Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday Make-Over & Exciting News!

Don’t you just love getting involved in a project and seeing the end result?  Well, I got involved in some very easy and simple projects this weekend and must say that I absolutely love the end results!!  I decided to give my half bath bathroom cabinets a little make-over.  I took the plain old ugly oak cabinets and decided to prim them up a little bit with some Olde Century Paint.  If you haven’t had the chance to experience this paint then you definitely need to give it a try.  It can be expensive, but if you plan on enjoying something for many years to come then it is worth the investment.   I decided to use primmer this time around instead of sanding and it worked out just fine.  I then decided to paint my cabinet doors a color that would match my walls and border that I already had up.  I liked my bathroom, but didn’t care for the plain cabinets.  I chose the Olde Brick Red for my cabinet doors.  Here are a couple before pictures……



Here are the after pictures…..



So, what do you all think?  It was fast and easy and what a make-over!!  Gotta love what a little prim paint can do for a room.


I also decided to dive into yet another project on Sunday.  Yep, I gotta stay busy and that is exactly what I did this past weekend.  Mom was wanting her bathroom cabinets painted so I re-finished her master bathroom for her.  Here are a couple before pictures….



We once again went with Olde Century Paints and we chose the Goldenrod Yellow for her master bathroom cabinets.  I applied dark walnut stain to my cabinets as well as her cabinets just to give them a more prim look and to finish them off.  Here is the after pictures…..  we also did some decorating too. 





I still have to add knobs to both sets of cabinets, but I am working on that today.  I am staining some wood knobs in the dark walnut for my cabinets and adding black knobs to my Mom’s.  So, do you all love the prim colors or what?!?


I have some more goodies to share with you, but that will have to wait til tomorrow.  For now I wanted to share some exciting news with all of you.  Mom and I made a trip to North Shore Primitives on Saturday.  We had a wonderful time and I was so very excited when the owner (Vicki) told me that I should bring in some of my signs and game boards to her shop.  She said that she would absolutely love it if she could sell some of my stuff in her store.  Did you hear that ladies?!?  What an honor for me!!!!  I was so excited and so thankful when she mentioned that.  So, I need to start working on some stuff and take it in to her and probably go shopping once again.  Gotta love having another excuse to go shopping in her wonderful prim store.  I just think it will be neat to see my stuff hanging up in her shop.  Can you sense the excitement in my voice?!?  Yep, I am smiling from ear to ear!!

Well, ladies I better run for now.  I have a little boy that is telling me that he is SO SO hungry for mac & cheese.

Until Next Time…..Blessings Always!!


~Leslie Lemke~ said...

I love your projects! You did a great job! It is so exciting to see the light at the end of the tunnel! Have a great day!

Karen~The Barely There Primitive Bear said...

I love red and it sure makes a difference in your bathroom!
Your Mom's cabinets sure are cute, too..Between the two of you, you can prim the world! LoL...

Bear Hugs~Karen

Leah Kate said...

Those cabinets look great! How exciting to have your signs sold in one of your favorite stores!

Mandy in Mayberry said...

Sorry - that comment above was from me. I didn't realize my daughter was signed in!

Carmen C. said...

OH LISA~ I don't know which I love more the red or the yellow, awesome job!!!!! YAY for you getting to sell your signs in that shop too, you will be Soooo busy, congrats:)

Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

What wonderful new Lisa!! WOOHOO! YOu are in business!! and of course I love the make overs too!!

american girl primitives said...


Boy you sure have been busy this weekend, but it has paid off because the cabinets look wonderful! Any suggestions for someone with cherry cabinets, give it some thought. Congrats on your new prim job with the signs sounds like a win win!


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Great makeovers Lisa, both look just wonderful!

Congrats on having your signs and gameboards in her prim shop!!!


darlarauch said...

Love Love the cabinets, your and your moms, wow, what a difference paint makes~ I also love how you decorated in your moms bathroom,,,, love the curtain, and the shelf on the wall behind the toilet looks great!!

So happy for you about having your things sold in the prim store, is it not far from you?~

Thanks so much for sharing your pictures with us,always love looking at your pictures!

I really like your new header picture too~
hugs, Darla

Kris ~ Simply Prim said...

Great makeovers, Lisa! I love the colors you chose, too! It definitely gave the bathrooms a little "pop".
Congrats on your new business venture! I'm sure you will do very well!

Take care,

Sherrie said...

Great make-overs and great news, my friend!!Both baths look awesome. I know you are soooo proud of yourself and to have your prim goods in one of your favorite shops is going to be so much fun. Something tells me you will be doing a lot more shopping there with the proceeds. I need to get an order in for the "homespun" sign before you get rich and famous!! I would like one just like you did for yourself, so let me know if you can fit me in!! Have a good week and tell "mom" hello. Hugs, Sherrie

Sherrie said...

