Sunday, March 29, 2009

This n That & Goodwill Finds

I went out yesterday afternoon while Cameron was taking his nap and Shawn was home. I wanted to check out our thrift store to see if I could find any goodies. Well, they didn't have much at all, but I did by this mold and this little barn red and tan checked towel. I thought the towel would be cute coming out of a basket or a crock or something. Luckily, it matches my kitchen walls perfectly. Anyway, for $1.50 I guess you can't beat that - right? I wanted to find some wood goodies, but they have the same stuff I have been turning down for months so I left it all behind.
I decided to put my new mold to good use last night and I made me a larger pantry cake. I thought it turned out pretty good. I also made me another smaller one, but soon ran out of sugar. My husband asked me this morning where all the sugar went..... he wanted to make himself some sweet tea and well I told him that all the sugar was in my sugar molds and pantry cakes - Oops.... sorry honey! Your prim wife needed the sugar for her prim crafts (lol). Here are a couple pictures of my large pantry cakes.
Last weekend when we went to visit my parents, I bought this picture that was on this board. I thought it was quite ugly, but for $1.00, I thought it had great potential. My wheels were definitely turning and I thought I could sand off the picture and remove the hanger from the back of it and use it as a stovetop cover. Well, I got it home, removed the hanger and decided to just flip it over and use the other side, unfortunately it was about 2 inches short, but it will do until I can get one made.
Definitely has potential - don't ya think? I am not sure if I should paint it or keep it the natural wood color, but it should work for me for at least a little while. I added a few extra screws to is yesterday to make it a bit more sturdy and cracked the wood, but it seems to be holding up well. So, what do you all think of my made-do stovetop cover/doughboard? I just need to work on decorating it now and finding the perfect items for it. Perhaps that will be my new home for my pantry cakes.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Is the Kitchen Next?

Yesterday evening my husband took me to the thrift store. I have been sick all week long and in this house and wanted to get out. I am FINALLY back to my old self, but still have a little cough and dealing with blowing my nose, but those are things I can deal with. I am just so happy the pressure is gone. Anywho....... we went out for dinner with the in-laws, went grocery shopping, to Lowe's and to the thrift store. It was nice to be out and today I am resting. My hubby told me a couple weeks ago that we might be able to get new countertops for the kitchen. I was so thrilled because when I bought this house it was brand new and they just put the cheapest stuff in it so it is time to upgrade a few things. What a perfect time to do that when I am re-finishing my cabinets. Yep, I am going to re-finish them the same way I did the ones in the bathroom. I think I am totally in love with them now that the bathroom is totally complete (lol). Do you all think they will look ok against my red walls? I don't want to have to re-paint my kitchen after I am all done with my cabinets. Let me know your thoughts. Ok, now to the countertops.... I took a couple pictures of options that we have available for our kitchen. I will tell you that the first and second picture are the same countertop just a closer look. The first countertop is my favorite choice, that is the one I want to go with, but I want to make sure it is going to match the red walls and me cabinets. So, what do you all think? Do you all think it would go hand in hand and look ok?
#1 - Just a close up
#2 - My husband likes this one, but I think it would really darken things up too much
#3 - Not sure I like this one, but it is an option
#4 - This one is ok, but then I wonder if it would be too washed out.
So, what do you all think? Let me know your opinions. I am ready to hear them, but I do know that I want to avoid re-painting my kitchen walls. Ok, we also have white appliances and we will be switching out our stainless steel sink to a white sink and adding a gold faucet that my Mom gave me. It is beautiful and I am so in love with it. Picture of the faucet will be to follow soon.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Getting Better Every Day

Today was a day where I actually felt like getting up and doing something. What a nice surprise. I have cleaned the kitchen (not before it needed it) and now I am in the process of coffee staining some cheese cloth. Awhile back my Mom sent me a care package and I haven't stained my cheese cloth yet so I thought I would do that today. It has been sitting for awhile because I want it nice and dark and grungy. I have been going through my totes to look for things that I can change out and re-arranged a few things here and there. I also broke the glass of my kitchen scale and set it outside hoping that it would rust up a little bit here and there. It has been sitting in the rain for 2 days and it is overcast today so hopefully it will start rusting soon. If not then I will try something else.
We don't really have any plans for this weekend. We have to go to the grocery store tonight and I am going to see if my DH will take me to the thrift store to see if they have anything. other then that no plans except to just rest up and enjoy time with my little man. I posted a couple pictures for you all today. These were taken at my Mom's. These are her Dru Ann McCarty bears which I just love, but I also love her new little cupboard. Isn't it cute? Yep, so prim and I love the mustard.

