Wednesday, September 9, 2009

More Fall Decor & Finally Pics of our Family Room

Have you ever noticed that I am pretty much an open book?  If you ask me a question then I will normally within reason share the answer with you.  Alot of you have asked me the following questions…… What kind of furniture do you have in your family room?  What does your family room look like?  Is it totally and completely prim?  Well, I am here today to share with you some pictures of our family room.  You asked for it and I am willing to share the pictures.  Normally our family room is littered with toys, but if you have been following my blog then you know how hard we tried to have children.  After years of infertility treatments, we finally conceived through IVF.  So, the way that I see it…… I prayed and prayed for a child, I even wanted to see all those toys all over my floor and someday I will be wanting to see those toys scattered all over my floor once my son is grown and gone.  So, I just enjoy the toys for now and as he gets older, we will also enjoy that we can put them away for a little bit (lol).  Let’s not wait any longer….. here are my family room pictures.  Remember that it is nothing fancy, it contains comfortable and practical furniture that will also sustain drink stains, food stains, crayons and the list goes on (lol).

025   This is the view from our kitchen.  Behind the couch is a gas fireplace that we rarely use except maybe in the winter months.  When it is not winter then we normally take advantage of that wall space and put the couch in front of it.  The stairs leading upstairs are just to the left of the couch and so is the entry way to the front door.

024 132This is a view from the bottom of the steps.  The kitchen is just off to the right of the far right tan chair. 


So, that is our family room.  I warned you that it wasn’t anything fancy and I wonder if it was even worth sharing, but if you asked for it then I am always willing to let you take a peek inside.  I still have to do some decorating on each side of the cubby above the couch, but I am still trying to figure out what I want to put up there.  Gotta love trying to make decisions!

Well, seeing as though I am headed to my parents tomorrow, I thought I would post more Fall decor pictures.  Yep, I am heading to my parents to help them out with a few things including the garage sale.  Hopefully they sell alot of their stuff and make some good money.  Everything else will be going to the Goodwill for a tax write off.  Are you ready to see how I ended up decorating my farm table?  I went with something that would bring some color into our kitchen and I think I accomplished what I was aiming for.  What do you think?

132 139 127

I think my table looks pretty good.  I am definitely pleased.  Here are a few more pictures that I took that I thought you all might enjoy!  This little guy is on my front door for right now, but I might eventually put a wreath on there…. just not sure yet.


A few more random pictures of my Fall decorations.



Well, I think that is it for now.  I will be out of town for a couple days, but when I get back on Saturday or Sunday then I will have plenty of goodies to share with you plus a couple thrift store finds that I purchased just the other day.  Hope you enjoyed my post.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Until Next Time ~ Lisa


Susannah said...

Love your fall decor. Have fun with Mom!

Anonymous said...

I just started following your blog because I noticed how you blended primitive decorating with the practical needs of a modern day family and I appreciated that.
Thanks so much for sharing your lovely home with us!

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Love your table display Lisa, have fun helping your mom with the garage sale!
Your family room is lovely and I have empty spaces too because I'm waiting for just the right prim thing!

american girl primitives said...


I like your family room. I think a house can be decorated nicely but should be liveable. Some of the colonial homes I have seen don't say comfy or very livable to me. Nothing wrong with what you have done here. I love seeing your fall decor pics.

Have a great trip,

Anonymous said...

I love all your decorations so far and I absolutely love your family room.

Hope you have a wonderful time with your parents. By the way did they get there house sold.

Brenda said...

Have a great time Lisa!!


Oh, by the way, I love how you decorated your awesome table!!!

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and love it. Your decorating and redos are awesome. I love the pumpkins on your table. Can you share where you found them? Have fun at your moms, that is one yard sale I wish I could attend.

Sherrie said...

Everything looks nice Lisa! love the look of FALL on your table and around the house. Oh, I sooo hear you about the toys!! As you know, I keep our precious grandchildren while our daughter teaches. At ages 2 and 4, we have toys in 1 designated spot, but while ago I could not walk in our family room or sunroom, but you know didn't even matter because I do KNOW we are going to wish for these days again!!! We so love them and keep reminding ourselves of what is really important in life!
You have a good visit with your parents and we look forward to your next post. Sherrie

UPON A HILL said...

Love your fall decor! Enjoy those toys on the floor; they grow up too fast!

Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

You know what Lisa, that is how a home should be!! Bravo to you! It should meet the needs of everyone! My family room is now full of baby supplies and furniture and I wouldn't have it any other way either!

I LOVE how the table looks- just wonderful!!

Audrey said...

You are truly Blessed to appreciate what you have. Your son is a blessing and it does go by too quick!! Your family room looks great. Have fun at your moms but leave something for the yard salers.
Your dinning room table looks GREAT as well as your other fall touches.

LeeHillPrimitives said...

Hi Lisa, First of all Loooooove your table display. It is beautiful, as always you have the "touch". Love your fall decor!
Your family room is cozy. Currently I have empty spaces too due to my recent moving. This house is more larger than my rent house. Now I'm waiting for just the right prim thing for the living room!

Tonya said...

Hi Lisa,

I think your family room is just that, a room for the family. We all need a place to hang out and relax and I could definitely see myself doing that in your room.

All your fall decor looks great and the bittersweet looks real. Where did you find it? The farmhouse table is just awesome and I'm sure anyone who comes in is drawn to it.

Have fun with your mom!


Anonymous said...

Love your Fall decor and your table looks beautiful with the pumpkins and bittersweet!
Your family room looks very cozy and comfy to me. It is great place for all of you to hang out as a and all!! You are so right that they grow up too fast and then we do wish to see all those toys again.
Have fun at your parents!
hugs, Cindy

Carmen at Primcatshouse said...

Hi Lisa, Your family room is perfect! Your table looks great and your fall decor is wonderful! Thanks for sharing with us! Have a great day!


Linda said...

Lisa......As usual a post filled with wonderful pictures! Your table looks just perfect for fall.
As much as we love the prim look, we have to admit it isn't always the most comfortable. Who here doesn't have a Lazy Boy recliner somewhere? LOL! My DH won't part with his! Have fun at your Mom's house.