my name to your list.

Wallingford, KY

myhouseofprims said...

What wonderful gifts! Please enter me in your drawing!

myhouseofprims said...

I forgot to leave my email address, sorry!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,

Great Giveaway, please enter me!

Best Birthday Gift ever,can't remember but spending time with my family will always rate high!


mommynoodles said...

I'm so loving the give-away! I'll take the game board in mustard,please!I said,please! lol

For my b-day gift ,i guess i would have to say when i was 5.I got a strawberry shortcake big girl bike!
Whoo-hoo,i had wheels! lol

Have a "BLESSED" birthday and don't forget to enter me in!



Country Acres Primitives said...

Awesome giveaway Lisa. I guess my most memorable gift would be my
10th birthday and I got a puppy! So please enter (and pick) me! heehee

Teri said...

Oh Lisa! What a GREAT giveaway! I hope I win :-)

I love the towel holder!

Tammy Hale said...

I love your blog and look forward to taking a peek at it every day during my lunch hour. Some of my most favorite birthday memories are when my Mom would make me her wonderful coconut cream pies. Please enter me in your giveaway.

Chatty Kathy~Palmetto Prims said...

What great birthday presents you are giving away!! Please enter my name in the hat. Let's see a memorable birthday has to the surprise 50th birthday party my children gave me!! Hubby was in on it but my babies planned it. Great fun!! Love your blog!!

KayC. said...

Please enter my name in your great giveaway! I think that my most memorable birthday will be the next one,I'm turning 50! And I am not looking forward to it either

Just found your blog and it is great!




I just found your blog, and I love it! What such a great and beautiful relationship you show with your family. I miss my mom and dad every day. They have went to be with Jesus and I know they are truly at "home" now, just waiting for all of us to get there. I love primtives. I have recently got in to making raggedy ann dolls.. I now have 7 requests to make and sale them.. Oh My Goodness!!! Plus, I work a full-time job and mother to 2 teenage girls and wife to a great husband, and take care of two horses, 4 dogs, 4 cats, 1 hamster, and 3 birds..... Whooooooooooosh! Yea, We are busy, but I love it..... I love the weekends going "junk-saleing" as my husband calls it....
He just dont know me very well!!!! lol
Thanks for your blog.. I will be sure to now put it on my favorites and look everyday.
Tawana from Tennessee

Susannah said...

You want to celebrate your birthday by giving something away on your blog? How thoughtful of you!
Something I really remember about my birthday was...when I was a young Mommy made me a three layed cake. One layer was chocolate, one layer was strawberry and one layer was vanilla. It had lemon sauce in between the layers and white frosting. It was the most beautiful cake that I had ever seen! Well, even when I was married Mom would ask what I wanted for my birthday and I would always ask for the three layered cake that she always made for me on my birthday. Mom is gone now, but I can see and taste that cake like it was just yesterday. It is so nice to have wondrful memories.


Cheryl said...

Please add my name. I don't have a blog. My most memorable birthday was my 40th. My doc had found a lump in my breast and we were waiting to find out the results. My friends had planned bday surprize with the black balloons and over the hill, but didn't use it- cause we didn't find out until the next day that everything was fine.

This Country Girl said...

Hey Lisa,

Wow! I definitely want to be entered and I want to win! lol! I know I want one of those gameboards! I'll have to think about the color....

Okay my very best birthday present EVER was the arrival of our son from South Korea on August 24th and my birthday was August 28th! You can't top that one! He's now 20 years old, but seems like yesterday! What a blessing! (You know what I mean, I think)!

I also remember getting a little boat that I could sit in and pedal on my 3rd birthday, from my aunt. I loved that little boat!

Thanks for offering such a great giveaway....I have just the spot for all these goodies! :)


Denise said...

Lisa, thanks for giving us all the chance to win such wonderful goodies!


The American Homemaker said...

I'd love to be entered :)

Diane said...

Lisa--(my favorite blogger!!)---thanks for being so sweet to have a giveaway for your birthday, and include even us non-bloggers (we love all things prim, too!). I look forward to all your updates on TS buys, re-dos, decorating, etc.

Please count me in! Love the towel hanger, the gameboard, love it all!

Blessings back to you!

the primitive country bug said...

Happy Birthday you young little chickie you!
My most memorable birthday was 16 years ago when I discovered that I was pregnant with my second child. My sweet little Amanda was born 7 months later.
Thanks for offering up such a sweet give-away!
Hugs & blessings~ Birgit

Farm Field Primitives said...

Lisa, please add me to your giveaway drawing. I would LOVE to win your awesome prizes. I think my most memorable b-day was 15 years ago. My oldest daughter was born just 5 days after. Thanks.

Kath said...

Whatta Prefectly PRIM giveaway!! :)
How wonderful to have it for your birthday!

Good Luck to all :)


Shannon said...

My most memorable birthday was when I found out I was pregnant after trying for 11 years.
I hope you have a great birthday!

missy said...

My most memorable birthday was in nov.6 my birthday. I was about to give birth to my first child. She was due any day. Finally came on the 11th veterans day! She is such a blessing. My husband got me a necklas that has a mother and child on it. Its different from the ones that is popular today. I just loved it. One day I was in the horse pasture and the fence caught my necklas and flung there it went. Well after a year my husband got a metal detc. and low and behold he came in the house with it in his hand! I couldn't believe it after all that time and he found it. Sorry so long I love your blog and read it daily. You are very crafty!!!! Missy ;)

Anonymous said...

What a fun give-away.Please add me, I love following your blog. Dori

EclecticStitcher said...

I love reading your blog ~ it's on my google list.....I would love to be considered in the giveaway. Love how the gameboard turned out.

Lauralee >^.^<

Oakleaf Hollow Primitives said...

Yeay, Lisa! I hope I made it under the wire for your giveaway! Great items! please count me in!


Lisa said...

THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED!! Thank you to all that entered.

~ Lisa