Monday, February 16, 2009

More Amish Country Finds & Decorating

I had a great weekend at Amish Country. We went to go visit my parents and I never let an opportunity to pass by without my Mom and I going to Amish Country. So, we left early Saturday morning for a lunch out and a day of shopping in Berlin, Sugarcreek and Walnut Creek, Ohio. We had so much fun tackling all of the antique malls and we even went to a new antique barn and well this barn had TONS of great stuff. I got these little mason jars which you see below. They are actually perfect for the bathroom. They are alot smaller then any other Mason jar and perfect for cotton balls and q-tips. So, these will go into my bathroom.

This is an old primitive milk stool used by the Amish. I need to clean it off a little bit, but I loved the look of it and thought it would be so cute with one of my primitive dolls sitting on it. It might even look cute painted, but we will wait and see on that one.
This was an old box that I found in one of the antique malls in Sugarcreek, Ohio. I loved this box!! It has some old writing on the side, but it is so old that I can hardly make it out, but I loved the look of it and wait until you see how I used it in my decorating below.

Here is the side view of the box. This is the side that has the writing on it, but I just can't make it out. Don't you just love the look?

This is a little something that my Mom gave me. She decided to clean out some of her cupboards and well I decided to go shopping there too (lol). It looks great with the candle and rose hips.

One of my main reasons for going to the antique malls was so I could find an old crock bowl for my apples that I just recently completed. Well, here is the crock bowl that I found. I thought that the coffee/tea stained homespun looked great along with my apples. This looks perfectly as my centerpiece on my kitchen table.
This is another little something that I found while shopping at my Mom's home. I love it and it gave me an opportunity to put some of my other stuff away and display some new goodies.
This is a little stand that sits perfectly in the corner of my kitchen counter. My Mom bought this for me at her friends store (Sara's Herbs & Everlasting). Isn't it such a cute little corner stand? It matches perfectly with my little box that I just recently re-did and it adds more color to my kitchen and I love that.
I found a home for my cheeseboard that I recently completed. It looks great on my black cupboard in my kitchen. I added an old crock along with some primitive looking cloth Easter eggs and my Dru McCarty bear and it looks perfectly complete.

Yep, this is that same box that I displayed earlier. I put my Mason jars inside that have black beans, pinto beans and flour in them. I added a few old antique tins that I found at the antique barn this weekend. The taller tin was once used for tea and right behind my carrots is an old army tin cup which I just love. I thought it looked complete with my sugar bag and my candle/candle holder that my Mom gave me.
Well, that is it for tonight. On a side note....we came home from my parents to find a mouse in our house. Uh yeah, I just about freaked out to say the least, but we captured it within 10 minutes of setting a trap last night (Whew). I cleaned and disinfected like a maniac today and I am worn out!! Perhaps I will find enough energy to hang my shutter and decorate it later.
Stay tuned for tomorrow for more pictures on decorating with antiques and prims!! I am now off to set more traps.....just in case!

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Janene said...

Lisa~I love Amish country! Especially the Sugar Creek area...and it is so gorgeous in the fall!
You hit the jackpot with your prim finds...Pick me up next time so we can shop together...It would be so much fun!

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Wow, you sure got some great things! What a great mom you have I love what the gave you, that wooden, corner shelf is so neat!
Great idea on the box too.

Raggedy Angel said...

I am so jealous of your goodies...I love the way you displayed the box! Beth

Back in the Day said...

I am so jealous! I would love to get the chance to visit the Amish Country sometime! You really picked up some great deals!
Love how you decorated your box and the jars are going to be so cute in your bathroom!

Stacey said...

Let me just say that the rainbow you got to see the other day, well I think you found the jackpot at the end of it! All of the things that you brought back with you are prim perfect. I too love what you have done with them and the new header that you have posted. You are such an inspiration to me in so many ways. I can't think of anyone better to be blessed with these gorgeous prim things and such a beautiful home and wonderful family than you. :)

Love and hugs,

CozyCoops Corner said...

You got some wonderful things ! How fun ~ I really want to go shop in Amish country one day. I love what you did with everything and can't wait to see more ! :-)Have a good night !

Kath said...

Hi Lisa-
You got some real treasures--I love 'em--ALL :)
I like your bowl/apples that looks great!
Your box looks wonderful too, Love your new header pic!!
What great prim pretties :)

Enjoy your day-Kath

kathy said...

Looks like you found some great new treasures on your trip! I really love that corner cupboard thing you have on your counter, very neat! Your apples look perfect in that new bowl....glad you had a nice visit with your parents....blessings!

Karen said...

Lisa, I am drooling over your new treasures.

I love the wooden box and what you did with it.

We were in Amish country several years ago and I'd love to go back. I found lots of wonderful things there - as you just did....oh, and shopping at great is that.

I purchased and exact one of those corner shelves last month at buyers market and sold it to Jen from Taylors Farm...I'd sure love to see what she did with it.

Hugs, Karen

In His service, Anne said...

Great finds...I wish I were at the Carlisle Inn right now..heavy sigh-lol. You made me laugh about your critters... I hate mice, we live in the country and get them once in a while...I threw out my last couch cuz we found little mouse dropings...gross!!!
Love your treasures.

big city prims said...

Love it all, especially what you did with the box. So prim!

Goat Creek Grandma said...

I just discovered your blog and loved what I saw. I wish I could visit Amish country one of these days.

Take Care,