Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Where have I been?

With vacation fast approaching...... I have been one busy gal. We finally got our whole fence painted which was a chore. I told DH that I wanted it all painted before we left for Myrtle Beach so I definitely had to stay on top of him to get it done. Ok, I wasn't really on top of him, but you all know what I mean - right? My DH and I are totally different from one another. Once I start a project, I normally tackle it like crazy until it is finished, but my DH likes to do some today, maybe a little tomorrow, some next week and then a month later it is completed. Oh, it drives me crazy when he does that, but I knew I wasn't about to do it when I just got done finishing the kitchen. I also wanted to tell you all that once we get back from the beach....... I am going to put down new kitchen countertops. I have been looking and looking for the perfect countertop to match, but I have decided to go with wood countertops. I prepare all my stuff on a cutting board so that won't be anything I have to worry about and after a stain put over them to match my knobs on my cabinet doors and a coat of lacquer then I think they should look perfectly prim. What do you all think? My in-laws just made some wood countertops themselves and it turned out quite nice plus I saw it done at one of my favorite prim stores (North Shore Primitives). I can't wait to get them finished, a new sink put in and my new faucet. Yep, I am pretty excited to get it all completed.
So, with packing and cleaning the house, I have been one busy gal. I don't know about all of your, but when I leave for a trip, I like to have my home nice and clean so I don't have to clean when I get home. I also wanted to get a few other projects done before I left for the beach. Have I ever shared with you all the picture of my Garden Guy? Well, here he is and I am showing it for a dear bloggy friend (Kathy B.) that does not have a blog, but visits frequently. She is also a dear friend of Linda's from Behind my Red Door. She too has a Garden Guy and I promised that I would share a picture on my blog for her. So, there you have it Kathy. I normally have birdseed in his little box, but there are also times that I line the box with coffee filters and plant some flowers too. They both look great! Speaking of coffee filters....... have you ever used them for your flower pots? I do every single year and they are GREAT!! It is a wonderful way to line the bottom of a pot, still allow water to escape, but it also helps keep all the dirt in your flower pot - right where it belongs. Neat idea - huh?
Do you all remember this bread box? Well, I bought it at the Goodwill Store when I went out with Cindy from Cynthia Lee Designs. I bought it for $2.99 which I thought was a great deal. It was in great shape, but it didn't quite match my decor so I am in the process of painting it black. The process is slow because of the type of wood, but hopefully it will look ok when I am done with it. I am going to use it for a "HIDE ALL" for my husband. Uh yeah, I am hoping that when he comes home from being out that he will throw his keys, wallet, cell phone, watch, sunglasses and whatever else he has in there instead of on my good Amish Made cupboard that is in my kitchen. He can sometimes get a little careless, throw stuff on there and scratch up the top of my cupboard (URGHHH). Sometimes he just doesn't think! So, stay tuned for the make-over on the bread box/hide-all box.
Oh - I am sure you all remember this beauty - right? What is there not to remember?!? It is primtastic and has so much potential, but I still have yet to paint it. I love it, but I am afraid to paint it and pick the wrong color (lol). Yep, believe it or not, but I am just hesitant to paint it and then not like it. So, what color do you all think I should paint it? I am going to put it in my entry way and decorate it with some of my prim cuties that I have received from several gals here in blog land. I have some cute little checkerboards from Cindy to place up there, a cute little basket from Carrie to hang from a peg and a few other prim pretties. So, what color ladies? What color are you imagining that I should paint it? I was thinking black, then I was thinking a light yellow ochre or a buttermilk, but I just can't decide. Do you all remember what else is in my entry way? I have a long shelf that is kinda like a buttermilk color, I just recently re-did the floor in the entry way and then I have that cute little bench and that prim chair that I bought at the antique mall awhile back. So, with all that being said....... let me know your thoughts! I will post again in a couple days with the results on my bread box/hide-all box.


kathy said...

Thanks so much Lisa for posting the pic of your Garden Guy....I really love him, and especially like the idea of using it for a bird feeder!!! I have never seen one like that, but I sure do like it. The face on my guy has turned dark and I'm not sure what I can do about it....still love it though. I like his tie and commented to dh one day not long ago about making a bow tie for mine, but he was not liking that idea! Maybe I can show him your's with the tie instead :-)
Will look forward to seeing your bread box....and I hope your dh will put it to good use!
enjoy your day....blessings, kathy

Susannah said...

Hi Lisa, That garden guy looks great.....what a nice addition to the garden!

But , oh ..am I drooling over the wood counter tops. I have always wanted them in my kitchen. I can not wait to see how they turn out. I know it will be terrific!

I can kind of remember your foyer. ...and I think the shelf would look nice black????? What ever you decide will be super.


At Home With Amy said...

Let us know how much trouble you had painting that breadbox please. I have a few pieces made from the same material and I didn't think they would take the paint nicely even if I primed and sanded first. I am not a patient person either so if it isn't an easy process, I will just forget it.
Wood countertops would be fantastic. Please be sure and post pics of the process as you go along. I'm so excited about it and it isn't even my countertops.
Enjoy your day Lisa.

Bittersweet Primitives said...

Lisa, my you have been a busy gal. So much to do, so little time. I hope you have the BEST, BEST vacation and try to rest (?) and enjoy, and shop, and munch, and, well you get the picture. Have a great time. Sherie

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Hi Lisa,
I love the garden guy, I'm going to have to look for one:) Thanks for the hint on the coffee filters, I didn't know that so maybe next year I'll be using them:)

I'd love wood counters too...can't wait to see yours:)

This Country Girl said...


I guess it's a woman thing because I don't like to leave for a vacation unless my house is clean! Maybe it's because we come home to dirty clothes and stuff to wash and we want to be welcomed into a clean home!

You make me tired with all the stuff you're up to! You DO stay busy! You are definitely a go-getter!

I'm kind of split on the color I would pick for the shelf. I do like black especially with game boards, but I think the buttermilk might look good too. Guess I'm no help!


Anonymous said...

Your garden guy is so cute.
We are going to Myrtle Beach the middle of September. No crowds
and the rates are down.

Susan in Wooster