Great make-overs and great news, my friend!!Both baths look awesome. I know you are soooo proud of yourself and to have your prim goods in one of your favorite shops is going to be so much fun. Something tells me you will be doing a lot more shopping there with the proceeds. I need to get an order in for the "homespun" sign before you get rich and famous!! I would like one just like you did for yourself, so let me know if you can fit me in!! Have a good week and tell "mom" hello. Hugs, Sherrie

Tammy ~ A Primitive Place said...

I love the cabinets!! They look wonderful!!
And how exciting!!
But Im not surprised, all of your signs and boards are wonderful!!
Of course she would want to sell them in her shop. ;)
Cant wait to see what else you have been up too!!
Everything you do is so inspiring.
Take Care,

Backwoodsprim said...

Congrats on the gameboards!
That is sooo nice!
Mrs. Vicki is a very precious person!
If ya look around,ya might see a few "backwoods" pieces at North Shore.... :)
Told ya it was a great place didn't I???

Have a great week!

Farm Field Primitives said...

You did a great job on the cupboards!! Congrats on the sign selling. Isn't it great to know someone loves what you make!!! Hope all goes well. It is going to be warmer in NW Ohio this week...hope it will be for you too.

Anonymous said...

Love your red cabinet!! It is so nice now that your mom lives close
to you and you can go and help
her with her decorating. Oh such fun.

I am sure your gameboards will sale well. Good Luck!

Wooster OH

Claudia said...

Wow, they look great! You are tempting me to do mine...I just have to convince hubby, lol. Where do you purchase Old Century Paints?

Sheila said...

I love seeing your cabinet makeovers! and I'm glad to read that you are feeling much better and have great things to look forward to. Good for you. I'm going to have to buy one of your signs pretty soon.

Linda* ~ TheKeepingroom said...

Lisa..When do you sleep, you're always as busy as a bee...and what a good daughter you are!

Black Sheep Lisa said...

The cabinets in your bathroom and your moms are just great! What a difference is right! Great job Lisa. Love that black shelf in you moms bathroom too! Congrats on a new oppertunity with your signs and gameboards, alittle extra cash for more Prims! LOL

Tonya said...

Two more great makeovers. I love the red but there's something about the yellow that speaks to me. I wish I could get up the nerve to paint my cabinets. You make it look so easy but I'm sure I'd find a way to make a mess of things.

Carla said...

Love the makeovers. Paint makes such a big difference. I like the red, but really like the goldenrod. I'm wanting to do my kitchen cabinets, but just hate to start!
Congrats on the new venture. Good luck and I'm sure you will do well.

Donna~One Simple Country Girl said...

Love the way those cabinets turned out! I may have to give that a try on my kitchen cabinets! Great job!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I love your cabinet redos..and that is exactly what I want to do with mine..can you tell me where to get the paint and stain you used?
Have a good one.:)

Pam said...

Congrats to you on selling your prim goodies in that prim shop...that is just so exciting!
I love your cabinet do an awesome job!

LeeHillPrimitives said...

Hi Lisa, Congratulations for your new selling business. Love your makeovers. Great job on both.

Sandy said...

I really like both colors of the cabinets. I think they turned out prim perfect :) Now I must go on the hunt and see of someone sells that kind of paint in my neck of the woods. I never heard of it before?!?!

I do have a question though...I am positive that the cabinet doors are solid wood but are the rest of the cabinets also or is it just that laminate wood look? Because my kitchen cabinets are made that way and I am thining that it could be rather difficult to paint...what do you think?

Anonymous said...

Love both of the bathroom make-overs!!
Congrats on your new business venture!! I'm so happy and excited for you!! I just know that your signs and game-boards will do great in her shop.
I told my sister that I would take her to North Shore Primitives sometime soon...I know that she will love it since her house was built in 1861 and she is decorating it very primitive.
Hope you are having a great week.
p.s. No baby Peyton yet!!

carolyn@primitive~devotion said...

Love the bathroom make-overs! And congrtas on being asked to sell your wares! Good for you, girl! Now get busy! LOL!
Have a great week!

UPON A HILL said...

LOVE everything! You make it all look so easy. Great job! I really like your star lamp in your header!


luvprim said...

Great job!! I love looking at your blog and the projects you have done. I also think we don't live that far a part. I too live in Ohio, Hillsboro to be exact. I occasionaly shop at North Shore Primitives,(Love that shop) so I can't wait to see you items there!!

~*Marie*~ said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the red and my question too was where do you buy the paint, I have never seen it and I am getting ready for a big bathroom re-do! I would love to do my cabinets in red, but whatever color I choose I want to choose the right paints.

Anonymous said...

Where di you get your curtains that are in your "header" picure and in your Mom's bathroom? I LOVE them and NEED them badly.....
pretty, pretty please, tell me if I can order them online. ~Amy

Angie Berry said...

Oh yes! I love both your bathroom cabinet makeovers! Great color choices! It's surprising how much paint can change the whole look of a room. Wonderful job!

How exciting about getting to sell your game boards! I'm sure you will do well. I would buy every single one if I had the $$! =]