Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Making New Things Old

So, if you are reading my blog then you probably love that primitive look just like me. I love it when someone can take something brand new and make it look old, distressed and rustic. I am always telling my husband that I would love to have a bigger home just so I can decorate more and more. The good thing about him is that he nods his head and smiles and says "Hopefully someday soon honey." Anyway, I was on a couple websites tonight just looking around and I must say that I love these sites that I found. If you haven't checked out The American Heritage Shop then you should definitely head on over there and take a look at their furniture. Oh, I love their furniture!! Ok, ok, I could probably have one of each (lol). I love the Weatherly Cupboard, The Early Coat Rack, and I am totally in love with the Primitive Candle Cupboard. Below is a picture of the Primitive Candle Cupboard (mustard over black). Isn't it gorgeous!?! Hopefully someday soon I will have one just like it. At least I have a picture and I can slobber over it for awhile (lol). My father in-law is super handy and I know that he could make something very similar, but he isn't real familiar with how to paint it and give it that old primitive look so that is where we run into the issues. Do you know how to give it that look or do you know where I could go to find out how to make it look that way?
Another great site that I have been looking at alot lately is Littlehouse Mercantile. This site is basically dedicated to all these other websites that have folks that decorate with primitives. You gotta check out All Weathered Homes and Home on the Hill to just name a few. Those are some great sites and these homes are just beautiful and very primitive. On the All Weathered Homes website it talks about drying taters or making a tater garland. As you might have seen.... I made a garland with dried green beans also known as leather britches, but I also love the look of the tater garland so I might have to try my hand at that too. I love doing crafty things. So, are there any crafty things that you have done that you would like to share? I would love to hear about them and possibly even try them. So, go ahead and leave me a comment about your crafty primitive ideas. Thanks in advance for sharing & HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

A Closer Look at Year Round Decorations

Things are slowly getting back to normal here. I have all my Christmas decorations put away for another year. All of my year round decorations are back out and dusted off. If you saw my previous post then you probably know that I am going to try my hand at making one of the mason jar safes. I have a mason jar and now I am just trying to figure out what to fill it with. I have thought about coffee beans, but since I am not a coffee drinker, I thought that would be kinda odd. I was also thinking about beans, pasta or even oatmeal so I will keep thinking and post pictures when it is completed. Thanks to Linda @ Behind My Red Door for the great idea!!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Mason Jar Safe - A Great Idea

I saw this GREAT idea on a fellow bloggers site. Linda from Behind My Red Door saw this on another gal's site and decided to try her hand at it. She calls her crafty project Budget Rice Mix and indeed it is crafty and something I am gonna have to try. Check out Linda's site for her take on the project and her pictures and if you want a step by step tutorial then check out Char and her blog at The Pickled Pepper Patch. Both of these crafty and creative gals made their very own version of the Mason Jar Safe. Linda picked rice for her filler and Char picked rosehips and beans, but if you think about it... you could really pick whatever you want for a filler. I thought coffee beans would make a nice filler as well. So, go ahead and try your hand at it after you check out those links and be sure to leave me a comment after you have made your very own creation. Hmmm, now I need to find me some old mason jars and get busy. Thanks Ladies for the GREAT idea!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

My New Santa

I fell in love with this Santa when I first saw him on Cinnamon Creek Cabins. DruAnn McCarty spends alot of time making these handmade Santa's and if you haven't checked out her picture trail albums then you better head there right now..... of course after you are finished with my website. DruAnn's shop is located in Kentucky and she has been making Santa's since she was 20 years old. Her website takes you on a tour of her shop, her home during Christmas time and during the rest of the year and it also has links to other items that she has made and sold and it will also lead you to many other great sites as well under her Kindred Friends section. Isn't my Santa beautiful? My Mom was kind enough to buy him for me, but I won the bid on him... well, I put my request in for him before anyone else. Check out her site, how to bid, items sold and take a tour of her home. Oh, you will love it and it gives you GREAT ideas too!! ENJOY. Hope you liked my Santa and his Sheep. I would love to have the Santa with the Reindeer next (too cute). Merry Christmas to All.