Monday, March 15, 2010

Busy Bee

Good Morning!!  Hope you all are doing well.  I have been looking at all of your blogs, but just haven’t had much time to leave comments or blog myself.  This past week was crazy, but I enjoyed every single minute of it.  As most of you are aware I started making my creations to sell at my favorite prim shop….. North Shore Primitives.  It has kept me busy, but I enjoy it and most importantly it is wonderful to go in there, shop and see my creations all over the shop.  I have also been busy working on the website/blog for Vickie.  I was at the shop taking more pictures this past weekend and these group of pictures turned out wonderfully.  If you haven’t checked out the shop yet then please be sure to hop on over and take a tour.  I will be working on posting a tour of her shop a little bit later today, but there is already quite a bit on the site.  It is a wonderful prim shop and I am sure you will be drooling over all of her stuff (lol).  Lots of goodies!!

Well, I will show you a few items that I brought home from North Shore this past weekend.  This is my newest shelf and I absolutely love it.  It is black over red and more beautiful in person.  Check it out!!


Don’t you just love it?  My hubby surprised me with this beautiful light.  It will look great in my bedroom once it is re-finished!!


I also received a few other goodies this past weekend.  Yep, I ordered more stencils and have more coming in the mail.  I am quite excited to get my next batch, but here are a few to share with you today.




I ordered a few other items as well and received those from Susie.  Thanks Susie!!  I love them.



Don’t you just love those rag tags?  I purchased a couple small journal type books at Crafts 2000.  I am going to cover them in coffee stained homespun and add the Olde Farmhouse Cookbook rag tag.  Won’t they be primtastic in my kitchen?!?  I will be sure to show you pictures once they are completed. 

My one and only project that I completed for myself this past week was to coffee stain some white socks that I purchased at the Dollar Tree.  Yep, I found the biggest socks they had available and coffee stained them.  I wanted them for a couple places in my home, but mainly for my laundry room.  Here they are before…..WOW, that is bright white!!


Here they are after…..


This is where they are currently laying.  Cute idea – huh?


I also wanted to send out a huge thank you to Gayle…..she sent me this stitchery and I wanted to say thank you!!  It looks wonderful and I can hardly wait to get it in a frame and up on the wall.  I love the saying and appreciate you making it for me.


It has been a busy week, but I have loved it, enjoyed it and honored to have this wonderful opportunity.  Yep, excitement has set in (hahaha).

Blessings to you all.

         Until Next Time ~ Lisa


Sheila said...

Happy Monday Lisa! so glad to see you having fun creating again. How wonderful to be selling your items locally. I can't wait to get me "coffee crow sign" know I'm going to love it!
Have a wonderful day~

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Morning Lisa...I loved your post always...SMILES!!!

Wonderful stencils kiddo....glad you are branching out with your talents. And again I say CONGRATULATIONS on getting your wonderful boards out there!

Where did you get those GREAT RAG TAGS!!!! They're wonderful.


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

My goodness Lisa you have been busy.:) I love the shelf I've never seen one like that before:)

Those stencils are wonderful especially the pineapple welcome one, I think I'll be ordering one for above my kitchen door!

Love your header picture...I'll take one of everything in it!!! LOL.

Have a great week ahead!
BTW I love seeing pics of North Shore Primitives:)


Mandy in Mayberry said...

I loved to "hear" the enthusiasm in your post. That pineapple stencil is great!

I'm also loving your placemats on your table. I really need some especially since Leah Kate decided to remove her nail polish at the dining room table the other day. She removed a little of the finish from the table as well! Do you mind me asking where you got them?

Have a great week!

rockriverstitches said...

Hi Lisa, Love your new lamp and shelf. Just visited the shop where you sell your primitives. Looks like a shop where I could spend some money in! LOL


american girl primitives said...


Congrats on being busy, looks like you found yourself a new adventure.


Angie Berry said...

I'm sure it is so delightful to see your wares all over the store! I would be so excited!

I LOVE your new stencils, I love crows. Can't wait to see what you get made up with them.

Those socks are such a neat idea! I would never have thought about going to Dollar Tree and buying some big ones. I will have to do that. I'm looking for things to decorate my laundry room with. Thanks for the great idea.

So glad to see that things are going so well for you! Have a wonderful weekend~