Saturday, February 7, 2009

Still Searching

I went out today looking for more fruit and would you think I could find any..... nope! So, I am heading out tomorrow on another hunt for more fruits and veggies. Hopefully I can find something!! Anyway, I found this cheese board today and I am going to finish it and use it as a decoration somewhere. I think I am going to finish it in black so stay tuned for pictures on that. Oh - I also finally got the matte spray that I needed for my pears and sprayed them today. They turned them a little bit darker, but they still look pretty good. I personally liked them better without the spray, but in order to get all of those spices to stay on there then we need that spray to finish things off. Once I have all my pears done then I will be sure to take a picture and post it. I must have alot of you gals out there thinking because alot of you are liking the grubby grungy look of the pears and are trying it out for yourself. I personally love the look and I must admit that I am quite addicted to making more fruits and veggies grubby if I can just find them. Keep sending the pictures to me ladies because I love seeing what you do with yours. Until next time..... keep being crafty!!
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Farm Field Primitives said...

I'm like you on the fruit. I sprayed them once and wasn't happy with the results. They lost the good smell and only smelled like sealer. I just live with the spices coming off a little. It's not too bad!! ~~Melissa

Stacey said...

What a bummer you couldn't find any fruit or veggies today. I am going to the store tomorrow to get mine, or at least pears. The grubby grungy look is just prim perfect and can not wait until I get mine done. Do you know how long they last? I wasn't sure if they started to ripen and began rotting a little?

Love the new cheese board and will look forward to the finished product. Where did you get it? I so want to go to Goodwill here in Norwalk, but just haven't gotten the chance. Hopefully Monday will be my day! :)

Love and hugs,

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

I'm going to try it but think I'll get apples for the little bucket that I have on my last post, only thing is they have to be smaller ones:)
Love the board and I have one that I did in black, distrssed it and put homespun thur the hole at the top:)
Have a wonderful Sunday!

Linda said...

While I enjoy seeing the grubby stuff in other gals homes, it is just not me so I won't be doing this craft right now at least.

I am working on a boring project - painting doors! No crafting this weekend!!

Hope your Sunday is great!! hugs, Linda

Kath said...

Hi Lisa, Love your board!
It's gonna look great all primmed up! Can't wait to see it! ;)
enjoy your day!


Anonymous said...

Love the slide-show photos of your home! Your fruit turned out really great!