Thursday, June 11, 2009

Not Related to Prims at All

I wish I had something related to prims to post for all of you prim lovers, but quite frankly I have something much better then any primitive or antique piece. I know alot of you might not find this little subject too interesting, but I must say that this precious little boy is the most precious thing that has been grabbing alot of my attention lately. I haven't been doing much of anything when it comes to painting, sanding or primming up anything. I guess I was worn out after filling orders and perhaps my kitchen cabinet project just wore me out FINALLY. Anyway, it was kinda rainy today and I just spent alot of time with Cameron. Awhile back I bought some wood blocks at a garage sale and we have been playing with these blocks non-stop since I bought them. Now granted he has tons of other blocks, but he LOVES these old wooden blocks. He likes to build "block towers". He actually came up with the name "block towers" and I really have no idea where he came up with it, but it fits it perfectly. Anyway, I just wanted to share this sweet picture of Cameron with all of you. Everytime he wakes up in the morning or wakes up from his nap....... this is what I am greeted with. Do you all see that most precious smile? Oh yes, that is the smile that melts my heart every single day of my life since Jan 2007. He is the light of my world and he is indeed the most precious gift that I have ever received. It was so cute tonight when we went out to grab some Mexican. Cameron was sitting next to me, he stood up on the booth to reach across for some chips and cheese dip, ate the chip, took a drink, laid his head on my shoulder and looked at me. I looked down at him as he was looking up at me and he said "Guess What Mommy". I said "What is it Cameron?" and he said "I love you Mommy". Seriously - can life be any better then that? I have been blessed with the most beautiful boy (in my eyes) and he is all that I have ever wanted in a child and more. He is just so happy, healthy, smart and loving and well I just love him to pieces!!!!
I have received quite a few e-mails from gals telling me that they think it is great that I spoke out about how I conceived my son and to be honest with you all....... I never thought for a second that it was anything to be ashamed about. INFERTILITY is not a pretty thing at all. I feel very strongly that unless you have walked a day in someones shoes that has gone through infertility problems then you probably don't quite understand the depth or the meaning of it all. Don't get me wrong...... I am not saying that you aren't caring to the subject or supportive, but I have known alot of gals including myself that have struggled for years to get pregnant and after months and years of taking HPT's and them coming up negative...... well, it quite simply takes a toll on you. It took a toll on me, my marriage and my walk with God, but then something shook me to the core and I woke up. I became closer to God, closer to my husband and now look at me. I have been blessed with this beautiful boy. I know that alot of people might not agree with IVF or any type of fertility treatments for that matter and to be honest with all of you...... I don't quite agree with it, IF someone is going to take advantage of it and not make wise decisions when it comes time to transfer embryos, but I do know that I would have never become pregnant, experienced what it was like to carry a child, give birth to my son and be a Mom if it wasn't for the wonderful doctors that treated me at Ohio Reproductive. We were wise when it came time to make a decision and in the end it all worked out for the best. Alot of people ask me if I would like to have more children. My answer would be........ of course if we conceived naturally. I remember praying before my IVF procedure, I was down on my knees and praying with tears in my eyes.......begging for God to bless me with a child. I didn't care if it was a boy or girl, but I wanted him/her to be happy and healthy and have blue eyes like his/her Daddy (lol). I know, I know, why throw that in, but it was just something I have always wanted. I only had O-N-E chance for it to work and low and behold it worked. I told God that if he were to bless me with a child that I would not be greedy and ask for more then one child. Now, I am the happiest stay at home Mom that you would probably ever see. I enjoy every day with my son and tomorrow will be no different. We are heading to the Zoo and the Waterpark for a day of sun and fun. I can't wait and he can't either. Motherhood is more then I ever dreamt it could be and so much more. My prayer tonight is that all of those women out there dealing with infertility will soon have their dreams come true as well. I pray that God will bless you with a child of your own to love and enjoy. They are indeed the most precious gifts from God above! God Bless....... until next time.


Janet - underthewillow said...

Hi Lisa!....your enthusiasm for Motherhood brings back such fond memories for me from when my two boys were little....they too were the most joyous things imagineable to me....then they grew up and became teenagers!! the joy part is....well let's just say....not so much!!....enjoy your little darling because it all goes by much too quickly, have fun! Janet

Sherrie said...

