Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Very Old Family Recipe

I am sure you all remember all of the goodies that my Mom gave to me.  Well, in one of those plastic totes there was a couple old cookbooks and also a bag full of old recipes that my grandmother had saved.  After going through that bag full of recipes, I found lots of old recipes that were from my great great grandmother.  I was excited to find some of those old recipes and today I decided to try one out.  After doing a little research on some old terms that were used back then when cooking/baking, I was able to proceed in baking some Pineapple Cookies.  If you all like pineapple then you will indeed love this recipe!!  So, grab yourself an index card/recipe card and write down this very simple yet delicious recipe that was a family favorite from my Mom’s side.  Oh – you won’t be disappointed in these…..they are delicious!!

Pineapple Cookies

-1/2 cup of Crisco, butter or oleo (I   used butter flavored Crisco)

- 1 cup of packed brown sugar

-1 egg

- 1 small can of crushed pineapple drained

- 2 cups of flour

- 1/4 tsp salt

- 1/2 tsp baking soda

- 1 tsp baking powder

-1 tsp vanilla

- 1/2 cup of nuts

Cream together:  Crisco, brown sugar, and egg.  Drain your small can of crushed pineapple and set the juice aside.  Add the crushed pineapple to the mixture first.  Sift 2 cups of flour…. 1/4 tsp salt… 1/2 tsp baking soda… 1 tsp baking powder….1 tsp vanilla and 1/2 cup of nuts of your choice.  Mix well and spoon on to baking sheet.  Bake for 10 minutes at 375 degrees.


Cool and then we will make the icing!

Icing:  1 cup of powdered sugar, lump of butter which equals 1 stick of butter and pineapple juice to make the right consistency.

Mix all ingredients together and add just a little bit of pineapple juice to help make the icing the right consistency that you like.  Ice the cookies and enjoy!!

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Hope you all enjoy this recipe as much as I did.  I told my Mom I was making these cookies today and she said that she can recall her grandma making them.  She said that her grandma would make them frequently and she would always enjoy a couple cookies with a glass of milk.  Mmmm, sounds like the perfect snack to me.  Yep, I think this is a new favorite of mine too!

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LeeHillPrimitives said...

HI Lisa, Thanks for sharing. I love pineapples. I will try it.

Char said...

these sound yummy! wonderful for you to find these old family favorites!

Sherrie said...

Oh Lisa, how special to be baking cookies that were baked by your Grandmother and thanks for sharing the recipe. You are giving life to so many family heirlooms!!! Hope you have a wonderful Fall week! Hugs, Sherrie

Goat Creek Grandma said...

Thank you for sharing such a great recipe Lisa. I can't wait to try it. What a treasure to have gotten some old cookbooks.

Take Care,

eeekj35 said...

Those are a favorite in my family as well!! They are delicious!! Thanks for sharing! Kim

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

I'm going to try these, I love pineapple and in cookies it has to be just so good! Thanks for sharing!

Kath ~★The Olde Weeping Cedar ★~ said...

Hi Lisa!

Wow! I've missed a lot of prim goings on, I see!
first of all...I love your spoons, how neat!
That dresser turned out fabulous...and all the goodies you got from mom are wonderful! How blessed you are to have your mom close by...and that you both love & share in the same prim things!!
These cookies sound scrumptious! I love pineapple! Thanks for sharing!
Hope you're enjoying the cooler fall weather! It's been just gorgeous up this way.

Have a happy Monday!

Bittersweet and Ivy said...

Hi Lisa,
How wonderful for you to have those recipes! I too was fortunate enough to getr my great great graqndmother's recipes all the way down to my grandmas. They are all in their old recipe boxes. My husband has encouraged me to write a cook book with them. Well, I am in the process... long process of doing so! Thanks for sharing!!

Kris ~ Simply Prim said...

Mmmmm! Those sound wonderful, Lisa!! Definitely will have to give them a try! Thanks for sharing! :o)

Take care,

Mandy in Mayberry said...

Those sound wonderful! Thanks for that recipe, Lisa!

Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

Oh how cool is that to have gotten those family recipes! Please share more!!

Mangerati said...

Hi Lisa,

I've published another version of pineapple cookies,take a look and let me know.

PS: Would it be possible to change the color of your font, it's hard to read with the current background. Well, it's just my opinion...

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

I don't think I've ever had anything like this before, Lisa, but it sounds wonderful! Thanks for the recipe!


carolyn@primitive~devotion said...

Yum, they look and sound delicious!

How wonderful to have so many family heirlooms. Old cookbooks are awesome!

Anonymous said...

Those cookies look really good...thanks for sharing the recipe.
Did you get my email about getting Cameron's pillow to you maybe on Friday?