Monday, February 8, 2010

No More Snow & A New Addition

I do enjoy snow, but I think I have definitely had my fill of it for this year.  Yep, I am ready for spring.  Bring it on!!  This past weekend has been crazy when it comes to snow.  I would say that we received a good 12-14 inches of snow and we are due to get more tomorrow and Wednesday.  Ughhh, I am just not sure I can take much more.  I have orders that need to get filled and with all the snow……well, it makes it difficult to get them done and mailed out.  I told my poor hubby that if we got all the snow out of our driveway then I definitely wanted to get out.  I hate being snowed in and that is how it has been lately.  We were able to get out just a little bit yesterday which was nice and we went to pick out Cameron’s belated birthday gift.  Do you all have any idea what it could be?!?  Well, if you guessed a puppy then you are correct.  We will be picking up and bringing home a new puppy in about 2-3 weeks.  Cameron already gave him the name of Qbert and already has a yellow collar for him.  Yep, Cameron loves yellow so it was only appropriate when he asked to get Qbert the yellow collar.  I absolutely fell in love when she brought in all the puppies, but I knew before we even got there that I would love to have a black miniature schnauzer instead of a salt & pepper.  I grew up with schnauzers and I know that they are great with children so I thought one would be perfect for Cameron.  I personally wish I had more money because I would have purchased more then just one.  They were all soooo cute!!  Here are some pictures of Qbert.  Cameron absolutely loves him, but he still needs to learn to be gentle with him.




042 050

Doesn’t he just have the cutest little face?  Yep, I am so in love!!  He absolutely loved snuggling and soon after he got nice and warm…..he was asleep in my arms.  Oh, I love him!!  Here is a picture after I put him in the crate with his other brothers and sisters.  He was not happy that we had to leave him, but we will be able to pick him up soon.


Here are some snow pictures….we are expecting another storm and they say anywhere from 5-8 more inches.  Oh geesh, why do I not live in a state filled with palm trees?!?  I long for the sand between my toes and the breeze blowing the palm trees and we must not forget the sound of the ocean.  Oh…..wouldn’t that be marvelous right now!!  I guess I will just have to imagine that all of this white stuff is sand and the roaring of the snow plows that “SHOULD” be going through our neighborhood is the ocean roaring and I guess my weeping cherry tree would possibly pass for a palm tree, but I have to brush off all of this snow and ice first.  Hmmm, yeah I don’t think it is gonna work, but it was worth the try.  Here is the snow that I would love to get rid of right now.  Anyone want any?

002 001

013 014


056 109


Anyone else experiencing fog?  Look at this picture that I took this morning?  It was so foggy that you could barely see the house across the street.  It also looked like the fog froze on my weeping cherry tree.  Pretty neat, but spooky looking at the same time!!




Did I show you my new rug that I got for my kitchen?  Our home gets especially cold during the winter months.  It doesn’t help that we are on a slab with no basement so I thought I would try to warm up the kitchen a little bit with a new rug.  Here is a picture of it.  More pics coming soon.

040 041

Do you like it?  I thought it was pretty and it is much warmer!!

Well, I better run for now.  Stay Warm & Safe!!  Until Next Time ~ Lisa


lakeffect said...

Puppy love is grand! You are definitely hooked. Soon you'll need to change your sidebar comment and picture to the THREE boys in your life that you love.

Pam said...

Congrats on the new puppy! He is soooooo cute & I love the name Cameron picked out for him!
Your new rug looks great! We are expecting more snow too & I am just like you...give me some warm sun & a sandy beach! I'm so done with snow!!!
Have a great day!

Heather's Stitches said...

What a cutie with an even more cute name!

Love the rug, where did you pick it up?

Enjoy the day!


What an adorable puppy!!!!
How in the world could you only choose one! lol I just love their little puppy's so sweet. Now I want one! lol

Love your rug! We have one in our kitchen as well and I love it - it's an oriental as well. I think they go so well with the Primitive/Colonial style....and it's definitely warm on the feet.

Wow, you sure don't need more snow. Hope it ends soon. We are scheduled for some later today although it's trying right now to show up.

Go check out my blog's about a new one I'm starting for SELLERS.


Sheila said...

