Thursday, May 21, 2009

Quilts and More Make-overs

What a night I had last night. I woke up thinking I heard Cameron screaming on the baby monitor and low and behold it is some stray cat either in our yard or in one of our neighbors yard screaming bloody murder. Uh yeah, it must have been in heat because the cry was not a good cry! Now don't get me wrong...... I love cats and I use to have one before Cameron was born, but for people to move into our neighborhood, bring their cats, let them roam the neighborhood, let them poo all over my flower gardens and then scream bloody murder at night is just not cool at all. So, do any of you have any suggestions as to how to get stray cats to stay away? I have tried moth balls, but it hasn't really worked all that much. I just about flipped my lid when I was planting my lavender last night and I find this big pile of cat poo under some mulch. Oh, I was NOT HAPPY AT ALL. I take pride in my flower beds and then for me to find cat poo........ oh, I guess you could say I was pretty daggone ticked off!!

Anyway, I finished that cutting board that I purchased at the Goodwill store the other night for 50 cents. You know the one that was so gross and disgusting that I had to come home and scrub it with an SOS pad (lol). Uh yeah, it was nasty!! It had an awful greasy feel to it so I was wondering if I would even be able to work my magic on it, but after washing it and sanding the heck out of it...... it was good to go for a prim paint job. Here is the BEFORE picture!
After removing that metal cheese plate, washing it down and sanding it and giving it a new prim look....... this is what it looks like AFTER. Doesn't it look GREAT? Doesn't even look like the same board. I painted it Yellow Ochre and gave it a coat of Minwax Walnut Gel Stain. My husband thought that I put brown under it, but that is the natural wood color coming through. So, what do you all think? Definitely a HUGE improvement!!
Do you all remember these bowls? Well, I had one of them left and after sanding it and giving it a coat of red over black....... it turned out all nice and prim. So, let's take a look - Shall We?
AFTER - Wowsers!!
That looks great. I love how it is super smooth too. I know I am kinda weird that way, but I love how everything goes from rough and ugly to smooth and beautifully prim.
Oh, I also wanted to show you 2 of my clematis vines. Looks like they are in full bloom. Aren't they beautiful? This is what I see as I stare out our backdoor. Gotta love those bright colors!
Here are my quilts that I received from my Mom. These were made by my great grandma on my Dad's side. Here are a couple pics....... Here is the 1st quilt.
The 2nd quilt
Here is the 3rd quilt and this one is my favorite one of the bunch.
Look at the detail and I love all the colors. Aren't they all so pretty in their own way?
Gotta love family heirlooms. I know that I do!!
Well, I have my kitchen cabinets numbered and I am starting the sanding hopefully tonight if all goes well. I kinda have to rely on my husband to take care of Cameron while I do this so if he has other plans then I am sure the cabinets will get pushed to the back burner. I will keep you all posted and hopefully I will be able to post pictures soon. Until next time, hope you all have a bright and beautiful day filled with lots of sunshine and happiness!!


Sherrie said...

Show and Tell was wonderful today!! Everything looks great-can't believe the difference in the cutting board...Awesome! love your quilts, I, too have some that belonged to my grandmother and they are priceless. I have them stacked on a shelf in an old pine cupboard in our family room and I love the look.
I sooo know what you are talking about with the cats...I have the same problem. I don't dislike animals but I do not like them running loose and destroying other peoples property. Like you, I take a lot of pride in my yard and devote a lot of time and hard work into it. I just wish neighbors could see the problem and be more respectful. I have used black pepper sprinkled in flower beds but with th sprinkler system, you have to sprinkle it often. I hope someone can offer some solutions to our problems. Our gardening is very therapeutic and offers so much beauty to everyone around! Have a good day! Sherrie

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Wow, I just love how the cutting board turned out! Very nice:)

Love those quilts too, can't waitto see where you put them.

Buster keeps all animals away...used to see deer, turkeys and some cats but he chases them so they don't bother coming around.
Have a great evening!
PS How old is your clemitis? Mine is about two years old and this year it has alot of blooms...just wondering if the older they get the more they bloom.

Jody said...

