Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Antique Store Buys & Race 4 the Cure

This past weekend when I went to go visit my Mom for Mother's Day we went to our favorite Antique Mall. Well, my Mom bought me a couple items for Mother's Day and my first new found treasure is this old chair. My Mom and I were fighting over it and I ended up winning since she said that she already has so much stuff and wouldn't know where to put it. I love it when she says that because then I decided that I would snatch it up and for $8.50...... I was thrilled with the deal. My Mom asked me if I was going to re-finish it, but I am going to leave it as is. I love the different colored paint plus it is all chippy and well quite frankly, I think it gives it character. So, I put it in my entry way and placed a little prim bonnet over one side of the chair. It looks real cute! I am also going to be looking for some old books and a wire rim pair of glasses to place on the seat of the chair. I thought that would look real cute and prim!! I will share pics when I get it placed and decorated.
I also picked up this old rusty milk jug. I love it and it looks great in my entry way close to my chair. I was pretty excited when I saw it just hanging there in the antique mall on a ladder. I was pretty surprised that it had not fallen off. This milk jug is actually pretty heavy. Don't you love the look of this jug? Don't you often wonder about the story behind an antique or an item you find in an antique store? Not all items are antiques, but they definitely have a story and well I wondered about the jug and the chair. I love them and I am so thrilled that I found them.
This was not an antique store buy...... this was actually a cupboard that my Mom purchased awhile back and she didn't have the room for it so she gave it to me. I love it, but I am trying to find the perfect home for it. I was going to hang it in the family room, but my color on my walls clash with the cupboard. My Mom told me to re-finish it, but I love how it looks already so give me time and I will find a new home for it. Hummmm, let me think about that. I should have taken a pciture of the inside, but I didn't. Shame on me!! It has shelves in it and it is painted black so I could definitely keep it open and display some prim pretties inside, but I think I like the outside too much not to show the door.
Well, it is suppose to rain here in Ohio today. I am just hoping and praying that it doesn't rain on Saturday morning. I have participated for over 10 years for The Komen Columbus Race for the Cure and this weekend won't be any different. Ok, well it might be a tad bit different. Since I had Cameron..... and I have been staying at home, I haven't participated with my company that I use to work for, but we have been doing it on our own. Well, this year we decided to join a different team! Heather's Team is a team that was created after our local TV newscaster lost her battle to breast cancer. Unfortunately, after many years of struggling with the disease, it came back and spread throughout her body. Well, my husband and I have watched her do the morning news since we got married which would have been 6 years in Nov. - so when we heard of her passing we were hoping that they would do something to honor such a strong, sweet, brave and courageous woman. Well, they did and we decided we had to join the team! So, this weekend...... we will hit the streets of downtown Columbus sporting our Heather's Team t-shirts and pink wigs. Why a pink wig you ask? Well, one week before she passed away, they aired a special about her on the noon news, she was sporting a bright pink wig and sharing all the ways that us as viewers could help try to find a cure or help others with this horrible disease. So, to say the least we are all very excited about The Race this weekend and I can hardly wait to sport my pink wig in her memory. Last night we heard that her team is currently 6000 members STRONG!! Now doesn't that give you chills up and down your spine? Can you imagine all the photos taken from the helicopter up above on Saturday morning?!? Think of all the pink wigs he will see!! Heather is definitely missed. She was such a sweet person with an unbelievably sweet spirit. I never met her personally, but volunteered at our local cancer hospital and would send her jewelry that I would make that had breast cancer ribbons on it and she would proudly sport that on the air. It was great to see and knowing that she lost her battle at such a young age is heart breaking. So, not only will Saturday be filled with lots of pink, but we will also be walking in her memory as well as the many other friends that I have lost to breast cancer and those that are still STRONG survivors of this horrible disease!! WE WILL FIND A CURE TOGETHER!! Stay Tuned for pink pics later this weekend.


Karen said...

Morning Lisa - your chair is beautiful and I'd leave it like it is as well - just be sure it's not lead paint with your little one around it - but I'm sure you have considered it as well.
Glad your day with mom was spent with lots of fun - it always is even if it's not mother's day with the two of you.

Kris said...

Morning Sunshine!

Your chair looks great. I like your idea of placing a book and glasses on it. A small coverlet draped over it would look cute, too.
I LOVE that cupboard. Can't wait to see what you do with it!
Good luck with your walk on Sunday. I hope the weather's nice for you.

Enjoy the rest of your day,

Susannah said...

I love the old milk can. Reminds me of the days when my Dad used to bring milk to the house from the barn.

You and your Mom have such a good time. It's fun for us to read about what you do together.

Love your blog. It is very interesting.

The Whites said...

Love your chair!

Have a wonderful time supporting such a great cause - show us pictures of your pink wig!


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Hi Lisa,
Love the ladder back chair and milk jug also the cupboard:) Your home is just turning out to be so prim! Love the sap bucket light too from your previous post...what a great idea!

Heather's Stitches said...

Love your new goodies!

Good Luck on Sat. with the walk in Columbus, I'm looking forward to the news coverage and your pics!

UPON A HILL said...

Love that old milkcan! That chair is very nice also. I would leave it as it is. Your mom is wonderful; always giving you some really nice things. Love the cupboard. Wish my mom had the same taste that your mom has.

Colleen said...

Love the chair, jug and cupboard! You lucky girl!! Can I go shopping with you some time?? LOL

girliegirl said...

I love all your new goodies. Looks like you had a great day! Good luck with the weather, the midwest has been fun this spring hasn't it? I hope it goes well, definately a worthy cause.


mommynoodles said...

Love your goodies! Especially the little chair and what a deal! That's awesome that you and hubby are going to run the race or walk the race!Your a "BLESSING"! So is hubby sporting the pink wig as well? lol That's cute w/ the wigs put some humor into something horrible.And stealing people's lives! Have a "BLESSED" week!

Betsy said...

Hope you have a beautiful day on Saturday for your race.
Love all your goodies. They all look great and I'm sure you'll find just the right spot for that cupboard your Mom gave you.
Have a great evening.

This Country Girl said...


I do love the chair as is! Love that lattern too!

What a sweet mom to give you that great cabinet! Your home must be filling up with prim goodies! I love everything you showed here!

Have a great evening!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,
Love your chair...I have 2 old ones that I have left them just like their were when given to me. One was my DH's grandmother's and the other one was his grandfather chair that goes with the old jeweler's cabinet that we have. We even have all the old tools that he repaired the jewelry with.
Great cupboard that you have also!!
Have a great walk on Saturday!
hugs, Cindy

Goat Creek Grandma said...

I love the chair the way it is too! I just found out that I may have to start looking for some chairs as a friend is gifting me with an antique table. I can't wait to see it.

Take Care,

Janene said...

I so want that chair.
Joe and I went to GW in Tiffin, and I saw 2 straight back ladder chairs priced at $10 each. I passed them up and am now kicking myself! If Joe wasn't with me I would have snatched them up for sure! Or if they were $5 a piece!
That milk jug would go great with my non-existent chairs too!
I am going to check out Heathers team now!
Looking forward to seeing the pink wigs!
This rain must stop!! I want to go out and garage sale this morning! UGH!

John said...

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