Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tweaking, Thinking & Thoughts

Do you all remember this tall ladder? Well, I had my FIL cut off the bottom rung so I could just get it into my house and I was happy that I did that because quite frankly...... it was just WAY to tall to fit into my family room. Anyway, I knew that I wanted to display my old quilts that were my great grandma's and I thought that they looked great on here. The only thing about this picture is that I feel like something is missing. It needs something, but I am just not sure what. I have a whole bunch of "S" hooks so I can always put an "S" hook on the top rung and perhaps hang a basket or something from it, but I just wasn't sure and wanted your opinion. So, what do you all think? Do you think the quilts look ok? Can you tell that there are 3 different quilts by the way that I have them hanging or should I change it? Hmmm, I just can't think anymore!!
Here is my lovely bread box that I bought at the Goodwill Store for $2.99. I re-finished it to give it a more prim look and I think it looks great. I took all my hubby's stuff that he just throws around every where and stuck it in there. That way we can hide it all instead of having it all out in the open. I also put a few things on top to add a little color. The "Simplify" sign is an item that I won in a giveaway. Don't you love how it looks on top of my hide-all box?
TA-DA - See, look at all his stuff that he just had laying around. Well, it is all hiding away nicely in this cute little prim bread box. Yep, I think that is quite a great idea. Now you all better run out and find on yourselves because I am CERTAIN that not a single man puts things away where they are SUPPOSE to go. Do they? If you have a man like that then I gotta meet him and shake his hand for a job well done (lol).
Do you all remember this beauty? Well, it is one of my hide-n-seek spots. I had to cut something off the back in order to use it, but after some great thinking....... I was able to use it. I loved it and knew I wanted to use it, but I just had to do a little thinking and become more familiar with the saw. Do you all have a guess as to what is behind this little beauty?
Well, if you guessed that my thermostat was behind it then you are CORRECT!! Ding Ding Ding..... you win a prize : ) Just kidding!! You don't win a prize, but you can have bragging rights..... does that work for you? It looks like it is on the wall crooked, but trust me - it isn't. The thing that was causing me problems is that they had a board on the left side of the back of the box. Not the side, but the back. Not sure why or what it was used for because you can still see through the one side and actually see the thermostat so I cut that board off and it allowed me to use it. It is still pretty close to the side of the wall, but at least it isn't hanging over the edge. You wonder why the maker of this box didn't enclose the other side of it. Does a thermostat really need room to breath? Just another thing to think about. Do you have any thoughts about that ladies?
Well, I was able to make a paper towel holder out of something I already had. Do you remember that old box that I bought at the antique mall a long while back that I put my old jars in that had the cute prim labels? Well, I decided to hide my paper towels in that box. I drilled holes on the side of the box and used the ladder rung that my FIL cut off from the ladder that I have my quilts on. I sanded the run a little bit to make it more smooth, slipped it into the holes along with the paper towels and VOILA....... here is my paper towel holder. I also put my salt and pepper shakers in the box as well since the red holder doesn't quite match the red on my walls. Don't you love how it turned out? The neat thing is that I can also close up that door and hide the paper towels. Gotta love hide-n-seek spots!!
Well, only 3 more days til we leave for the beach. I have been doing laundry, cleaning and switching things around in the kitchen and getting ready for us to leave. Granted we don't leave til Sunday, but we are excited - can't ya tell? I just want to make sure I don't have to rush around to do things. I am one of those gals that hates to rush around. I like to take my time and hopefully if I do that then I won't forget anything!


girliegirl said...

Lisa, I like your quilts on your ladder. I've always wanted one of those too. Great idea to trim it down a bit. I also like your thermostat hiding cover. It turned out great. The paper towel holder looks good too. I like the way it sits.


basketsnprims said...

Your ladder looks great with your quilts & how you must treasure them. Maybe on the top rung you could hang a basket or maybe a couple bunches of dries tied with jute or homespun?? Love the breadbox, thermostat cover, and the paper towel holder, too. How clever you are to use the rung from the ladder. Have a wonderful vacation.

