Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Signs to Share

It has indeed been a B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L day here today. I am hoping that it stays this way in Ohio. Hope you all were able to enjoy the nice weather where you are too. Once my flowers start blooming some more then I will be able to take some pictures and share them with all of you. Alot of my perennials have been planted for many years so they are really starting to look great. My has always told me that the first year your flowers sleep, second year they creep and third year they leap and I believe that saying to be very true!! My gay feathers have spread like crazy and I am sure they will get better every year. I just love my flowers and they give me so much joy during the summer months. I have all of my cute prim pretties in my flower garden, but I still have to get mulch down and alot of my flowers still have to bloom, but hopefully soon I can share my gardens with all of you. I definitely take GREAT pride in my flowers. It is funny because every time we go out, I feel the need to buy more flowers and then when I get home and go to plant them, I notice that I have no more room (LOL). My husband just shakes his head and says "I told you so." Gotta love it when you hear that - right? So, I find a quick spot and plant it. Talking about flowers....... I bought some lavender last night and it smells so good. I love anything purple and pink with a splash of yellow or orange here and there. I definitely love all sorts of flowers. Anyway, enough of my flowers. Let's talk signs - shall we?
My Mom had a special request of me and that was to make her a Yellow Ware sign. If any of you have Yellow Ware then this is the sign for you. I have been thinking about starting up a selling blog and selling some of my signs and game boards. What would you all think? Do you think my stuff is good enough to sell? I would love your opinion!! Well, here are the pictures that I promised. Hope you all like them!
I also thought that I would make another game board. Something different from what I have made already and I like how it turned out. I am definitely pleased. Do you all like these colors?
Oh - I also forgot to tell you that when I was visiting my parents around Mother's Day that my Mom also gave me some old quilts that my great grandmother made. These were made by my great grandma (Melissa aka Nan). She was my Dad's grandma, but I have always known her as Nan. I use to always sit beside her and she would have her little gray poodle beside her. It is funny what you remember. Anyway, I am thinking about re-doing my cupboard in my kitchen and somehow placing the old quilts on top of the cabinet. I see that in alot of the magazines, but we will just have to play with it I guess and see what looks right. I am just so happy to have them. I am definitely a sentimental person so when my Mom offered them to me..... I was thrilled to take them. I love old family heirlooms. They really touch and warm my heart and I feel so lucky and blessed to have been given such wonderful things. Hopefully I can take pictures of them soon and share them with all of you. I love them!! Well, I am off to water my flowers and then work on some of my prim projects. I would like to get started on my kitchen cabinets soon, but I have just recently been asked by my Mom and MIL to finish some furniture. My MIL wants me to finish 2 dressers and my Mom has a cupboard with some shelves on the top and she has requested that I put my hands to work. I just hope I have enough hours in the summer to do everything that I want to do. Oh, I also had to share with all of you that we planned our summer vacation! I am so excited!!!! We are going to the beach Jun 22-27th and I am thrilled. I can't wait to take Cameron to the beach and let him see it for the first time. Let him play in the sand and experience the water in the ocean. Oh - It is gonna be so much fun. It is weird because when I was going through all the fertility problems..... I knew that I always wanted to walk hand in hand with my child on the beach, take cute pictures of him/her playing with their sand bucket and well it looks like I am FINALLY going to get my wish. I am so thrilled!! Well, enough of me being thrilled and happy about everything. I sometimes get carried away, but I just had to share that with all of my blogland buddies. Hope you all are experiencing some happy days too!


Carrie said...

Hi Lisa~

Just wanted to stop by and let you know that I am so sorry but I just got your package off to you last night. The lady said that it should be there by Thursday. I hope you enjoy!!

And let me tell you how much I L♥VE your yellow ware sign (and your game boards), Yes, I think you very well could start a selling blog. I know I would like that!! LOL!!

And I know you are going to have a wonderful time at the beach!! How exciting for you all!!

Hope you have a wonderful evening!!

Hugs!! Carrie♥

I Play Outside The Box said...

I just love the yellow ware sign!! Awesome!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,
Love the yellow-ware sign!! You know from my email that I think you would do well with a selling blog.
How wonderful to be going to the beach...I know you will make memories there that will last a lifetime.

Sherrie said...

Hi Lisa! Absolutely.....you could start a selling blog today and do very well!! You have good taste, you work fast and you are passionate about what you do. You are a busy mom/wife/daughter/gardener etc. so just be sure that you would have the time to devote to retail. You don't need to do anything that would take your joy away.
What beach are you going to on vacation?? Take care, Sherrie

At Home With Amy said...

