Saturday, March 28, 2009

Is the Kitchen Next?

Yesterday evening my husband took me to the thrift store. I have been sick all week long and in this house and wanted to get out. I am FINALLY back to my old self, but still have a little cough and dealing with blowing my nose, but those are things I can deal with. I am just so happy the pressure is gone. Anywho....... we went out for dinner with the in-laws, went grocery shopping, to Lowe's and to the thrift store. It was nice to be out and today I am resting. My hubby told me a couple weeks ago that we might be able to get new countertops for the kitchen. I was so thrilled because when I bought this house it was brand new and they just put the cheapest stuff in it so it is time to upgrade a few things. What a perfect time to do that when I am re-finishing my cabinets. Yep, I am going to re-finish them the same way I did the ones in the bathroom. I think I am totally in love with them now that the bathroom is totally complete (lol). Do you all think they will look ok against my red walls? I don't want to have to re-paint my kitchen after I am all done with my cabinets. Let me know your thoughts. Ok, now to the countertops.... I took a couple pictures of options that we have available for our kitchen. I will tell you that the first and second picture are the same countertop just a closer look. The first countertop is my favorite choice, that is the one I want to go with, but I want to make sure it is going to match the red walls and me cabinets. So, what do you all think? Do you all think it would go hand in hand and look ok?
#1 - Just a close up
#2 - My husband likes this one, but I think it would really darken things up too much
#3 - Not sure I like this one, but it is an option
#4 - This one is ok, but then I wonder if it would be too washed out.
So, what do you all think? Let me know your opinions. I am ready to hear them, but I do know that I want to avoid re-painting my kitchen walls. Ok, we also have white appliances and we will be switching out our stainless steel sink to a white sink and adding a gold faucet that my Mom gave me. It is beautiful and I am so in love with it. Picture of the faucet will be to follow soon.


carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Good morning! I like all of the countertops you have shown. I think I like #3 and #4 the best. But I like #1 too.
If you are thinking about resale of your home one day, I think most people would be happy with just about any color of granite. They would probably be willing to repaint the walls.
So go with what you really love. I love neutrals, but if I ever get a chance to have granite put in, I want black or something very dark for my kitchen, but I would go with lighter colors in the bathrooms.
Congrats! Have a great weekend!

Char said...

Well...since opinions count here today....hehehehehe....I am going to have to choose the one the hubby picked...sorry girlie...I like the darker better!...especially if you are planning on doing a the primed white that you used on your bathroom will be a nice contrast...and if you have black or stainless steel appliances...that will look AWESOME with them and the red walls!....just my pick!...either way...YOU NEED TO BE HAPPY WITH YOUR CHOICE!...THAT IS WHAT MATTERS MOST!

Black Sheep Lisa said...

I like #4 it seems to more warm tones in it. I think it would look great with red walls and primmed cupboards.

ohiofarmgirl said...

I too love the darker one...but you are the one that has to live with it everyday go choose to make yourself happy.
I was looking at lowes yesterday too...for new counter tops..too many to choose from. Dianntha

Bittersweet Primitives said...

Lisa, I think I like the #4, the warmer color but the more I look at your fav, #1, it kinda grows on ya. A tip I learned in quilting, if you line up the pieces, turn around and then look back again at them, the one you go to is the right one. Does that make sense? It can't hurt to try. Whichever you pick, I am sure it will look just right. Have fun.. Sherie

kathy said...

Well, I love #3 and #4....I think the darker color would look better with light cupboards. But, you need to do what you like :-) I sure wish I were changing mine out, they are a medium green, and I am very tired of them after 9 years!!! Wish I had gone with a neutral...Good luck! blessings, kathy

Betsy said...

Hi Lisa,
I've been following your blog for sometime and enjoy seeing all your prim stuff. Love your bathroom. About your countertops, if they are the stock countertops like at Lowe's you could get several samples chips of the laminate and lay them on your countertops you have now and see how they go with your walls. Good luck. Can't wait to see what you go with.

The Whites said...

I wish I were changing my counter tops! I like darker colors but it's hard for me to choose without seeing everything together!

I know it will look great whatever you choose.


Anonymous said...

The FIRST one I like the best. I do not like the other ones at all.
I am thinking the other ones will become outdated
real fast.
Susan in Wooster

Karen said...

Well, I didn't read any of the other comments before posting mine so as not to be influenced, but I am partial to the 3rd one with the golds - I think the others are dark but that's just me.
I'd be happy just any though! lol
Hugs, Karen

Stacey said...

Wow, new counter tops! Yeah! Decisions, decisions, hmmm. Well, I have to say that #3 is my pick. I think you will need to go a little darker so that your cabinets don't look to washed out with your counter top. Plus, I think that the gold in this one will compliment the red walls that you have since a lot of prim things are done in mustard and red. :) However, I do like the others too and have to agree, pick the one you like the best. :)

Have you thought about doing a butcher block counter top made just of wood? That is what I have wanted and I think that my mom is going to do that in her house. Oh, and yes, do get samples and bring them home to see which one you like at different times during the day and in different lighting. :)

I will look forward to seeing your choice. Whatever you choose will look just perfect I am sure.

Love and hugs,

Anonymous said...

I like #1 and #3 the best...without seeing your kitchen it is so hard to know for sure which one would look the best. Do they have samples...if so, I would suggest that you take some home to see how they look with the walls and the cabinets.
Have a great week.

Kath said...

Hey Lisa!
I'm gonna have to go with #3! ;)