Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Dream House, Decorating & Garage Sales

It has been a couple days since we got home from the beach and I must say that I am already missing it. I love the fact that we could go to the beach whenever we wanted to, didn't have a care in the world and well there is nothing better then listening to the waves crash up against the shore. I had noticed that since the last time we had been there which was about 5 years ago that they built this beautiful beach house right on the oceanfront. It was huge and I must say that I could totally be happy in it. Oh, to sit here and think about all the prim pretties that you could decorate each room with is just so exciting to think about. Yep, I think I could be happy in that HUGE beach house. What about you?
We decided to stay in a condo that wasn't on the oceanfront due to the balconies. I didn't want to have to worry about Cameron and the balcony so we stayed back in the resort a little bit. Well, let me just tell you that the people that owned the condo had NO IDEA how to decorate. I walked in and noticed beautiful hardwood floors throughout the condo. I almost killed myself on them because they had them cleaned so perfectly, but they were so slippery. I was certain that this condo was going to be BEAUTIFUL. Well, I then noticed this NOT SO LOVELY hanging over the entertainment center. I was sitting on the couch trying my best to figure out WHAT IN THE WORLD these people were thinking when they hung this lovely decor up on the wall. That is when I figured out that they weren't thinking (lol). We like elephants and we love going to the zoo, but seriously this thing was hideous!! Oh and look at those oh so lovely candle holders!! Uh yeah, the owners definitely needed a lesson or two on how to decorate a "beach side condo".
Oh yes, I think they need to sell that bad boy in a garage sale. Speaking of garage sales - we are planning on having one soon. I plan on going through all of my plastic totes and seeing what prim cuties I can sell so if you are interested then please keep an eye out on my selling blog. I will be posting items out there at real good prices and who knows....... you might just find something you are looking for. Stay Tuned and keep an eye out on Londonberry Primitives for some items that might just catch your eye!!


UPON A HILL said...

Hi Lisa,

Did you stay in the north end of the beach? That condo looks familiar. Living down south for 4 years, not many people where I lived decorated my our style there. It was a little different.

Wendy said...

I know what you mean Lisa our duplex was really nice on one side and almost rundown look on the other! It smelled musty too in the end bedrooms, all in all we had a great time though in Cape cod, glad you all had a great time!!!:0)

Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

That looks like ethnic style decorating. Maybe it was the style from where they came? Glad you had fun anyway!

hugs, Linda

sonyadawn said...

hey lisa. don't you just hate coming home from the ocean... i know i do, my DH have said for years, " next year lets stay for 2 weeks" well next year we are finally going to do it. i can't wait. i have even been buying new swimsuits as i find them on clearence. i love the beach house you photographed. i could so live there.
thanks for sharing

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

How nice to have condo to stay in! That house sure is huge I think I'd get lost in it.LOL

PS I'll be keeping my eye out for Londonberry Primitives!

UPON A HILL said...

Oh Lisa, that is why I thought it looked so familiar. That is where we stay all the time. I love Ocean Creek. We stay in the Condos also. What a great place that it is. The last time we were there; Thanksgiving before last. Great place to have Thanksgiving. They have so much to choose from & no clean up. I loved it!!!