Here is a sugar mold and pantry cake that I made for my Mom. She has them on her counter top right now, but I am working on making a fly cover for her. I just haven't had any luck yet. She was so happy that I remembered to bring them to her and she just loved them. I must admit that I like them too : ) Don't you love her cutting board? I was about ready to take it (lol).
Here is another item that she bought from Dru Ann McCarty. I was able to finally get a close up look at it and yep, I am jealous that I didn't win it, but it of course looks great in Mom's home.
Well, I hope you all have a great weekend. Take Care and I will post more in a day or two.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Feeling Just A Tiny Bit Better & Lots to Share

Well, I am feeling just a tiny bit better which I am thankful for. This sinus infection has been the worst that I have EVER had. The sinus pressure was just awful and nothing was taking care of the pain so when I say that I am finally getting some relief.... I am truly happy that I am FINALLY getting the relief I have been praying for. I have been busy keeping my chair warm, the tissues flowing from my hand to the trash can and drinking lots of juice and water. I have truly missed regular food. Yep, I have been on a steady diet of soup and soft foods because my teeth and gums have hurt way to bad too eat anything with any substance. Anyway, I have been doing alot of reading and dreaming about what I could do and what I could have when I win the lottery (lol). These are 2 items that I have been reading alot of lately.
If you haven't checked out Karen's home in this Country Sampler Magazine then be sure to check it out. It is indeed a beautiful home and you can tell that her and her husband have put alot of love and work into their home. It is beautiful, cozy and prim and I love it. The family room makeover is amazing from what it use to look like to what it looks like now. WOW, definitely beautiful to say the least. Here is just a sneak peek, but I am not showing anymore then that because you have to go out and buy the magazine to see it up close and personal. Trust me...... it is worth buying just to see her home.
My all time favorite part of her home that was shown has to be her pantry. Uh yeah, I fell in love with it and it is absolutely beautiful. She designed this handcrafted cupboard herself to have an old-fashioned look, complete with chipped and worn paint. It is beautiful. I love it!!
Why can't I be that creative and handy? My home could so use it!! Another section to be sure to check out in the Country Sampler is page 42 (Out with the New and In with the Old). Chris in Michigan does a great job decorating her home..... I especially love her kitchen. She has it decorated so tastefully. I have also been reading my Country at Heart book that my Mom bought for me. These books are written by Judy Condon and if you don't have any yet then be sure to check them out. They are a bit pricey, but they are GREAT!! My Mom bought me my first one and I have literally worn the pages out of them to say the least. Below is my dream home. I am definitely going to have it when I win the lottery (lol). Isn't it beautiful?
Seeing as though spring has sprung, I have really been enjoying the garden section in the back of the book. Oh, it is beautiful and it gives you tons of ideas for this summer when you all go out to your garden and putter around. I know that I love EVERYTHING about gardening. Well, maybe not the weeds, but I do love everything else. It is just so relaxing for me and I truly enjoy spending my evenings out there working with my flowers. Aren't these beautiful?
Well, I thought I would share a few more items that my Mom gave to me while I was visiting. She has had her condo up for sale for almost 2 years and every time I come to visit, we clean out little cabinets and totes and she gives me little goodies. Well, here are a few more items she gave me. Don't you love it? It is kinda like a mix between robins egg blue and sage green. It is a real pretty color.
She also gave me this bowl and I love it. I thought it would look real with homespun and cookie cutters or maybe just some homespun balls. Not sure yet, but I do know that I like it.
Here is another item she gave me. It is a treenware candle holder and I love it. She gave me the rose hips to put in it along with the grubby candle and well now I have to find it a new home. Hmm, maybe I could give something else a rest for a little while and give this a new home.
She also gave me these new towels. I love them all, but my favorite has to be the one with the stitchery on it that says 1764. You can never have too many towels - right?
OH - last, but certainly not least..... I found a new home for my apple butter stirrer. Yep, I have decided to use to it as my curtain rod in my kitchen. I saw that they did that at the antique mall in Amish Country so I thought I would give it a try and well I think I like it. I personally think it would look real cute if I took a flour sack towel from Wal-Mart and coffee/tea stained it and then hang that from there and use that as a little curtain. I have seen lots of people use those little flour sack towels as curtains and they look so cute and prim and what a better way to prim it up even more then with an old antique apple stirrer. Definitely a cute idea if I do say so myself.
Well, I am off to get more juice and blow my poor nose again. Ah, the poor thing is ready to fall off. Hopefully by the end of the weekend I will be feeling back to normal.... at least I could hope.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Sweet Mom & Our Trip to Amish Country

