Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Gorgeous Fall Day

Today’s weather felt great!  I don’t think I could have asked for a better day to work outside on re-finishing my MIL’s dresser that I have had since June.  Yep, it has been collecting dust in the garage since then and I finally got around to re-finishing it.  Shame on me – huh?  Do you remember this dresser?


Well, my MIL asked me if I would re-finish it for her and I said sure.  Well, there have been so many things that I have wanted to do before that and unfortunately my stuff came first (lol).  I guess it is better late then never – right?  She didn’t really care how it was finished so I decided to do something neutral that would match everything in her bedroom.  I had my husband sand it for me since it belonged to his mother and then I finished it up.  I painted it white chocolate, sanded it a bit and then stained it with my dark walnut stain.  Let’s take a look.  Here is a picture of it shortly after I sanded it a little bit.  Too stark white for me.


Here it is after the stain was applied.  Much better!!  What a difference!

135 136

I am also happy to report that I got my rings back today.  I had to go get them re-sized and when they were cleaning them before sending them off, they noticed that one of my diamonds in my wedding band had been chipped.  So, they had to send it off to the diamond bondsman.  Good thing we have the extended lifetime warranty because the diamond was replaced free of charge.  I am just happy to have them back on my finger.  I felt so naked (lol).

Oh, I also thought I would share just a few more goodies that I received from my Mom when I was there last time.  I still have so much to share, but some of it is Christmas stuff so I will just wait to share that stuff later.  This old scoop belonged to my grandpa.  I thought it would look cute somewhere with a candle in it.  I just still have yet to find that perfect place for it.


My Mom gave me these old crocks which I love.  She gave me two others that are Christmas/Winter related, but I am going to keep those to myself for right now.  I will probably end up giving one away at a later date so be keeping an eye out for that.

 109 111

My Mom cross stitched this awhile back and she offered it to me.  Isn’t it cute?


Who doesn’t love treenware?  Yep, feast your eyes on those beauties?  She offered those to me and I snatched them up like they were gold (lol).


I also thought I would share this pretty little thing with you.  It popped up in my flowerbed not too long ago and I have no clue what kind of flower it is or where it came from.  Heck it could be a weed, but whatever it is and wherever it came from…. I thought it was pretty enough to share.  Hope you all are enjoying your weekend.


Until Next Time……


Wanda/Ridge Farm Nesting Place said...

Love your re-do! Awesome gifts from your Mom!

Have a great weekend!

Char said...

Wow!...Who needs Thrift Shoppes when YOU have MOM?!!!...those are some wonderful prim pretties!

Carmen at Primcatshouse said...

Great job on the dresser! Love it!

Um... also... can I have your mom? ;o)


Black Sheep Lisa said...

Once again, I just love all the mom Goodies!! The dresser turned out great!

Karen~The Barely There Primitive Bear said...

Love it all! Great job on the dresser! The flower might be in the sunflower family and could have come up from birdseed...

Bear Hugs~Karen

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Dear Lisa, again I am wowed by all the things you get accomplished and all the great goodies your dear mother gives to you.
Do you really know how lucky you are??? She loves to share her treasures with you and I think that's just wonderful.
Thank you for sharing them with us.
The dresser turned out just beautiful. MIL should be very happy with it...I know this MIL would.
Hugs, Karen

american girl primitives said...

Everything looks really nice! I like the distressing on it.


Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

WOW - coming home from your mom's with all those goodies! What a treat!! How cool the scoop belonged to family especially!

Susannah said...

I'm thinking that your flower is a sunflower and little birdie dropped a sunflower seed in your garden. Anyways, the flower is beautiful.

All of the things from will cherish them forever.

Great job on the beautiful dresser. I hope MIL loves it.


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

I love the scoop would looks so cute with a battery candle:)

I also love that pottery, you are one lucky girl:)
Have a great Sunday,

Carmen C. said...

Wow, your mom's house must be a prim treasure chest bursting at the seams, LOL! I LOVE what you did to that dresser, that is awesome, and would sell for BIG BUCKS at a furniture store!!! Hope you have a wonderful day:)

LeeHillPrimitives said...

Hi Lisa, Your re-do looks awesome. Nice job on it. Love your new goodies.

Anonymous said...

The dresser redo is awesome!!

Christine said...

Wow Lisa! that dresser really did turn out great! Your MIL should be estatic about that :) And your goodies from your mom are wonderful as well. I've been noticing those 'sunflowers' along the road here, and some are peeking up through the tops of some corn fields as well. I showed them to my dh and he said they weren't actually sunflowers, but they sure are beautiful aren't they? Great post as always- thanks for sharing!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Lisa ~
Great job on the dresser.
I cross stitched that same sampler years ago and still have it hanging in the dining room. Too funny.
Love the treen pieces!
The flower may be a Jerusalem artichoke ~ it's what you see growing along the highways. It is a species of sunflower native to the eastern part of the U.S. You can read more at Wikipedia.

Mary@TurkeyFarmTreasures said...

Great prizes from your mom.

I'll bet the flower is a Jerusalem Artichoke. The tubers are actually edible. They are dug up in the spring and can be used like potatoes.
I have a yard full of them and can't wait to see if they taste good.