Saturday, March 6, 2010


What an incredible past couple days I have had.  My Mom and I went out yesterday and got our hair done together.  It is so great having her close by.  I have so enjoyed having my best friend by my side again and really makes my heart smile ☺  We enjoyed a little bit of shopping and had lunch out.  Today was another fun filled day spent with Mom.  I had to take my signs & game-boards and drop them off at North Shore Primitives.  Well, you know that you couldn’t dare go in the store without looking and buying so Mom decided to go along with me.  We got there and I took my goodies into Vickie’s office.  She was absolutely thrilled to receive everything and even mentioned that she wanted more.  Oh… you have no idea how much that made my heart sing.  To be asked to make some of my handmade signs and game-boards and to have them sold in my favorite prim shop is just amazing.  I must say that I am so blessed & honored that she asked me to make some goodies for her.  I am literally ecstatic to say the least.  Another nice treat for the day was that I was greeted by a fellow blogger inside the store.  It was so nice to meet another prim gal that loves blogging and enjoys some of the many things that you enjoy as well.  I met Linda from Simply Country Seasons today.  She walked up and introduced herself and I was so happy to meet her.  I knew that when I saw her that I knew her from somewhere or recognized her face, but I just couldn’t put my finger on it until she came up to me.  It was just so nice to have some time to talk to her and it sounds like she enjoys North Shore Primitives as much as I do.  Yep, we are all addicted to Vickie’s prim haven.


Anyway, are you all anxious to see what I purchased at North Shore?  I am slowly replacing my lights in my hallway so I purchased another one today along with a few other goodies.  Here are the pics…..  I absolutely love these and plan on using them in my bedroom once it is re-finished and completed.


Here is my light for my hallway.  This will hang right above my barn door in my hallway with all of my game-boards.


I also decided that since spring is almost here that I should try to brighten up a few areas of my home.  So…….. I picked up these to add to a few baskets or a few crocks.  Don’t you love them?


Don’t you love all of my goodies?  Well, on another great note……ok, maybe I should say that on another wonderful note….. Vickie at North Shore Primitives asked me if I could set her up with a website.  Of course I was thrilled and I told her that I would happily set her up with a website.  So, after taking several pictures of her shop today ~ I can tell you without a doubt that she will be joining blogland.  I am not sure if she will respond to any comments….. I think it is just more or less informational for all of her customers and fans out there, but hey it will give you a chance to step into her prim shop and drool over all of her wonderful prim goodies.  I must say that you are in for a primtastic treat!!  Just to give you a little taste of what is to come ~ I thought I would share a little sneak peek.  So, take a look at this and just imagine that it is Waaaayyyyyyy better then just this picture.


Until Next Time ~ Blessings, Lisa


Sherrie said...

Thanks Lisa for sharing your couple of days "out and about"! Sounds like you and your Mom are really having some fun times and that is a good thing.
So excited about your signs at North Shore and her new website. Now we can all shop there!!! I am sure your signs will sell real well there....I certainly love the ones you have made me.Went to Just Country today for Spring Open House and had much fun and found a few treasures myself. The fellowship with prim friends was the best part.
Have a good Sunday, my friend.
Hugs, Sherrie

Backwoodsprim said...

Good for you girl!
Sounds wonderful!
Please tell Mrs.Vicki that I said "hi"....I miss not being able to visit there!


Dan said...

Sounds like you had a great couple of days. Congratulations on being asked to make more of your game boards and signs for you favorite store. What an honor! I hope you are having a great weekend! ~Dan~

Anonymous said...

I just knew that Vicki would love your items. I told my sister that I would take her there sometime since she has never been. I told her to save her pennies cuz she was going to find lots of primitive goodies that will be perfect for her home that was built in 1861.
Hope you are having a great weekend.

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

yep we are definitely in for a the little white flowers you got..they look so real..;)

Linda said...

Hi Lisa..........What are the odds of us arriving at North Shore at the exact time! You were busy at first talking with Vicki and I couldn't help myself.......I said Hi to your Mom! It was so fun meeting both of you. I haven't been there in years and you are so right about how wonderful that shop is. I could have just moved right in there!
I was just getting ready to take some pics of my goods that I bought and post them on my blog.
I will be going back when I can shop longer.

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Well little Lisa aren't you just the TEASE with just ONE PICTURE of Vicki's shop!
How wonderful to be able to see more wonderful eye candy on blog land...and if she has a contact number I'm sure we will all be able to order from her if we see something we can't live without.

And congratulations on getting more orders from her! Yeahhhhh.

Oh don't you just love that throw from Family Heirloom Weavers.... I have one for myself and just sold one Friday to a customer...the pattern and colors are yummy.

Hugs, Karen

carolyn@primitive~devotion said...

I love your new prim goodies, but the best thing was meeting Linda! She is such a sweet person. I think the world of her! So nice that the three of you got to meet in person.

Sandy said...

Hi Lisa,

How great to be selling your signs and gameboards in such a wonderful store. I hope they all sell out for you. You made some really nice ones I might add.

I also love your goodies that you bought. I am so addicted to those textiles, I think I could have a house full...LOL.

I am looking forward to peeking inside this wonderful store that you talk about so often. Everything looks all so wonderful!

Gettysburg Homestead said...

Lisa what an awesome day you had. To not only sell your items but meeting a fellow blogger too. I have been wanting to plan a blogger gathering in Amish Country sometime. I would LOVE to shop with new friends.


Angie Berry said...

How exciting for you!! Congratulations!! I'm sure you are on top of the world! I know I would be. Your wares are so wonderful, I can see why she wants them in her shop. And oh my word! Lucky you to be so close to such a delightful shop!! I'm so jealous!