Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Laundry Room Reveal

I let my imagination run wild with this and I think it turned out great! Actually better then what I expected. I decided that I was tired and worn out with looking at the wire rack that I put up when I first moved into my home. It was just me at the time and I was pretty much doing something to get me by until I could afford something nicer, but as time went by, I figured that there were more important things to spend my money on. Of course my son Cameron plays a big part of that so I went with a cheap route and I think it turned out wonderfully. If you all haven't checked out the flour sack towels at Wal-Mart then you better make it a point to do so. They are such cute looking towels and they have so much prim potential. They come in a pack of 5 and here is the wrapper that goes around the bundle.
Here is what the towels look like when you buy them. Just plain and simple, but like I said they hold alot of prim potential.
VOILA - Here is what mine turned out looking like after I coffee stained them. Yep, I was quite pleased, but oh wait - I am not done yet!!
Remember these crates that I purchased for ONLY $1.00 - Well, I used them in my laundry room and it turns out that my idea was actually a very clever idea if I do say so myself!
Here are the prim clothes that hang in my laundry room window
Here is a look at my shelving unit that I re-did awhile back. I put my Grandma's old clothes pins into a canister, rusted the lid and added a rusty star to a piece of coffee stained cheese cloth. I also had these small mason jars that I use for buttons and spare change. Aren't they cute with their prim labels? My laundry room picture is something I printed off the computer today, but decided to place some coffee stained homespun behind it to give it a more prim look. You should be able to click on the picture for a close up.
Oh - lookee there!! Here is where I used some of my flour sack towels. The bottom shelves are used for paint and a few other crafting items so I decided to cover those shelves up with the flour sack towels. Did you notice anything else about the towels? Yep, I stenciled some stars on the one end of them. Doesn't that look so prim and perfect!! Gosh, am I clever or what?!?
Here is a picture of the whole shelving unit.
Well, here is a picture of my Laundry Room. I decided to take a picture of it with the candle lit. I thought it looked great and so primitive. My walls are a light yellow and I have a real cute border up, but it isn't too prim. I always wanted a laundry room that would be bright and cheery because I have always hated doing laundry so, I thought if it was bright and cheery then I would be more apt to go in and do laundry. Hmmm, not so much!! Anyway, hope you all like what I did with my laundry room. My rug beater is up on the wall off to the left if you can't see it. Let me know your thoughts! I am pretty pleased with it. I personally love how my flour sack towels turned out. I thought the stars stenciled on them just added the perfect final touch.


Ann said...

Lisa, WOW! It's all wonderful. I love the stars stenciled on the towels. I can't believe that Walmart has those towels, they are on my list for this weekend's shopping trip. Thanks for sharing. ~Ann

Brenda said...

You did an awesome job on your laundry room! I also love what you did with those towels. I'll have to pick up a pack!! Thanks for the tip on them!

The Whites said...

Thanks for sharing, Lisa. I want to make my laundry room a prettier place too.

I really like the picture you printed - I love doing that. Free artwork!


Anonymous said...

Love it!! I wish my laundry room looked like that...mine is in the unfinished part of our basement and just plain ugly.
Great idea for the the stars on them.
hugs, Cindy

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

What a great idea with the towels and stenciled stars! Love you laundry room and the shelves turned out great too. Very prim:)

This Country Girl said...

That's a great idea with the flour sack towels, Lisa! Your laundry room is nice and might not spending lots of time in there now...maybe we could all send our laundry over so you could spend more time in there! :)


Dawn said...

Lisa, it looks great! I love the stencil flour sacks! Great idea. I like the glow of the laundry room. You have really come across some great finds here latey. You have a nack for spotting the potential!Great decorating! Dawn

Anonymous said...

Oh wow Lisa...your laundry looks fantastic.
luv Ann.xx

Mercy Ottis/The Stone House said...

I love the walmart towels. I have used them and stitched on them and coffee stained them.....You have a fun blog. This is my first visit here. I was back reading, and I am going to try my hand at the oatmeal soap! Thanks for the recipe! ♥

Woods Olde Homestead said...

Lisa your laundry room came out what you did...I have a bunch of these towels too love the idea of the stencils...great job..
Prim Blessings...

Goat Creek Grandma said...

Thank you for sharing your laundry room. It looks great. I will have to look for some of those towels for around here. Could sure use your decorating skills here! :)

Take Care,

In His service, Anne said...

Great job. Love the towels, a trip to Walmart to get some is in my future!

Country Acres Primitives said...

Another great re-do to add to your list! Love the towels. I have picked them up a couple of times, and just wasn't sure what I would do with them. You have my wheels turning now!

Kath said...

Great job, Lisa :) What a pleasant place to do laundry! :)
Love your 'towel idea'!

Have a great day.

Stellar Creations said...

OMG girl.. it turned out wonderful!!! Way to go. I love it. Now you deserve a much needed rest.

Big Hugs,

Teri said...

I have bought those towels for years but NEVER thought of prim'ing them up! I so love how yours turned out..very nice job on decorating too.

Farm Field Primitives said...

I'm on my way to Walmart this morning--again!!! Seems like I'm always there. I have the area behind my washer and dryer I have been thinking about covering up with a "curtain". These might do the trick. Thanks for the great inspiration!!!

Susannah said...

Lisa, You are so good at what you do. Sounds like everyone will be buying those towels this weekend!

Keep showing us your pictures and ideas. It's fun!

Kris said...


What a great laundry room! I'll just send all my laundry to you! LOL

Great idea with the towels. What a crafty girl you are!!


big city prims said...

Looks great! What did you decide to do with the crate? Is it disguised??? LOL/ Good thing my laundrey area is behind folding doors. What a mess! You are inspiring me to do something there.

kathy said...

Really great job how you primed up the towels. I will have to check our WalMart and see if they carry those...thanks for sharing!!
blessings, kathy

Anonymous said...

Lisa, you are SOOOO talented! I love all of your projects! I wish I had half of your ability, and energy!
Janet A.

Carla said...

Great job on you laundry room, Lisa! Maybe it will make that task a little more enjoyable.

basketsnprims said...

I love how your laundry room turned out ~ just prim perfect. What a cool idea for the flour sack towels. I bet Walmart starts selling alot of those, LOL. Have a wonderful weekend.