Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Day of Pink for a Great Cause

Yesterday was an absolutely great day! Over 45,000 people gathered in the streets of downtown Columbus to race towards a cure for breast cancer. Over 7000 people joined "Heather's Team". My husband and I along with Cameron were one of those participants that joined Heather's Team in honor of her and her struggle with breast cancer. Heather was a newscaster for WBNS Channel 10 News here in Columbus, Ohio. She started our day off every morning with the news and then followed it up again at noon. Her and her fellow colleagues started this team and allowed as many viewers that wanted to join the team to join. Well, seeing as though my husband and I woke up with her every morning since 2003...... we thought it would be a great way to honor her and her strength and courage that she displayed during her battle with breast cancer. Heather unfortunately lost her battle back in November, but 1 week before she passed away, she was on the news talking about how everyone could help find a cure by donating for causes such as the Race for the Cure. During this last interview...... she wore a bright pink wig and she looked absolutely stunning in it. You would have never known that she was suffering from cancer. She always displayed such a great and wonderful outlook on life. She indeed had a wonderful spirit about herself and was beautiful on the outside as well as the inside. We sure do miss seeing her every morning. She was ALWAYS on the news and never missed a beat. She was so strong and wanted nothing more then to be at work and enjoy all of life's wonderful gifts that were created just for us by God. I donated alot of my time in the years past volunteering for The James Cancer Hospital. I truly enjoyed checking in on all of the patients, their families and trying my best to help them and their experience somewhat pleasurable. Before Cameron was born....... I took up a donation at my company that I use to work for so all the patients would have something to help pass the time away. I put an ad in our bulletin asking for folks to donate movies, VCR's and books and magazines. I had one gentleman that donated over 8 brand new VCR's and we had numerous amounts of movies donated as well. It made me feel so good to help out and to try my best to make their stay in the hospital a little bit more pleasurable. I am hoping that one day soon I can get back into it and continue on with helping others that need a little help. Some patients just wanted a little company and I was more then happy to sit down and talk with them, some patients had their children in the room and I would go grab some cookies and/or popsicles and bring them back and I was always grabbing magazines and books for the patients. It was very rewarding and I loved every minute of it. You see alot of cancer patients out there that are strong, determined and are ready to FIGHT this battle that they are in and after seeing that on a weekly basis...... it makes you appreciate life a little bit more and it makes you think twice about complaining about something so small. If you all have never had the chance to participate in The Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure then I would encourage you to do so. It is an absolutely wonderful event and definitely touching to see. I have been participating for over 10 years now. I have lost 3 dear friends to breast cancer and I feel that it is time that we come together and unite in order to help FIND A CURE!! You all can help. Check out the Komen site today and make arrangements for this year or next year!! I leave you today with pictures to enjoy. The first picture is a team photo of Heather's Team. Gotta love seeing all of those wonderful pink wigs!
Here is Cameron and I shortly before the race. I also meant to mention that you don't have to run. You can walk too. Since we had the stroller, we did the 1 mile Family Fun Walk.
A view of the starting line. I loved seeing all the pink wigs!
He was so happy to participate for the 2nd year. I made the t-shirt for him.
The WHOLE street was just jam packed with people! It was AWESOME!!!!
Gotta love my husband. He is such a good sport! Doesn't he look too cool in his pink wig? It was funny because he had me trim the bangs because they were in his eyes (lol).
Come on - What are you all waiting for!?! Check out this site (KOMEN) and see where they are gonna be next. You can enjoy this wonderful event too!


Karen said...

Awww Lisa....such wonderful photos.
How wonderful that so many people turned out - what a testament.
You and your husband and son are adorable! Trim his bangs....tooooo cute! lol


girliegirl said...


I loved seeing all the photos. What wonderful memories you have of your friend. I think cancer touches everyone it seems these days. How nice of you to volunteer your time to brighten others days. You are such a great person to do that!


Jody said...

My girlfriend is a breast cancer survivor, and I always try to participate every year in some way too. What wonderful pictures, and so sweet that your husband and son were involved with you. What a terrific cause!

Goat Creek Grandma said...

Its so neat to see all that pink out there for such a good cause.


UPON A HILL said...

That is just really a touching thing that you have done. It is wonderful to see everyone coming together for a great cause. Your whole family looks great, especially the pink wigs. Love your new banner!

big city prims said...

As a breast cancer surivor, I must say thank you for a wonderful post! Love the pink wigs!! Philly had a huge turnout also!

Heather's Stitches said...

It was a wonderful turnout! I saw the news and Love the wigs!

Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

Great cause Lisa! I love the work you do to support it too. Wonderful post!!

Anonymous said...


John said...

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