You will have your work cut out for you when the puppy comes home!
So darn cute! That face!!! Cameron will have lots of fun with his new playmate. The rug and snow pictures are beautiful. I love fresh fallen snow, but like everyone else we're tired of winter. Feel bad for everyone in the east for more snow is predicted.
Take care, stay warm and be safe.

Debbie said...

Congratulations on the new addition! Qbert is a cutie! We are expecting another storm today. Its snowing as I type but not very heavy now. The bulk of it is suppose to hit tonight.

Stay warm,

Linda* ~ TheKeepingroom said...

Oh Lisa Qubert is too cute! I could sure use some sand between my toes right now.
Great rug.
Stary warm,

Carmen C. said...

Awwww, what an adorable puppy!!! You know, I worked at a vet. clinic for 7 yrs. and had heard ALOT of different pet names, but I don't ever recall hearing the name Qbert before, so what a great and UNcommon name ;)

Sandy said...

Now that is one CUTE puppy :) What a great b-day gift. I could have a house full of them, but hubby puts his foot down and one it shall be. Well maybe even two, but we can't seem to settle on what we would want. But I am sure it will be another mini-poodle. They to are great with kids.

Now that is ALOT of snow!!! I have been seeing a few people in blog land that got hammered with all that white stuff. It snowed here constant for two days but nothing compared to what you guys got. But enough to make the roads rather slippery. And I am with you, Spring can come any day now! Sadly, we still have to get through Feb and March. And then when April rolls around it will start looking up :)

Have a great week!

The Old Cupboard Door said...

Awwww, I want to hold him. Qubert is A-dor-able!

We ended up with almost 2 feet of snow and still digging out. Mr Weatherman is saying another 5-8 inches on Tues-Wed...Yikes. Did someone move me to Alaska without telling me? I love winter, I love snow, but hey to much of a good thing isn't good anymore. Ol Man Winter needs to save some and give it to us NEXT winter.


Janet-Olde Crow Primitives said...

Hi Lisa.
Love the puppy. That is a sweet name your son picked out. Lots of snow for you down there. We are used to that up here in Canada. We ALWAYS have snow :)
Have a great day.

Linda said...

Hi Lisa.......that puppy is too cute.
I have to to stay away from looking at them person...........I wouldn't be able to resist.
We just enjoy our Grand dogs!
Have to make another milk and bread run later before the snow gets here too.

carolyn@primitive~devotion said...

Awwwww! Qbert is so cute! I love Mini Schnauzers too and miss my Pepper so much. She was the best little dog ever! I love our little bama now too, but Pepper was my heart dog.
Congrats on your new little bundle. I'm sure Cameron will learn quickly how to handle him.

Karen~The Barely There Primitive Bear said...

What a cute puppy! I think all
kids need a pet, while growing
up! I love your rug, too...Looks
like you got a lot of snow,
my friend near the border of VA and WV,
had gotten 30" and it was still coming down when
I talked to her on Saturday morning! Be careful if you get out on the roads.

Bear Hugs~Karen

ChristinaP said...

Congrats on the pup! What a cutie pa tutie!

Anonymous said...

We had 18 inches in our yard and
2 ft in our driveway,

Wooster OH

Ann said...

Lisa, I'm not sure from the pictures are you sure the dog is for Cameron? LOL! It had to be so hard to walk out and leave him, even though you know he's yours and you can pick him up in the future. It must have been hard for Cameron too! Have a good week - I'm headed to the grocery tonight as we are supposed to get the same snow storm you are expecting. We missed it this last weekend. NW Ohio only got a little. ~Ann

Anonymous said...

Qbert is adorable!!

I'm so with you on No More Snow!!! We got about 10 inches here from the last snowstorm and I heard tonight that they upped the amount of snow for this coming storm to 8 to 10 inches. Oh, where is Spring??

Love your new rug!! I think it is perfect for your kitchen.

Take care and stay warm,

Donna~One Simple Country Girl said...

What a sweet little puppy! And I love the name Cameron picked out for him! He will be so cute with his yellow collar. I so hear you on the snow thing ~ I am so sick of it! We have had so much of it this winter and if it never snowed again, that would suit me just fine! Love your rug! It looks great!



Angie Berry said...

We have a miniature schnauzer and he is wonderful with the kids. Ours is a salt and pepper one that my husband named Pepper. How orginial, huh? They are so loveable! Yours is a beautiful one!

You were cracking me up with the way you were changing your snow scene into a beach scene. How funny! One can only wish, right?