Saturday, April 11, 2009

So Much To Share, So Little Time

What a wonderful couple days I shared with my Mom and Dad. We went to my parents on Thursday and stayed for two nights and I truly enjoyed myself. Of course we headed off to Amish country and we had a great time. My Mom treated us to a lunch out at Rebecca's and then we hit our normal shopping sites. My Dad normally stays home because he just isn't in to shopping, but my husband tags along to help with Cameron which I enjoy. It gives me time to look and really enjoy the time I have with my Mom. Well, we went to our favorite store Country Gatherings and my husband surprised me with my new pineapple light. Isn't it just too cute? I LOVE IT and it was such a nice surprise!! I love it when my husband surprises me with special little gifts and I love it that he knows my taste. Here is a picture of my light and there is also a picture of it on my new header for my blog. It definitely has a warm glow.

Here are a few items that my Mom gave to me while I was visiting. I was thrilled when she let me have those crocks. A prim gal can never have too many crocks - right? I love them!!
This clock is a VERY special gift from my Mom. It is a clock that belonged my Mom's grandfather. It is something that has been on my mind for sometime and when I asked her if she was using it she said "no". I was pretty happy that she allowed me to have it. Definitely an old antique and it means alot to me that she trusted me to have it and take care of it. I need to have it serviced, but as soon as I get that done and in working order...... I am sure it will be beautiful. It will be making beautiful sounds in my home very soon and I can't wait. Don't you love family heirlooms? They are so very special. Thank you Mom for allowing me to have this special gift.
Here is a shelf that I found at my Mom's friends shop. Sara has a great shop and she is so talented and well so is her husband. Sara owns her shop called Sara's Herbs and Everlasting and it is located in New Philadelphia. Her shop is cute and if you go to see her shop then be sure to plan it during the summer so you can see all of Sara's beautiful flowers. WOW - she has lots of beautiful gardens and the birds and deer love being around her home. Definitely a beautiful area to enjoy.
Are you getting tired yet? Well, I still have a few more items to share so you better catch a potty break while you can (lol). This is an old cheese box that I found at the antique mall for $10.00. It is painted an olive green and even though it doesn't match anything in my home..... I think I am going to keep it as is. I think it will add some different tones to my kitchen area or possibly even in my entry way. We will see. Let me just tell you that this box is huge. I was thrilled when I found it and definitely can't wait to find the perfect place for it.
My husband found this old antique strainer. It is rusty, old and prim and I love it. It is just primtastic as my blogging buddy Kath would say. My Mom wanted it so desperately to have it, but I have big plans for it. Isn't it great ladies?
Oh yes..... another favorite from this weekend, but then again I have so many of them!! This old antique sifter is another great buy. It is funny because my Mom and I have the same great taste and when we shop looking for great goodies like the sifter and the strainer we are running around trying to beat each other to the punch. It is so much fun shopping together. I guess that is why it is so great having a Mom that is not only your Mom, but your best friend too!!!!
Almost done ladies...... the rug beater is another great find from the antique mall and it will be perfect in my laundry room. Yep, yep I can't wait to hang it up. It is hanging here just for the picture, but it will soon be making it's way to the laundry room. The old wooden hay pitch fork is another item that my Mom gave me. Yep, wouldn't you all love to go shopping at her home? I me.... I enjoy it tremendously!! Well, that is it for tonight. There is still more to share, but that is it for tonight's post. I have to get up early for church tomorrow morning and then we are off for an Easter egg hunt for Cameron and a lunch with Shawn's side of the family.
Hope you all have a blessed Easter


Terri(TerriBoog) said...

I love shopping with my mom, too! Great finds!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,
Sounds like you had a great trip and visit with your parents. What great goodies that you got! I love the pineapple light that your DH surprised you with!!
My friend Karen and I went out to the GW and thrift shops on Friday...and I didn't find anything!! Well, I did get something at Crafts 2000 that I'm going to show on my next post.
Was out today at Home Depot getting some paint and decided to stop by GW again and the shelves were very empty looking...came home again with nothing!!
Have a wonderful Easter Day tomorrow.
hugs, Cindy

This Country Girl said...


Those are lots of goodies you found, but I love the surprise your hubby got you! Love that pineapple light!


Mad Red Hare said...

What a fun trip! Love the rug beater. It is so different from ones that I have seen. Especially love the clock and how wonderful that is a family antique!

Valerie said...

I loved seeing all of your goodies. My Mom is my best friend also. Treasure those moments. Happy Easter to you and yours!

~Judy~ said...

Lisa, I wanna go shopping with you and your Mom. You always come home with great stuff.I especially love thos 2 crocks.

Happy Easter to you and your family!

Hugs, Judy

Karen said...

Oh my Lisa...more fun eye candy!!! lol
I love that you get to spend such quality time with your parents and how generous they are giving you their treasures as well.
The clock is absolutely beautiful. Lucky girl!!!!

Anonymous said...

Is that the antique mall that is on the cornor there
in Berlin? Hubby and I are going to Charm and Berlin next weekend! YAY!
Been 2 years and we only live 20-mins from Charm.
Susan in Wooster OH