Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Antique Spoons

Do you own any old antique spoons?  Well, I became a proud owner of some old family antique spoons this past weekend.  My Mom didn’t realize that they were wrapped in some cloth and at the bottom of the plastic tote that I brought home.  I had mentioned them to her when I got home and she said that I could have them as long as I took good care of them.  Oh ladies, let me just tell you that I love these spoons!  I was thrilled to hear that most of them belonged to my great great grandmother.  That makes them over 200 years old.  Some of them have her name engraved on them, some of them just have her initials and some of them don’t have anything.  I took so much time going through these spoons and let me tell you that I have many favorites!  Do people even make fancy silverware like this anymore?  Some of the detail on these spoons is amazing and I am here to show you them today.  I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I did.  My favorite has to be the spoon with the stars cut out on it.  It is just so pretty!!  So, are you ready to take a look?

001 002 003

This middle spoon is another favorite of mine.  Do you see the scallops on the part that goes into your mouth?  Very neat – huh?


I took a couple more pictures of them on my spoon rack.  I got some close-ups just so you could see some of the wonderful detail.  They are beautiful and definitely great to have and display.  I so love having things like this.  Pretty neat to know that I have something that was once my great great grandmothers.  Something that was touched by her hands and something that belonged to her.  Thank you Mom for allowing me to take care of these.  I love them and will cherish them!!  Enjoy the close-ups and the beautiful detail that is clearly shown with each spoon.  For a bigger close-up…..just click on the picture!

104 105


Until Next Time………..  Blessings, Lisa


Sherrie said...

OH lisa, what a gift!!!!PRICELESS! They are absolutely beautiful and each is so different. Earlier this year, I went to a local antique shop and lucked up on a whole tote of old silverware that came out of an estate. Like you, I can't believe the intricate workmanship that is on each spoon and the smooth patina is like nothing I have ever touched. Some of mine have initials too and one has Abe written on it. I told my hubby that one probably belonged to Abe Lincoln. LOL But, who knows. History is so interesting and we are so fortunate to have a part of it. Enjoy your treasures my friend and they look great displayed in your spoon make-over!!! Sherrie

simple~needs said...

that looks great!!

Shakerwood Primitives said...

When my Dad passed away a year ago (this week), I wound up with the misc. silver pieces. Don't know the history behind any of it. I did a little on-line checking and most aren't worth a lot. After reading your post, I may have to rethink my original thoughts of getting rid of them. My grandmother and probably some greats all handled the silver at one time or another and that's enough of a reason for me to keep it. Thanks for opening my eyes!

LeeHillPrimitives said...

Hi Linda,
They are beautiful. Amazing collection and it is a priceless gift. Enjoy it !

At Home With Amy said...

Lisa treasure these spoons always. How special that they are family pieces. I have my dads fork and spoon from his WWII kit and I also have my grandmothers silver drinking cup from when she was a child. It has to be over 100years old. Thanks for sharing your wonderful spoons with us. They look great how you have them displayed.

Farm Field Primitives said...

What a great gift to receive. I'm sure your great great grandmother would be proud to know you have them so beautifully displayed. Enjoy.

Susannah said...

Lisa, Lisa, Lisa, they are absolutely beautiful. I have quite a few of my ancestors silver teaspoons that came from their silverware. Each one of my siblings got some. I cherish them. Three have a V on them for Violet, my paternal Grandmother. Some have K for my maternal mother's last name. Some have a W for the Ward side of the family. It is all so interesting. I am so glad your Mom was kind enough to give them to you. They all tell a story, I'm sure.
If they are genuine silver..... see if you can find a silver polishing glove. It could be a job cleaning them but it would be worth it.


stefanie said...

what a find, they are gorgeous, what a cute way to display them!
come by and say hi, and enter my give away

Wanda/Ridge Farm Nesting Place said...

Lisa what a great treasure! Look so nice in your spoon holder...just love the detail! You can see the pride of the craftmanship in the detail of the spoons, I don't think they are made that way today..the thought of your ancestors handling the pieces is priceless!

Have a great day!

UPON A HILL said...

Those are really priceless treasures. I have some old spoons too, that I treasure. Some are childrens spoons, that have detail on them. They look really nice on your spoon shelf.

Dianntha said...

the spoons are so wonderful but even more so since they belong to family...enjoy. Diannntha

american girl primitives said...


How neat that you have such a connection and something to decorate with at the same time. Now you have stories to tell Cameron.


Gen said...

Congrats what a beautiful gift!

the primitive country bug said...

Lisa~ how special!! I love that they are engraved with your gggm's name and initials. I agree with Sherrie, they're a priceless gift! That spoon rack looks so good all filled up with history like that. You'll treasure them forever.
Hugs to you~ Birgit

big city prims said...

Wow, Lisa, how fabulous. I love old silver also, and have some from my mom and my aunt, but nothing as intricate as those you display. Just lovely.BTW, your home makes me drool. LOL