Good morning Lisa,
I think your sign and gameboard turned out great. I definitely think you could sell them. I would be interested in looking at different ones if you did.
Quilts are a favorite of mine although I only have a couple of them. Someday I will get more and I will display them proudly.
My family is going to the beach in July. I know you will have so much fun when you go. Make sure you slather Cameron with lots of sunscreen. That sun can be brutal at times.
Enjoy your day,

The Whites said...

Love your sign and gameboard! Of course your things are good enough to sell! You do a great job with them!

We're going to the beach this summer too. Can't wait!

Have a great day,

Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

How kewl you are going to get to go to the beach with Cameron! You will make so many memories! My folks lived on Cape Cod while my kids were growing up so they got a lot of beach time there. I am so happy you can make this dream come true!

hugs, Linda

Susannah said...

Hi Lisa...I love the yelloware sign. I think you would enjoy selling your things. You sure do have a way with making things very prim. Give it a try.

Your blog is always happy and exciting. It is so great to hear all of your endearing and uplifting words. You just keep being who you are!


Karen said...

First off - YES YOUR PRODUCTS WILL SELL! Silly girl. They are just wonderful.

Cape Cod....OMGosh you lucky girl!!!!
Can I be packed away in your luggage - I'll pay my way too.....lol


Farm Field Primitives said...

Your sign is so neat. I'm sure she will LOVE it. I love quilts also and can't wait to see yours. What great memories!!! If you have room in your suitcase, I'll go with you. That is my all time favorite place. I don't even mind the sand that ends up EVERYWHERE--even where it's not supposed to be. Have fun and take lots of pictures!!!! Isn't this weather FABULOUS!!! I am going out to work on my flowers later too. Once I get some inside work done. Have a great day.

Wendy said...

I love your signs, I think they are definitly good enough to sell!! Where are you going for vacation? My entire family will be going to Cape Cod June 22-28!! I also do childcare in my home for extra income! I hope you have a wonderful day lisa!!~Wendy

Jody said...

Lisa, I love all your things...you would do very well with a selling blog. Your gameboards are so neat, and I love the yelloware sign. I hope you have a wonderful, and memorable vacation too!

Stacey said...

Hey girl!

Well let me first off start by answering your question...


You definitely have the talent and creativity. I am really excited for you. I want to be one of your customers too!!! :) The sign and game board is primfect.

I will tell you that my trash pickin' days are far from over now, especially since I just got started. (lol) Would love to go with you craftshopping, garage sale shopping or even trash picking.

Wow ~ the beach! If you need someone to help you fill space in your van then let me be the first to tell you that I would be more than willing to occupy it for you. You won't have to worry. (lol) How exciting for you. :)

Love you all lots and lots!

Love and hugs,

girliegirl said...


I look forward to your garden pictures. I love the gameboards and I definately give the big thumbs up for a selling blog. Don't forget to take that beach picture!


appleberrycottage said...

You should start a selling blog! Your items are beautiful and will sell. A selling blog costs no money, so you can't lose anything. I just started a selling blog, in addition to selling on ebay. I found you can link a paypal button on your blog, so customers can "pay now". Now to figure out how to put on templates to change the look...

Anonymous said...

Yes could buy something start a selling blog Lisa! I could buy something from you and the
item would not have far to go to get to me. I like red!
Susan Wooster OH

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Hi Lisa!

Whoa...I do love the yellow ware sign...if you start a selling blog and sell those I don't think you could keep up with the orders.lol Love it!

I'm excited that you got quilts and can't wait to see them and where you will also put them:)

The paint is Behr (I think I spelled that right) brand and the wall is Country Beige...the trim on the card was the next darkest one but we had to get it darkend three times before we liked it, it was just to light and hardly made a contrast between the two...took three days out of working on the rooms so make sure you get the right shade:)

Always happy to see when you post:)

Kath said...

Hi Lisa!
I am so happy your are taking that special vacation! Ahhhh the beach, may I tag along?? how wonderful that you will walk hand in hand with that special little blessing :) Just as you dreamed you would!
Cameron will have a blast at the beach!!

Love your sign!

Have a GREAT holiday weekend


Loretta said...

Hi Lisa,
Thank you for visiting Under the Wild Cherry Trees. It's so nice to meet another prim friend. Love your gameboards! I have only gotten as far as your last post but I will be back to check out the rest in the next few days. Hugs and blessings, Loretta

Raggedy Angel said...

I have always liked that sign....these days I am really wanting some yellow, reproduction...that I can use! I like your header!!! Beth

Brian said...

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