Oh Lisa, I had to chuckle when I read your post! I was just saying the exact thing to a friend today about our problem cats. We have a lady down the street,who has around 10, and she lets them all roam the streets. I am very allergic to cats, and when I find them using my grandson's sandbox for a litter box, I get a bit testy too...:)

Your clematis is gorgeous! I never thought to put two vines together like that..what a neat idea!

Your breadboard turned out so cool and I loved the bowls too. Hope you get to your cabinets like you want, but if not have a wonderful Holiday weekend anyway!

CozyCoops Corner said...

I love the makeover's, the flowers, and the quilts!:-) Can't wait to see your cabinet's when they are all done. Have a good night Lisa !

Kris said...

I love all your makeovers, Lisa! They're wonderful as usual!
How neat to have your great grandma's quilts to treasure! They're beautiful!
Have a very happy birthday tomorrow, my friend. I hope you get to do something special. Also have a great Memorial Day weekend.

Take care,

Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

What treasures you have in those quilts! How wonderful to have them now.

And the clematis is gorgeous! My mom used to grow it and it brings back memories.

You might try sprinling hot pepper flakes or powder where the cat goes. They tend to return to the same spot. We did that a long time ago and it worked. I got a giant jar at BJ's or Costco. I bet the dollar store has it now. Good luck!

hugs, Linda

Mad Red Hare said...

I hear ya' about the cats. My neighbors let their cats run all over and use my flower beds as their litterbox. I keep my cats in my house and if they are outside, they are in the fenced yard. Aggravating!

You are soooo lucky to have received those quilts. What great family heirlooms you have. Not many people have those!

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Great job on that cutting board! What great quilts and how wonderful that they were made by an ancestor! I can't wait to see your cabinets all done - may inspire me to do mine! Have a great weekend!

Heather's Stitches said...

WOW, Beautiful quilts! How are you going to display them?

Your makeovers are great!

Susannah said...

Hello there, Lisa. I hear ya about the cats. I love animals but not in my flower beds! Why can't people understand this?

Your nasty, greasy cutting board turned out perfect! You did a great job making it prim.

I must mention your clematis vines. Putting two together makes it very showy! I must think about doing that.

And your quilts? I would be thinking about how G-Grandma made them and all the work she put into them. So nice of your Mom to give them to you. My Mom gave me so many things from her family that I have treasured all these years.

Hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday weekend.


Stacey said...

Another magical makeover by Lisa! Too bad that PBS doesn't have crafting shows on it because I know the perfect woman to be the prime time spot filler for it. :)

Dang cats! I know the feeling, except I can't complain because they are our barn cats that help the little critters stay away. I definitely would try the pepper, it seems to me like I have heard a lot of people have success with it.

The flowers are gorgeous as always. The weekend can not come soon enough for me to be able to work outside.

Those quilts bring back memories of my grandma and great grandma and their quilting days. I too am lucky to have some of their precious work. What a priceless family heirloom to have.

Love and hugs,

Janene said...

First I want to say that I hate it when neighbor cats come to my home and do their business in my landscaping!!!
And I have something to tell you...I had the male neighbor cat sending out his mating call whine for called to the other neighbors female. My home (driveway) must have been their meeting place, because the next thing that I know they are passionatly "Making Love" on my driveway!!!
She had her 5 kittens last weekend! Thank God she had those at her own home!!!
Love the quilts! I found one at the estate sale I went to last is now my mission to find more!!!
Your cutting board is prim and perfect, as always. You do an amazing job!
Why do people donate such gross and sticky things? I too have found many items like that! But they turn out to be the best finds!
Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,
Love the cutting board came out great!! And the red bowl too!!
Your quilts are wonderful. I have 3 that my DH's grandmother made...isn't it wonderful to have those passed down to us!
Your clemitis is beautiful! Mine has never gotten that full.
Can't wait to see the kitchen cabinets when you get them done.
hugs, Cindy

I Play Outside The Box said...

The makeovers are great...that bread board is just out of this world great!!! Those quilts are a true treasure.

girliegirl said...

I love the quilt. I have many but none from family so you should treasure it. You did an awesome job with the makeovers too!