Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Whatcha Working on Wednesday

Well, I have been busy to say the least. I have had a couple requests for some sugar molds and pantry cakes so I have been busy making those. It is funny because I was joking with my Mom the other day that I have my own sugar mold and pantry cake business (lol). The funny thing is that I had a dream that my business went under..... uh yeah, I am way too into making all of these sugar molds and pantry cakes to say the least. I have seen so many recipes out there for pantry cakes, one of which I want to try, but I am not a coffee drinker so I have to find someone that is so I can have their leftover coffee grounds. Until then I will just make them the way that I know how which is easy, but requires alot of sugar. My husband was just happy to have sugar back in the house last night. My poor hubby!
Well, here are some sugar molds that I have made..... I personally like the ones on the left vs. the far right one. I just like the thinner cheese cloth from JoAnn's vs. the thicker Wal-Mart cheese cloth.
Here is my bowl of coffee water that I always seem to have around the kitchen. Yep, I unfortunately don't have a crafting room or anything fancy like that. I seem to do most of my crafting in the kitchen or at least what I can.
Here are some smaller pantry cakes that I have been making for myself. I have a couple already, but I wanted a couple more so I could place them in a bowl on top of my stove top cover. I thought that would look awfully prim. Once they are done drying, I definitely need to apply the coffee water because these are far from dark for me. I like mine to be darker and more prim looking.
After making myself a larger pantry cake over the weekend, my Mom requested that I make her one. So, since I am headed back to visit them on Good Friday, I thought it would be great that I could take her that pantry cake and after applying a couple coats of coffee water, it should definitely be dry and ready to go next week. She is quite excited about getting it........ so, this picture if for you Mom.
After working on all of these sugar molds and pantry cakes, I have also decided to work on tweaking a few things. Remember that red shutter that I purchased from Amish Country? Well, I am still not totally satisfied with it so back to the drawing board I go. Someone recommended that I put a large ladle on it with a candle in it and that looks great so far and now I just need to work on a few other items. I will keep you posted on how that turns out. Right now I am enjoying the songs of a robin out in our backyard and hoping that it stays warm here in Ohio until next winter. I still need to get out and work on my flower beds.......weeds need to be pulled and I just need to straighten them up and prepare them for the summer. Oh, I just can't wait for warmer days.


Janene said...

You are getting to be the pantry cake queen!
They look so prim and fine!
How much sugar do you go through in a week?
Happy April Fool's Day!

Black Sheep Lisa said...

Great looking Pantry cakes!!

The Whites said...

I love those pantry cakes! I've never tried them.

I have coffee sitting around my kitchen like that all the time too. You just never know when you're going to need it!

About my stencils - I lucked up and found a TON of prim stencils on ebay for almost nothing. You can run across some great ones on there.

Have a great day!


Leslie said...


Love the new header :) I have a little ladder that I have been trying to get Jeremy to hang in our kitchen. I'm going to fill that baby with MORE red and white enamelware :)

That's when you know you're working on something too much...when it comes to you in a dream! LOL

One question, you think the sugar molds are going to be safe from ants? We have issues with big black ants in the spring and I could just imagine waking up and finding ants all over my sugar mold. Years ago my step mom and step sis took a picture frame and glued candy hearts to it. It was really cute...until the ants started eating it! I was just curious..

Have a great day :)


Jody said...

I just had to tell you how much I enjoy your blog! I love pantry cakes, and keep telling myself to make some, but so far they are still on the to do list..:) Your look fantastic!

In His service, Anne said...

Everything looks great Lisa! How did you make out with the fly screen cover?

Rosemary said...

Great job on the sugar molds and the pantry cake!
So far I have only made one large one, but I am hoping to get a couple more small done this weekend!

I also love the old ladder on your header! Quick do you keep your pip berries clean?


basketsnprims said...

I love your pantry cakes & sugar cones. You do such a wonderful job. Love your new header, too. Have a great week.

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

I love your pantry cakes and your sugar cones! You have mastered how to make them! I know your Mom will love her's.

Kath said...

Love the Header-love that ladder, love the cakes and love the molds, and I love you...LOL...OK, I'm getting carried away now!

Happy April!


UPON A HILL said...

All your pantry cakes look great! What part of Ohio are you from? I am from the southern part.

Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

Hi Lisa,

You could probably buy yhe cheapest is coffe and just run some hot water through it to get wet grounds. It might be cheaper than all the sugar -especially since you mix it with flour and water - plus they are much more sturdy and last forever. just an idea!!

hugs, Linda

Anonymous said...

Love all the pantry cakes. They look go great. I've never made any because I'm not a coffee drinker and I don't like the smell of it either. Wonder if you could make them with something else besides coffee.
Love your header with the picture of your kitchen.

Susannah said...

Loving that ladder!!

Happy day, Lisa.

Stacey said...

I love your new header. It looks so beautiful, just like your prim home. :)

Your pantry cakes are simply primfect!!! I really want to make some time to try one of my own. I got a really neat copper piece at Goodwill the other day and I think it will make a really neat mold.

I am looking forward to spring break next week and hopefully getting the chance to do a little crafting of my own. :) You are such an inspiration.

Love you lots,

Anonymous said...

I also like your new header. I do not drink coffee either yucky to me.
I have been to country
gatherings in Berlin.
I had just forgotten.
Been 2 year since hubby and
I have been down to Berlin.
We also like Charm.
April is a great time to
go before the tour buses
start. And before school
is out.
Susan in Wooster

C. C. said...

Hi Lisa!

I am not exactly in the "know" with these pantry cakes...I am assuming they are just a "pretty"? Then how do you display them? Just curious.

Have a lovely day gardening!

C. C.