I may have been sick all weekend long, but I still had a great time with my Mom & Dad. There is nothing better then spending time with your parents - that is for sure. Unfortunately, my sinus infection is still lingering and I am still feeling quite yucky, but hopefully I will be feeling better soon so I can start working on something else (lol). Anyway, here is a picture of my sweet Mom (Sandy). She is truly the best Mom that you could ask for and the best friend a girl could ask for. I was truly blessed when God had it all planned out for us. My Mom has a heart of gold. She is such a compassionate person, she is fun to be around, caring, sweet as pie and full of so much love. She is indeed one of the best people you will ever meet. If you haven't checked out the slideshow of her home on the side of my blog then be sure to check it out. She is definitely a great prim decorator and has a true knack of knowing where to place things. Yep, my Mom and I are so much alike.....not just in our decorating, but in our personalities. We would literally give you the shirt off our backs in order to help someone or just to make them happy. That is just how we are. Sometimes we are just not sure that is a good thing or a bad thing (lol). Anyway, let's get started on some of my pictures that I have here......shall we? Here is my Mom, my best friend and I love her with all my heart and soul. Thank you for everything Mom : )

Here is Rebecca's Bistro. This is where we eat every single time we go to Amish Country. This little restaurant has great food. I normally get a quiche with ham and swiss along with a side salad and Rebecca's homemade herb dressing. My Mom always ends up getting a chicken salad sandwich with soup and my DH ends up getting a Cuban sandwich. You definitely won't go wrong eating here. You definitely want to make reservations!! They are normally ALWAYS packed full on Saturdays.
This is my all time favorite antique mall to go into. They have a little bit of everything and that is why I like it so much. I could spend hours in here and spend plenty o money too!! Definitely a MUST SEE if you are in Walnut Creek and in walking distance from Rebecca's.

Here is our favorite store (COUNTRY GATHERINGS). They have all sorts of great furniture in this shop. Tons of rugs, shower curtains, light, candles, bedding, window treatments and prim pretties to name a few. Definitely worth stopping by this place. It is located in Berlin, Ohio and they have TONS of great stuff for the garden too if you stop by during the summer. It is normally a very busy place, but a must see!!
This little tin lamp is something that my Mom gave to me. Of course when she offered it, I grabbed it up so fast!! I love it and well who wouldn't love it - right? Yep, I am one lucky gal.
This is an old primitive apple butter stirrer that I found at my favorite antique mall. I love it and can't wait to find the perfect home for it.
Here is another item that I picked up this past weekend. I love it and thought it would cute with some dried flowers hanging from it. What do you all think? Can you see the little pegs on it?
Yep, do you know what this is for ladies? Yep, I found this old prim strainer at my favorite antique mall and I have BIG plans for it. Yep, I am going to make a fly cover for my pantry cake. The good thing is that it is already old and prim looking so I just need to take that handle off and the 2 little legs and add a knob. Stay Tuned for that craft project to be complete.
Hope you enjoyed your quick trip to Amish Country here in Ohio. Did you hear about the get together that Karen over at My Colonial Home is planning? She is planning a great trip to Lancaster, PA and I think that my Mom and I might try to go. It will be Aug 5-8 and it sounds like it will be fun. I just need to check the distance because we would probably end up driving. It would be great meeting alot of my prim bloggy friends!! Check out her site now for more details! Until next time....... thank you to all that commented on my big bathroom makeover. It was alot of work, but well worth it in the end. I am very pleased with it. If you haven't checked it out yet, then please do so. It is the post previous to this one and remember that you can click on the pictures to get a larger view! Definitely my favorite bathroom yet!

