Friday, April 17, 2009

WOW - 2 posts in 1 day!!

Let me just first of all tell you that it is ABSOLUTELY beautiful and sunny here today. Ohio's weather has left alot to be desired, but after the weather that we are receiving today..... Ah, this sunny and 70 degree weather is making up for it. I hope all of you are experiencing the same type of weather where you are. I know that I am truly enjoying it!! Wow - aren't you all lucky to see 2 posts in the same day from me? Well, the previous post was more or less for some help and advice and well I think I received the info I was looking for. You know when you start something new that you can ALWAYS count on your great blogging buddies to help you out of a pinch. Well, I sanded my game board and then applied the gel stain and here is how it turned out. Definitely MUCH BETTER and not so stark white from before. Even though it was sandstone, it still appeared to be too bright for me. It is definitely what I was looking for now that it is complete.

Oh yes, another wonderful treat to go along with my wonderful sunny day was a package that I received in the mail today. Awhile back I was the winner in Mandy's Giveaway. Mandy from A Mayberry State of Mind and Creekside Creations was giving away a set of her coasters that she makes. Well, I was absolutely thrilled to hear that I won because seriously I NEVER win any giveaways. So, she e-mailed me and told me to pick out a set of coasters and e-mail her back. Well, I loved all of them, but the coasters with the Bible verses just kept coming back to me so I went with those and well they are F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S !! She also sent me a mug, some cookies and a book by Helen Steiner Rice. If you haven't checked out some of Helen Steiner Rice's writings then it is definitely something you should do. She writes some beautiful poems.
Take a closer look at these coasters. Don't you just love them!?! I don't know how she makes them, but she does a wonderful job! They are definitely very sturdy and well they have some great Bible verses on them. I am so happy that I won!! Thank you Mandy : )
Here is a closer look at that back of the coasters.... She was definitely thinking when she made these. Now I don't have to worry about them scratching my tables and they will be something I will cherish always.
Oh - I leave you with this today..... a peek at my new storm door that I have on the back of my home. My FIL was over on Wednesday and put it up for me. I made him a pan of lasagna and paid him $50.00 for the door and he put it up for me. Great deal - huh? I would have paid over $100 at Lowe's and well since my DH is not handy AT ALL, the installation would have been alot more. So, I have the window open, the sunshine and a warm breeze coming through the kitchen and well there is simply nothing better then spring time and quiet time. Can you hear that? Oh yes, Cameron is down for a nap and it is all quiet. Gotta love quiet time!
Two more things before I leave you today - my parents have their condo up for sale. They have had it up for sale for 2 years now and they have an open house this weekend and a showing on Saturday. If you could all say a prayer for them that a buyer will come along for them. We have been praying alot and we all know that times are rough, but we are hoping that this weekend will bring them a buyer. Hopefully soon with God's help they can move close to me and enjoy more time with us and with Cameron. Thank you so much for your prayers!!
Here is something I thought I would share out of the book that Mandy sent me.....
A Sure Way to a Happy Day
Happiness is something we create in our minds -
It's not something you search for
And so seldom find.
It's just waking up and beginning the day
By counting our blessings and kneeling to pray.
It's giving up thought that breed discontent
And accepting what comes as a gift heaven-sent.
It's giving up wishing for things we have not
And making the best of whatever we've got.
It's knowing that life is determined for us
And pursuing our tasks
Without fret, fume, or fuss...
For it's by completing what God gives us to do
That we find real contentment and happiness, too.


Betsy said...

I love the game board you made. I thought it looked great before the gel stain too. We're having beautiful weather today too and I'm loving it.
Have a great weekend.

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

I love that verse true!

The gameboard came out just it!

We are having beautiful weather here too in PA ahhhhhh spring:)

Christine@SticksStitchesnBoards said...

Wow Lisa...I LOVE how that turned out! I almost bought one of those stencils today, and now I'm kinda sorry I didn't! lol Next time :o) Enjoy the weekend here in Ohio- I too, am so happy that Ohio is finally warming up!

Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

The game board looks so nice Lisa! As does the back door and the glimpse into your kitchen! :-)

I love the verse you left us with -so true!!

hugs, Linda

Stellar Creations said...

Even better then before.. you did awesome! Congrats on winning the my coasters.. lol. I do love her coasters. Have a great weekend!


This Country Girl said...

The gameboard turned out great, Lisa!

Also, just prayed for your parents selling the condo!

Good deal on the door..hung and all! Can't beat that!


The Whites said...

Your game board looks great! That stain did the trick.

Thanks for sharing that poem. I glanced through the book before I sent it, but I didn't see that one. She was one amazing poet!


Carrie said...

I LOVE the way the gameboard you made turned out!! And I especially like the poem you posted. VERY fitting. I think too many times I doubt things in my life so I found this poem very inspirational. Thanks for posting!!

Hugs!! Carrie♥

EclecticStitcher said...

Lisa, it looks fabulous!!! Thanks for sharing ;o)
Lauralee >^.^<

Karen said...

Oh I do love how the game board turned out...see - the gel stain worked for you.

Beautiful coasters and the verse is just beautiful.

Praying for your parents to be able to sell the condo.

Susannah said...

Hi Lisa, I love the poems of Helen Steiner Rice. Each one makes you stop and think. Truly beautiful.

Your game board is great. I love the stain on it.

Already said a prayer for your parents and their move to be near you. That would be wonderful for all.

Olde Tyme Marketplace said...

I sure hope your parents hav esome luck this weekend! Prayers are comin from North Carolina for sure!
I LOVE the storm door. It looks great...great deal's amazing what you can get for a pan of Lasagna and 50 bucks!! LOL!
Have a blessed day!

Teri said...

Lisa...I love the poem...and the game did a fabulous job. I hope your parents get a buyer!!


ohiofarmgirl said...

Thank you so much for your kind words...they mean so much to me. Dianntha

Anonymous said...

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