Friday, April 3, 2009

Lots to Share

Good Friday Everyone!! Hope you all are having a great day. It is cold, windy and rainy here in Ohio and quite frankly I am worn out with the weather. Cameron is going to spend the night with my in-laws tonight, we have eye appointments in the morning and errands to run tonight. We are eating out tonight at a Mexican restaurant (mmm, yummy) and then off to the grocery store we go, with a trip to Lowe's and the thrift store. Yep, a busy night and weekend planned. I plan on making my fly screen this weekend so I have to pickup a knob at Lowe's.... I can't wait to get that done so it will complete my look of the stove top cover and then I can share that with all of you.
As of right now, this is what I have to share. I finally found some great labels for my little mason jars. They are perfect for my laundry room. A gal from "A Primitive Place" helped me with them and I of course coffee stained my own computer paper. I just told her what I wanted on them and she fixed me up. Don't they look too cute on my little mason jars?

Here is what my shelving unit looks like in my laundry room. I am slowly working on it, but it is progressing in the right direction. I still have alot to do, but here is a sneak peek for you.
This is another transformation from something that I found at the Goodwill store. I am not sure if you all remember it or not, but alot of you thought it was a book-end and it very well could be, but now it is a little shelf that I re-did and I am giving it to my sister for her birthday along with the sugar cone that she specifically requested. It is buttermilk over black with a coat of walnut stain. I painted the star on it to give it a more prim look and I am quite satisfied with it. I think she will like it or at least I hope she does.
I also tried my hand at making soap balls today. It was fun, but definitely a messy project to say the least. I would definitely recommend that you do it without any kids around. Cameron had me doing stuff and I totally forgot about my soap being in my microwave and it made a huge mess after overflowing everywhere. So, I had that mess to clean up along with soap and oats all over my hands. They turned out pretty good, but it was just a messy project!! I rolled them in a spice mixture to give them a more prim look and displayed them in this wooden bowl for the picture however they are now in one of my jars in my new prim bathroom. They look great!!
Well, I am off for tonight. I will hopefully post more later this weekend and hopefully share my fly screen. Wish me luck with that. I am so hoping and praying that it works for me. I am quite anxious and of course I have to make for me and one for Mom. Yep, a busy weekend indeed, but hopefully a restful one doing the things I enjoy!!


~Judy~ said...

Lisa, everything looks great as usual. Love the small labels. I also have a couple of those small jars that need something. I haven't done my fly screen cover yet. I still need the rust brown spray paint and the knob. Hopefully this weekend like you.
Hope you get all your projects finished.


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Hi Lisa!
Boy, you were busy like me today, working with some of those recipes sure get messy and it sounds like you had a mess with the microwave:)

Did I tell you that I just love your header? Love the ladder with the pipberries wrapped around it!

The jars are so cute I'd love to have a laundry room to decorate yours is really coming together and I can't wait to see pictures of it.
Have a great evening,

Janene said...

Is that your kitchen in the header?
I like it a lot too!
If your sister doesn't want her can send it my way! LOL
But I'm sure she will love it!
Your labels are great, I would like to make some specific ones too!
Care to share how?

Carmen C. said...

Love your jars with the labels! That pic on your header is great, I LOVE that ladder, is that your kitchen? Very prim:)

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Looking good, as always! The labels are awesome. I need to invest in some myself.
I have never made soap balls. Will you actualy use them or are they just eye candy?
Your sister will love the sconce you re-did and the sugar cone!
have a ncie weekend!

basketsnprims said...

Your labels are wonderful & so prim. Love, love your sugar cones, you really should sell them. I've got the stuff to do the soap balls but now I'm not so sure, course I don't have a little one around. Have a wonderful weekend.

The Whites said...

Great projects! I'm sure your sister will love her gift!


Farm Field Primitives said...

Everything looks so nice. You do such a good job primmig things up. When I did my soap balls, I used a cookie scoop and a big bowl in the microwave. It didn't seem too messy that way. Hope that helps. What did DH think? Have a good weekend.


Anonymous said...

Hey! It's me manda47446=] Love what you did with the labels!!! All your goodies look awesome as always.

Anonymous said...