Oh, how precious and blessed this handsome little guy is!! A beautiful post that I'm sure will inspire alot of readers. I was so blessed to have 3 beautiful and healthy daughters who are now my best friends. God is so good.
Walking in other's shoes does give you a different outlook on situations. I am so glad God answered your prayer the way you wanted him too. It doesn't always go that way and we have to be strong enough in his belief to accept and understand! May your family continue to be blessed my friend. Hugs, Sherrie

Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

You know what Lisa - while many of us LOVE LOVE LOVE to share our prims and shopping and all that fun stuff, I know I am speaking for many of the gals that follow both of us when I say that none of it would matter if it weren't for our families. So you go right on showing that sweet boy. I know how precious he is after all you went through to bring him into the world. And you are so right when you say we can't know the depth of it. I have a dear friend who never conceived and while I was with her at many MANY appointments etc, I still can never know what she felt.

But I do know the joy of seeing your child smiling at you each morning and there is nothing more wonderful than that!!

Many hugs to you and Cameron, Linda

Kris said...

Hi Lisa,

Your son is so adorable and I'm so glad you were blessed to have him.
Children are such precious gifts. It's unfathomable to think of how many people in this world don't agree, especially when you hear so many stories of children being abandoned or murdered.
As you know, my daughter has Down Syndrome. When she was born, she had to spend her first 10 days at a children's hospital (she had some medical issues). My husband and I got grilled to death about "are you sure you want to keep her?" We were really offended! Of course we're going to keep her, she's our child! One of my sisters works at that children's hospital and she said you wouldn't believe how many children are abandoned because their parents didn't want them because they were born with some sort of abnormality! How sad!! And, unfortunately, we have come across a few kids that one of the parents have left because they couldn't deal with the responsibilties (and it's not always the Dad!). Again, I'm amazed by the heartlessness that some people have, especially when there are so many people out there that would do anything to have a child.
Well, on a positive note, I hope you enjoy your day at the zoo. It's suppose to be nice today.

Take care my friend,

ohiofarmgirl said...

You are blessed...I feel the same way about my children and I didn't have any problems getting pregnant.
I so adore my children and know that they have changed my life such wonderful ways. I have been home with them since my oldest daughter was 5 and she is now 21. The other two are 17 and soon to be 16. Treasure the moments while they are small because the time goes quickly. Dianntha

Here goes my life said...

Lisa,He is so precious.There is nothing like the smile and laughter of a child to bring joy to your life.What an awesome thing to wake up to everyday.I am so happy that God blessed you with this sweet little boy.Enjoy your day of fun and take lots of pics.

Carmen C. said...

What a lovely post Lisa, your cute little guy is so blessed to have such a wonderful loving momma, and God has truly blessed you with such a wonderful little guy:)Sounds like you have lots of fun times together!

Goat Creek Grandma said...

Cameron is a beautiful little boy. Wendell and I had always hoped for a baby of our own but was never blessed that way. We were blessed with a beautiful grandson though who is the light of our life. I don't know what I would do without Jaygen in my life.

Thank you so much for sharing this post. *hugs*


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Hi Lisa,
You brought back some bittersweet memories for me today, how I remember going into get then out of the crib and the sweet smile that would greet me, so long ago but seems just like yesterday. I always enjoyed being a mom and yes, even being pregnant so my thinking is...why would I deny a woman who can't get pregnant the right to hold her own baby and experence the feeling that I was feeling just because she recieved that baby a different way then I did! You just enjoy that sweet blessing that God gave you!

Betsy said...

Lisa, Thanks for sharing your pics of Cameron. This brings back lots of memories for me of when my kids were little. Thanks for reminding me.
Hope you have a great day out.


Susannah said...

Hi just keep on writing about your darling little boy. My children are out on their own and have children now. You brought back such wonderful memories of me being their Mom!

Have a fun day out and you can kiss him and love him all you want!

The Whites said...

Lisa, thanks for sharing with us! Cameron is a very blessed little boy to have you for a mama!

Have fun with your little guy this weekend!


Carrie said...

Thank you for sharing your story. Cameron is an absolute cutie pie!! I agree with all of the other ladies when they say that you can talk (or post) about Cameron WHENEVER you want!!

My two are almost 16 and 18 so I miss the days of playing with blocks, etc. So, you post away sister...because I love all of the memories you brought back to me tonight!!

Hugs!! Carrie♥