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Good Evening Ladies! Well, it has come to the evening of my BIG BATHROOM REVEAL. I must say that I am quite happy with the choices that I picked out and I am VERY pleased with the way it turned out. It turned out beautifully and prim which is what I was aiming for especially after the purple bathroom. If you don't remember what the purple bathroom looked like then be sure to check out my previous posts for a picture. Trust me - it is definitely a HUGE improvement. My husband told me that he thought it looked too nice to use and well I agreed. I told him it was just for show (lol). Well, if you are all ready then I will show you the first picture. Keep in mind that I still need to add my frame around my mirror and I am thinking I need some greenery on top of my cupboard so that isn't complete either, but here goes nothing.

I fell in love with the shower curtain as soon as I saw it. They just came in and they didn't even have one hanging up yet so I was one of the first to get one. I loved it and thought it looked great with my Bark Gray paint.
I was able to get my paper mache boxes painted and completed and put on top of my cupboard. I was quite happy with the way that they turned out. Just perfect for that spot on top of my cupboard.
Here is my sink top. My husband asked if we were going to be able to use the towel and of course I must have gave him "a look" and as soon as I gave him "that look" he knew it was just for decoration. At least he asked before using it - right?
Here is my lovely powder room sign that Kath made for me. She is such a sweetheart and of course the sign looks PERFECT in my new prim bathroom. Thank you again Kath for your kindness. It is greatly appreciated.
A closer look at my new and improved bathroom cabinets. After I re-did them, I wasn't too sure that I would like them, but now that the bathroom is prim and complete.... they look beautifully and I am of course very pleased with what I did. Thank you ladies for keeping me positive and looking ahead at things. Of course after I painted, added my prim pretties and added my special touch, I am very happy and thrilled by my cabinets. My kitchen cabinets are next!!

One of my favorite sayings is KEEP THE FAITH in everything you do. This weekend I found this little sign that says Have Faith and of course I had to have it. As I was going through infertility treatments, I kept telling myself to KEEP THE FAITH and well the little sign just means so much to me. It is what I am all about..... FAITH.

I think adding a little greenery will be perfect for this area. Don't you just love my boxes that I finished? Shawn's dear cousin Stacey gave me the bowl and I love it. It looks prim perfect in my bathroom.
Here are my jars that I added labels to. I filled them with cotton balls, q-tips and make-up sponges. Of course they are just for decoration (lol). If you open the jars then you get a big whiff of pickles so I would say definitely don't use those items (lol). The candles that you see here are made by Carolee. I thought they looked perfect in this little area.
So, now that you have seen the BIG REVEAL - Was it worth the wait? Did I do a nice job? Am I tired and worn out - most definitely yes, but I am absolutely thrilled and so happy with the results!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Quick Weekend Update

Hello Ladies - Well, I am visiting my parents and having an enjoyable time HOWEVER when I woke up this morning I had a sore throat, stuffy/runny nose and I guess you could say that I am feeling pretty rough. We went to Amish Country today, went to the antique malls, Country Gathering and we had a wonderful time. I found my shower curtain and I think it is going to look great!! I went with a color that I haven't mentioned to anyone and the shower curtains were ones that they just got in this weekend. I was so excited that they were brand new and just came in. I also bought a few other prim cuties to go in my bathroom. The only bad thing is that there will be some things that won't be complete when I post pictures on Sunday. I have some paper mache boxes that still need to be finished that won't be done and the frame that I am going to put around my mirror won't be done yet, but I can also post updated pictures when those items are complete. I know you have been waiting long enough as it is. Oh - wait til you see what I found at antique malls and also at Country Gatherings. Yep, I found some cute things. I was going to take pictures of the inside of Country Gatherings, but they said "no" because they don't want me to copy anything. Oh well - I did get a picture of the outside : )
Well, I am going to go relax and I will post more tomorrow during the BIG REVEAL!!