Sunday, February 22, 2009

Goodwill Hunting & A Re-Do

My husband and I went to go visit his parents today. Well, they have a Goodwill store close to them and I took advantage of being that close and went to take a look. I found some great wood bowls that I am very anxious to refinish and I also found this peg board. The great thing about these items is that they aren't currently painted so I won't have to do too much in order to get started. I will keep you posted on when they are complete and of course post pictures. I am definitely going to work on the bowls first. Stay Tuned.

Oh - while I was visiting my Mom last weekend, she gave me this game board. I love the game board itself, but I have nothing with country blue. So, after many attempts to find a home for it, I went ahead and decided to re-paint it. Here are before and after pictures. What do you think?

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Janene said...

Lisa...You did it again! You hit the jackpot again girl!
I have yet to find wooden bowls...Where do all of you find those wooden bowls?!
I also like your redo of your Mom's gameboard...your prim touch definately came through on that one.

Kimberly said...

Rusty red, just my color!

primitive basketcase said...

Lisa ~ love your finds and your redos. Way to go, girl.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,
Love the game board redo! Plus red in one of my favorite colors. I got some wood bowls from a TS a few weeks ago, but I still need to paint mine. Can't wait to see what you do with yours.

Anonymous said...

You are so lucky you have a good Goodwill store. Whenever I go to ours, there is nothing but junk, let alone wooden bowls! Think I'll go shopping with you...LOL

Love the gameboard repainted! Great color. I won't tell you how much I paid for one this last summer at a craft fair!


Back in the Day said...

I can't wait to see how your bowls and peg hook turns out!
I love the gameboard makeover!

Kath said...

Hi Lisa-more great stuff!!
Can't wait to see your re-do magic! ;)
Love your gameboard...

Have a wonderful day!

Stellar Creations said...

Awesome finds.. and I love the redo. You did good.


big city prims said...

Lisa, love the newer version of the game board! You are getting some fabulous things! Want my address??LOL

Black Sheep Lisa said...

great finds, cant wait to see them again! I love the Gameboard redo!

Gen said...

wonderful finds! the gameboard looks great

UPON A HILL said...

Good Job!!

ctlogcabin said...

Hi Lisa ~~ Love the gameboard, and the sugar molds you did below are Perfect.
The grungy cheesecloth turned out neat, you are one busy lady. :-)
Hugs ~ Connie xox

Stellar Creations said...

Hey Lisa, thanks for your comment about my bowls.. isn't it funny we both had wooden bowls in our blog today.. lol. The BriWax I used I ordered from EBay, it is Dark Brown color. Just type in BRIWAX in the search bar on ebay and you will have several people to choose from.. it's BRIWAX Original Furniture Wax, Dark Brown. I did find out that some furniture stores/restorers carry this as well so you may want to call around and save on shipping. Hope that helps.


Olde Tyme Marketplace said...

OHHHHH I can't wait to see what you are gonna do to your finds!!

Susan said...

Nice bowls. We found some of those peg hooks last fall while on vacation in PA. I really like them. And the game board looks great. It's amazing what a little paint will do.