Saturday, June 20, 2009

More Decorating Before Vacation

It has actually been a great day today. My hubby is out umpiring girls softball which he loves to do and I have been taking care of Cameron, cleaning and decorating. Yep, I was finally able to put my black shelf up that I re-finished after buying it at a local thrift store for $5.33 - I was thrilled when I went on a Tuesday and it was half off Tuesday (WOOHOO). Gotta love great finds and great deals!! It was hard trying to find smaller items to decorate the shelf, but after going through so many totes....... I was finally able to complete the look I was wanting. My gameboard is from my good pal Cindy @ Cynthia Lee Designs, my little bear (a Dru Ann McCarty original) is the same bear that I had out on my Amish made cupboard, but I thought he would look cute out there in the entry way. I won the bowl in a giveaway from Anne's blog @ Season's of the Past and my Believe candle is an item that I received from Carrie @ UnMatched Socks. The flag is an item that I had in a tote, along with my little saltbox house that I purchased at Craft 2000 a little while back and the black basket is from Carrie's giveaway as well. Lots of cute goodies - huh? I thought the sweet annie looked great hanging from one of the pegs. So, do you all think it looks ok?

So, do you all notice anything about this picture below?
Here is where I ended up putting my little prim pillow from Cindy. Don't you love the little sheep on it with the crow on his head? So prim and I too like Cindy..... love sheep!
Ok, back to this picture...... so do you recognize anything about this picture? Look closely! Well, if you guessed that my thermostat cover is missing from the previous post then you are correct. Yep, it didn't even last a day. My husband knocked it off the wall yesterday morning as he was rushing through the house and NOT being careful. Uh yeah, I have told him many a times to slow down and BE MORE CAREFUL, but I am beginning to think that it just isn't in him to be careful. Yep, it broke and I am sure it is fixable, but I am also POSITIVE that he would probably knock it off again sometime VERY soon if I put it back up. So, it is back in one of my prim totes for right now. So, after the start to the bad, not so good day yesterday, I was ready to clean and decorate after he left this morning. We are all packed and ready to go for the beach and I am quite excited. I am a firm believer that you can sometimes live too close to in-laws and after this week....... I am ready for a break! Myrtle Beach can't come fast enough!!!! Anyway, I decided to hang this little saying that my Mom gave to me right above the thermostat. I am praying that good ole hubby doesn't knock that off the wall too. Do you all have clumsy husband's or am I just the lucky one? Anyway, I thought the little saying looked cute there. My Mom had her friend make it and she especially had Clara Mae put on the bottom. That was her Mom's name. I received my middle name from my Grandma. Ah Ha, something new that you didn't know about me - huh? I guess you all know my middle name now. Yep, no more secrets (lol).
Some of my lilies are finally in bloom out my garage. I don't think I have shared this with all of you before, but here is the side of our garage. My FIL made the stars for me, I purchased the little window from an Antique Mall years ago, added a few birdhouses o my church pew and nailed my cute little black crow to the back of it. Had my hubby put my black cat in the flower bed and then I also added my watering can. I still have yet to plant flowers in the window box, but perhaps I will get around to that soon. Anyway, I thought I would share this picture with you today. Alot of you gals are aching to see my flower beds, but they are truly a mess right now. I still have not been able to get out and mulch my beds, but hopefully I can soon after our vacation. I have all sorts of flowers in bloom right now....... my shasta daisies are growing like crazy weeds, my hollyhocks are blooming and beautiful, my plumbago, my gay feathers, my cone flowers and well the list goes on. I have slowly been adding pics to my Ohio Flowers website so if you are interested then be sure to check it out frequently for updated pics!!


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

I love your entryway Lisa, in fact we were probably working on our entryways at the same time! I love the idea of the chair so that's what I did with mine and it gave it alot more room instead of the bench I had in there before:) Love the bear too! Oh, and also the sampler!

Tammy ~ A Primitive Place said...

Everything looks fabulous!! And I absolutely Love your little antique chair. ~Tammy

PrimWyoGirl said...

I think your shelf looks great! What a nice combination. Love the gameboard with the bear. Hope you have a good vacation! Jayne

Anonymous said...

Nope my husband of 35 years is not clumbsy
and is very patient.
Save some sand on the beach
for us to have in September. :=)
Susan in Wooster OH

Anonymous said...

That should be husband of 38 years!
Susan in wooster OH

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,
Your shelf looks the little bear next to the game-board that I made. And the pillow looks wonderful on your chair. What a cute sampler!!
I went to the GW on Wednesday, but didn't find anything. I did find a small cupboard/table at "Home Again" for $9.00 that I'm going to redo and put beside a chair in the living room.
I hope you have a safe trip and a wonderful time on your vacation.

girliegirl said...


The shelf looks great and all of the things look on it. My DH has trouble with my stuff too getting in his way. You're not the only one. I love the stars and crows outside in your garden too. Have a safe and wonderful trip!


Artsy Fartsy said...

Lisa, you lucky dog!! Congrats on all the goodies you won from Beth!!! I was just looking at your blog and I am so in love with your ladder and quilt display!! I am going to be on the hunt for a ladder now, just gorgeous. Just wanted to stop by and say hello, thank you for all of the kind comments you leave on my posts, Thank you for inspiring me with your ladder pic!! Have a great weekend, Blessings, now I am going to go read more of your blog! Janna

Laura :) said...

Uh oh. Your dh sounds like mine. The reason I don't have a thermostat cover is because I know it will get knocked off the wall. I have actually shown my dh and my dd how to walk down the hall WITHOUT touching the wall and neither can do it. They are ALWAYS running into my stuff. Sigh.

Laura :)

Black Sheep Lisa said...

Wow, u have been a busy girl, I love everything! I have so much catching up to do! Have fun at Myrtle Beach!!!

DJ said...

I love reading your blog and seeing your primitive decorating. It's all so beautiful & well set up.

If I could redo my entire house, I would do primitive. Right now, it's just our bedroom & bath :)