Sunday, March 1, 2009

So Much To Share

We had such a fun and enjoyable weekend sharing it with family. We went to go visit Shawn's cousin Stacey and her husband Scott. One of the many things I love about Stacey is that she definitely knows how to decorate. Yep, she decorates with primitives as well and after seeing her farmhouse this weekend...... ah yeah, she has some cute stuff!! I can hardly wait for her to put her slideshow of her home on her blog because she really has some cute stuff. The only bad thing about our visit is that we didn't have nearly enough time to tackle all of the shops that she goes to, but next time we will be sure to get to those others that we missed. Stacey is just a sweetheart in so many ways. Definitely a beautiful person inside and out and she has a heart of gold. I am definitely happy that I am part of the family and I love it even more that we have so much in common.
Well, we went to a couple places, but alot of the goodies that I am showing you tonight came from Stacey. Yep, she gave me so many goodies and I loved that she was just giving it away. Here are just a few things that she gave to me while I was visiting......
Yep, can you believe that she gave this crock jug to me? She said that she bought it at a garage sale and when she told me that I shouldn't buy one that she had one for me..... oh, I think anyone could have heard me squeal.
She gave me this cute little star candle holder too. Isn't it too cute? I bought the mustard candles, but it definitely looks perfect in the holder and so prim!!
I bought this cute little electric candle. I loved the red and now I just have to find the perfect spot for it. Yep, it is gonna look cute wherever it ends up.
Stacey had a couple of these and gave me quite a few of them. I am going to give one to my Mom, but they are perfect and just the right height to add a little light up on top of my kitchen cupboards.
I finally re-did everything on top of my kitchen cupboards. I finally found the perfect spot for my little buggy wheel and I thought my country kitchen sign looked great up there along with a few other prim items. It is so nice when you can change things up when you get bored.
Here is a huge bowl that Stacey gave me. Don't you just love it? Yep, I am one lucky gal to have this and now I just need to find a spot for it (lol).
Here is the other side of my kitchen cupboards. I thought this looked real cute. I bought this little shelf thingie at an antique mall a couple weeks ago when visiting my parents and I think I finally found the perfect spot for it. It just adds a little height and dimension which is what it needed. Oh - lookie there.... my crock jug on the left from Stacey and my old rusty lantern that Stacey gave me which is on the right. Thank you Stacey for everything. You are just the sweetest!!
Here is my shutter that I bought at Amish Country. I have been experiencing technical difficulties with decorating it and I am still not sure that I like it, but thought I would post it. Hmm, do you think I should change anything, add or delete anything?
Oh yes, this is one of my favorite items that I purchased. I saw that Stacey had one in her home and well I fell in love with it. Don't you think it is just so prim? Well, that is it until next time. Hope you enjoyed all of my prim goodies and re-vamped decorating!!
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Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Wow...I just love everything! what a sweet person Stacey is:)

Love the top of your kitchen cabinets, thanks for showing me it gave me some ideas I'm never satified with mine. Love your wagon wheel it is alot bigger than mine:)
Glad you had a good time too!

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love it all!! I had the same candle stick light that you purchased...mine is sitting on my old ironing board. Everything looks great above your cabinets.
Have a great week,

Anonymous said...

Such great stuff! Stacy is a keeper. By the way, you stated "I am definitely happy that I am not part of the family" and I think it's a typo. I'm thinking you'll want to clear that up before the family sees it......

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

WOW! What a sweet lady to give you so many wonderful goodies! I will have to check out her blog too.
I love where you displayed everything. It looks great. I think my favorite is the crock jug. I have a passion for old pottery.
And I too, saw the same typo that "Anonymous" mentioned. I knwo it has to be a typo, but you may want to fix that! :D hehehe!
Have a great week!

This simple Life said...

Wow , you are one lucky girl to get gifted such wonderful things. I wish I had a real life friend who was a prim decorator so we could shop together and trade goodies.

luv2teek said...

Just found your blog--viewed most of your past your ideas and all the pics of your projects...isn't prim great??

big city prims said...

OMG what great stuff! Can I have some?? LOL! I see a lamp in that fabulous jug!I just love it all! ~Terry

UPON A HILL said...

I think you really have a great friend in Stacy. Everything looks really great!

Sherrie said...

OK where does Stacey live?? I think I can make arrangements to be there this week-end!!!LOL Everything looks great!! If you want to prim those neat little lights up, tie a little piece of homespun or tea-dyed cheesecloth around them. You won't believe the difference it makes. Would be neat if you could incorporate that bowl on left of grouping that has the wheel in it. Looks like you have a star candle holder up there and would tie in with stars on bowl. Just a thought. I have a shutter similar to yours and I hung a grapeine wreath on it and really like the way it looks. You could hang it in the center and if you still wanted to use the little towel, hang it in the wreath. Sorry I got a little carried away wth this comment. Sherrie

Rosemary said...

I wish I had a Stacey in my life!!!! Can I borrow yours?

But I love the top of the cabinets you have done a great job with decorating a difficult spot!

The shutter in my humble opinion needs something dark. Maybe a black ladle with a candle in the bowl part?? hmmm I will think on that some more!

Thanks for sharing and as always,

Susan said...

You got some great things from Stacey. Your re-dos look great too. Have a good evening!