Sunday, April 5, 2009

Fly Screen Cover Complete

The beauty about this post is that you get to see two things in one post (lol). Hahaha, like you haven't seen that before in my posts. Anyway, you get to see my fly screen cover and my completed look of my stove top cover. Yep, now that my fly screen cover is completed, my stove top cover is completed as well. I decided to put 3 pantry cakes in one of my treenware bowls, I made a larger pantry cake to put under my fly screen cover that I made yesterday and added a candle and star candle holder that Shawn's sweet cousin Stacey gave to me. Yep, it is complete and I am definitely pleased. Making the fly screen cover was definitely challenging at first, but after working on the 3rd one, it was smooth sailing. I messed one up, but I am going to try my best to salvage it somehow and then just use it as a decoration on a wall or something. I also had to make my Mom one so her cover will be painted and then completed today. Luckily, we have one more nice day here in Ohio and then the weather gets cold again with a chance of snow on Tuesday and the temps drop to the 40's. Ok, so tell me......where is SPRING?? All of my flowers, perennials included have started to peek their heads up out of the ground and if the temps drop then my home is going to be covered by one big sheet to prevent my flowers from dying out. Oh how I love Ohio weather!! Anyway, take a look at my beautiful pics below and if you haven't checked out my post from yesterday then you definitely have to. Yep, I made out like a bandit at the GW store. I FINALLY found me a FIRKIN - Yep, I was thrilled to say the least!! So, enjoy the pictures for today and stay tuned for makeovers of my GW finds. Make it a great day everyone!!


Janene said...

Your stove cover and fly screen are flipping awesome!
You are such a prim goddess...I bow to your decorating genius!!!
I really love your stove looks as thought it has been around for centuries...lucky you!
Hurry up and visit your husbands cousin and hit that GW store...their shelves are packed full! With it being the beginning of the month, they were very busy yesterday.

Farm Field Primitives said...

Your fly screen is great. I love the super prim look of the board also. My family and I made a pass through an overpriced antique store in Toledo yesterday because I so want to make one of those. I don't want to have to buy a set of three new strainers to get one that I want. So I wait and keep looking. You will hear my cheer when I finally find one!! Have a good one!

Jody said...

Lisa, your projects turned out awesome! Love that stove cover...I just know I am going to end up with one soon. The pantry cakes look delightful too...great job!

CozyCoops Corner said...

I love it Lisa! It really looks like an old fly screen~ great job! I love your whole stove top display.I was wondering the same thing today~ where is spring? The wind is howling and snow is blowing sideways here. Yuck! Enjoy your afternoon!

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

WOW! Looks great! A fly screen and some small pantry cakes are on my list to make soon. I'm still looking for the right little mold to use.
Your flyscreen turned out great. I bet your Mom will love her's too!
Have a great week!

Black Sheep Lisa said...

I love them both Lisa, i think that piece works great as a stove cover, dont buy one! Save that money for other prims!! You did a great job on the fly screen too!

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Love the fly screen and the stove it stained dark mine is a buttermilk shade over black...hmmmm I already have a can of stain

You are so talented with all you do Lisa:)

Char said...

Love the fly screen!...for the other fly screen you "ruined" I would just take a piece of old screen and patch it with some stitches!...How primitive would that look?!....OOOOHHHHH I MIGHT DO THAT TO MINE!

kathy said...

I love your fly screen Lisa, great job on it...looks perfect on your stove top cover!
Wanted to mention your thrift store finds the "firkin". I have three of those Jello molds and they are what I used to make my pantry cakes using that recipe that Linda posted....I thought they turned out really nice.
Enjoy your nice weather...we have had rain for days and they are forecasting rain for ALL this coming week. Like you, I am wishing for some warm spring weather!
blessings, kathy

~Judy~ said...

Lisa...I love it all! I also have those little jello molds that I found at a thrift shop a few years back. They work perfect.

Debbi said...

Looks good, I'm on the lookout for a fly screen cover now. Seen some at Wal-Mart 3 for $10.00, but I'm frugal and I am trying to find then

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,
Love your fly screen and stove cover!! Everything looks great!

Hope you don't get the bad weather that is west of us right now. Looks like Spfld might get it. Tornado watches until 1am with warnings to the west of us right now. I really dislike this part of Spring in Ohio.
Take care, Cindy

Diane B said...

Your fly screens are awesome and the dough board OMG...did you make that too..I've gotten 1 of my fly screens done I thought removing
that band was very difficult...did you find it easier as you went on
to the others?

Susannah said...

Looks like you hit the jackpot at the GW! How fun was that!

Your fly screen turned out great and your stove cover is definitely PRIM. I love the look of it. Keep having fun, Lisa!

Pam said...

I love your fly screen cover and your stove board. Everything is displayed perfectly. Love it all! Have a wonderful week.

Raggedy Angel said...

I love your stove top is the best one I have seen! Beth

DiddleDaddleDesigns said...

I really like both and am on the hunt for at least a stove cover.

UPON A HILL said...

You done an awesome job on that fly creen cover!!! Everything looks great!!!

The Whites said...

Love that fly screen!

We're supposed to have lows in the 20's tonight - is that not crazy?? So I'll definitely be covering everything in sheets this afternoon!


Kath said...

hey girl!
First of all THANK YOU so very much for my goodies-you are so kind and thoughtful! I love everything! I honestly can't believe that sugar mold survived the trip!! ;)
You did a great job on those! I'm putting it on my stove cover!
I love your fly screen, and your stove top cover looks perfect!
Your display is wonderful!


Trudy said...

What a great job you did, I just love it!

Karen said...

Lisa....thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment.

I LOVE YOUR FLY SCREEN AND wonderful all your creations and gatherings are.

I love visiting here and seeing all the new goodies you have created.


Jayne said...

I LOVE your bunny! I saw him on her picture trail, but you got there first! He is one of the best I have seen!