This Country Girl said...


I love all your prim secret hideaways! They're great!

I do love the quilts on the ladder. I also love homespun hung on a ladder, but I do like the idea of maybe adding a basket, like Pam said, to the quilts!

Almost vacation time...hope ya'll have a great time!


theolde stone house said...

Have fun on vacation. I was on vacation last week. It went too fast.

My dad has the same type ladder in his garage. I keep trying to talk himo out of it. I want it for quilts too. They look great on there.

I love your projects. My brother gave me a saw while I was visiting him. I can't wait to get some time to set it up and use it. Thanks for all the inspiration.


LeeHillPrimitives said...

Love the quilts on your ladder. Thanks for sharing your thermostat cover, nice idea (I need one for my house).

Kath said...

Hey you, 'member me?? :)
Thanks for your sweet comments about Ava.
I love all your goodies you've posted!
what great ideas you come up with!!

Have a happy weekend...and enjoy your vacation!!


Kris said...

Hey there, girlie!

You're gonna tweak all the way up to vacation, aren't you! LOL
I love the quilts on the ladder. They look great. I have one in my family room that I love. Suggestion - what about a bunch of sweet annie tied with jute or homespun and hang, not on the top rung, but the one with the quilt, off to the side. Just a thought. :)
I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE your paper towel holder. How very clever! Although, I have to admit, I was hoping to see some more of your jigsaw abilities! :)
Take care my friend and enjoy a very happy, relaxing and sun-filled vacation!


Dawn said...

Lisa, love th epaper towel holder, never seen one of em and I'm loving all your goodies.

PrimKarlee said...

Have a wonderful and safe vacation! Karen

Tammy ~ A Primitive Place said...

Great post. My gosh, you sure are creative. And I am soooo jealous about your ladder!! LOL!! I have wanted one of those Forever! Everything looks wonderful. ~Tammy

Susannah said...

Hi Lisa.....I just love the paper towel holder! You did a great job with that! The ladder looks very nice with your Grandma's quilts. I keep changing the things on my ladder...sometimes quilts ...sometimes prims. It's all fun!
Have a teriffic and relaxing vacation with your family. What a vacation tradition you are starting.....such happy times!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,
Love your quilts on the ladder! I agree with Pam that you could hang some bunches of dries or baskets...maybe even try a bunch of dries and a small basket. I know that whatever you do, it will turn out great.
Also love the thermostat cover!...I want one for ours, but my DH says that the thermostat won't read correctly if I cover it up. So, I guess I'll just have to drool over yours and others that have them! LOL...
Great paper towel holder that you made!! Love it...looks great!
Have a wonderful vacation!!
hugs, Cindy

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Hi Lisa, I know your busy getting ready for your vacation but last night I was looking at the new Country Sampler and thought of you when I came to pg 30 of my fav home. You can only see half of the ladder but it does give you an idea of how to decorate one if you want to take a look:)

Goat Creek Grandma said...

I love the ladder Lisa. It looks wonderful with your old quilts hanging off of it. I like the bread box for your hubbies stuff, unfortunately my man would end up piling everything on top of it. I just don't know what to do with him somedays. :)

Hope your staying cool,

bzsclmom said...

I love your ladder, I have one too that my dh cut in half for me to use for my quilts. I have a stuffed heart hanger on the top, made out of an old cutter quilt.
Love your thermostat cover, but my dh won't let me have one-he says the thermostat needs to be able to read the room temp in order to work correctly. So I'll just have to go on wanting one, I guess!
My dh uses some salt glazed bowls to throw his things into at the end of the day. Now, if only I could come up with a good place for him to throw all his loose papers and notebooks from meetings!

Laura :) said...

Blog lurker here! My uncle gave me a ladder a while back and it was tall so my dh cut it in half and now I have 2 ladders for display. Not sure if you would want to do that but I thought I'd mention it.

Love your blog!

Laura :)

ohiofarmgirl said...

Things are looking great. I think I would put a smaller lap quilt on the top of it....HTH. Dianntha

Anonymous said...