Saturday, April 25, 2009

Special Request

I received an e-mail from a gal by the name of Brenda. She had such sweet comments to say about my blog and she had a special request. She said that she started following my blog when I had my ladder in my kitchen as my header on my blog. She doesn't have a blog herself, but she wanted me to share the picture again. So, per your special request...... here is the ladder that I have hanging from my kitchen ceiling. My ceilings definitely aren't vaulted and it isn't a fancy house by any means, but it was a home that I bought on my own before I met my husband so it is working for us until we are able to afford something bigger and more beautiful. Anyway, I purchased the old ladder in Amish country for about $6.00 or $8.00 and it is covered in old paint and it is very prim and rustic. Perfect for any prim home! I decorated is with red berries that I have never taken off since I put it up there and added some small Longaberger baskets, antique kitchen utensils and some dried green beans that I made awhile back. You should be able to click on the picture for a closer look. Hope this answers any questions that some of you might have.
We took Cameron to the zoo today. It was beautiful, sunny and 86 today and we had a great time! I would share more pictures however after seeing myself today.... I personally don't think I need to eat anymore for years! Ah yeah, I think I could live off my blubber for at least a couple years or so. It has definitely opened my eyes to me getting up outta my chair and eating better and exercising. So, here is a picture of Cameron and I. We have a membership at the zoo so we try to take him frequently and we have so much fun. I never really thought that after dealing with years and years of infertility that I would be enjoying such great things with a child of my own. He is definitely the best gift that I could have ever asked for and prayed for. Such a miracle!! Hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Pam said...

I love the ladder to. It's awesome. Have a beautiful weekend.

hugs pam

Betsy said...

I have admired your ladder too. I love all your goodies on your kitchen cabinets too.
Have a great evening.

Anonymous said...

Your ladder is just lovely
Lisa. But how do you dust the berries? I read somewhere that in the winter you can take dried flowers and such out tin the snow and dip them up and down. To get the dust off. I am allergic to dust
so I think that is why I
always think now I di I dust that. :=)
Susan Wooster OH

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Love the ladder! It looks really cute!!! Cameron is a cutie!

~Judy~ said...

What a great day for the zoo. We are at our beach house in Ocean City, Md. It was beautiful here today too.I spent most of the day doing yard work. Ilove this weather! Have a great weekend.

Cameron is adorable!

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Hi Lisa,
I'm so happy for you that you were blessed with Cameron, you can just see how happy you are:) He is adorable!

I love your ladder too and think the top of your kitchen cabinets are decorated so nice and prim. Love your blog too:)
Have a wonderful evening,

Karen said...

Love the ladder myself! Glad you re-posted it.
Hugs, Karen

taylors*farmhouse*attic said...

I love your blog!!..What a cute picture of you both!!..I'm glad to put a name to a face...Have a great rest of the weekend!!...hugs,Jen

mommynoodles said...

That was very sweet of you to put that up as a special request! I really like it as well.Glad to hear you enjoyed yourself today w/ your little q-t pie!!"GOD IS GOOD"!
Have a "BLESSED" 2mor and rest of the week!!

Janene said...

I too love your ladder! Does it get really dusty?
I am not allergic...I just don't like to dust! LOL
Which zoo do you go too? Cincinatti...Columbus? We use to go to the Columbus zoo every year when the older girls were little...but we haven't been in a few years! I miss it!
Enjoy the great weather....I know we have been!

Susannah said...

You look good Lisa! One of first things that I thought when I found your blog was - "Oh, she looks so happy"!! And your little guy is really cute. I think he looks like you.
Thanks for a wonderful blog.

Denise said...

That ladder is perfect! I've never seen dried green beans!!

Have a great day, Denise