Thursday, March 26, 2009

Feeling Just A Tiny Bit Better & Lots to Share

Well, I am feeling just a tiny bit better which I am thankful for. This sinus infection has been the worst that I have EVER had. The sinus pressure was just awful and nothing was taking care of the pain so when I say that I am finally getting some relief.... I am truly happy that I am FINALLY getting the relief I have been praying for. I have been busy keeping my chair warm, the tissues flowing from my hand to the trash can and drinking lots of juice and water. I have truly missed regular food. Yep, I have been on a steady diet of soup and soft foods because my teeth and gums have hurt way to bad too eat anything with any substance. Anyway, I have been doing alot of reading and dreaming about what I could do and what I could have when I win the lottery (lol). These are 2 items that I have been reading alot of lately.
If you haven't checked out Karen's home in this Country Sampler Magazine then be sure to check it out. It is indeed a beautiful home and you can tell that her and her husband have put alot of love and work into their home. It is beautiful, cozy and prim and I love it. The family room makeover is amazing from what it use to look like to what it looks like now. WOW, definitely beautiful to say the least. Here is just a sneak peek, but I am not showing anymore then that because you have to go out and buy the magazine to see it up close and personal. Trust me...... it is worth buying just to see her home.
My all time favorite part of her home that was shown has to be her pantry. Uh yeah, I fell in love with it and it is absolutely beautiful. She designed this handcrafted cupboard herself to have an old-fashioned look, complete with chipped and worn paint. It is beautiful. I love it!!
Why can't I be that creative and handy? My home could so use it!! Another section to be sure to check out in the Country Sampler is page 42 (Out with the New and In with the Old). Chris in Michigan does a great job decorating her home..... I especially love her kitchen. She has it decorated so tastefully. I have also been reading my Country at Heart book that my Mom bought for me. These books are written by Judy Condon and if you don't have any yet then be sure to check them out. They are a bit pricey, but they are GREAT!! My Mom bought me my first one and I have literally worn the pages out of them to say the least. Below is my dream home. I am definitely going to have it when I win the lottery (lol). Isn't it beautiful?
Seeing as though spring has sprung, I have really been enjoying the garden section in the back of the book. Oh, it is beautiful and it gives you tons of ideas for this summer when you all go out to your garden and putter around. I know that I love EVERYTHING about gardening. Well, maybe not the weeds, but I do love everything else. It is just so relaxing for me and I truly enjoy spending my evenings out there working with my flowers. Aren't these beautiful?
Well, I thought I would share a few more items that my Mom gave to me while I was visiting. She has had her condo up for sale for almost 2 years and every time I come to visit, we clean out little cabinets and totes and she gives me little goodies. Well, here are a few more items she gave me. Don't you love it? It is kinda like a mix between robins egg blue and sage green. It is a real pretty color.
She also gave me this bowl and I love it. I thought it would look real with homespun and cookie cutters or maybe just some homespun balls. Not sure yet, but I do know that I like it.
Here is another item she gave me. It is a treenware candle holder and I love it. She gave me the rose hips to put in it along with the grubby candle and well now I have to find it a new home. Hmm, maybe I could give something else a rest for a little while and give this a new home.
She also gave me these new towels. I love them all, but my favorite has to be the one with the stitchery on it that says 1764. You can never have too many towels - right?
OH - last, but certainly not least..... I found a new home for my apple butter stirrer. Yep, I have decided to use to it as my curtain rod in my kitchen. I saw that they did that at the antique mall in Amish Country so I thought I would give it a try and well I think I like it. I personally think it would look real cute if I took a flour sack towel from Wal-Mart and coffee/tea stained it and then hang that from there and use that as a little curtain. I have seen lots of people use those little flour sack towels as curtains and they look so cute and prim and what a better way to prim it up even more then with an old antique apple stirrer. Definitely a cute idea if I do say so myself.
Well, I am off to get more juice and blow my poor nose again. Ah, the poor thing is ready to fall off. Hopefully by the end of the weekend I will be feeling back to normal.... at least I could hope.


Black Sheep Lisa said...

Can i be your sister and share your mom!! LOL
I love all the goodies you got, what a great idea for the curtain rod and i love that curtain too!
glad you are feelin alittle better, prayers and hugs!

basketsnprims said...

I am glad to hear you are starting to feel better. Sinus infections are so miserable, I feel for ya, girl. Love all your new goodies from your mom. I know you will find great homes for all of them. Karen's home is so beautiful, isn't it? Have a great night.

~Judy~ said...

Glad to hear from you. I was getting ready to send out a search party! Feel better soon.

Valerie said...

I always just love all of your ideas. I am glad you are feeling some better. Hope you recover completely soon.

Anonymous said...

love those towels.

simple~needs said...

lisa, everything looks great!!
you have an awesome mom, bet she thinks you are an awesome daughter too!! :)

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Hi Lisa,
I hope today that you are feeling alot better! I hate sinus infections.

What a neat idea for the apple butter stirrer, I don't know which window would fit mine though:)

What a wonderful mom you have so generous and you can tell she loves you so much and is enjoying you both loving the prim way:)
Have a wonderful day,

CozyCoops Corner said...

I love all your goodies Lisa!I'm glad you are feeling a little bit better. I am waiting patiently for my CS to arrive, but it still isn't here! I'm dying to see Karen's house! Maybe it will be here today. Have a wonderful weekend!

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Glad you are feeling better. Love all the fun prims you got from your Mom, and that's a cute idea for your apple stirrer!
I too have been enjoying the Country Sampler mags, and I have Jody Condon's first book. I'd love to have them all one day! They are awesome!
Have a great weekend!

Kath said...

Hi Lisa,
So glad you are feeling a bit better!
Love all your prim goods from your mom!
Have a wonderful weekend!
((feel better, hugs))!


In His service, Anne said...

Well wishes to you, hope you feel better soon :)

UPON A HILL said...

Oh I hope that you get to feeling better. Your mother gave you some good stuff. I love what you done with the apple butter stirer!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,
Love all the goodies you got from your mom. I just got the same book "Country at Heart" this past Monday and I have looked at it over and over. What a great idea for a curtain your curtains also. Glad that you are feeling alittle better.
hugs, Cindy