Monday, August 31, 2009

Where should I begin?

This past weekend was absolutely wonderful.  I went to go visit my parents and I must add that it is always a great time!  My Mom and I went through every single box, every single plastic tote and weeded through goodies among goodies and I of course filled my totes up to the top.  Uh yeah, there was no room for lids (lol).  I mentioned to you in a previous post that my Mom was going to give me an old trunk that belonged to her parents and I received that this weekend.  I love it and it holds so many wonderful things inside.  I also received an old doll that belonged to my Grandpa’s Mom and I am told that it is probably well over 200 years old.  Here is a picture of the doll.  My great great grandmother (the original owner of the doll) made the dress.  She was also the doll dress maker for Lazarus until the factory started making the dresses.  Pretty neat – huh?  Gotta love the detail that was put into her dress.  She certainly was talented.

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Here are a few other things that I found in the trunk.  Precious keepsakes that I will treasure forever!!  Do any of you know how to make a keepsake box for a flag?  That is my Grandpa in the picture below.



This is my Grandma…. isn’t she beautiful?


This is a pretty neat story.  Here are some very old marbles that belonged to my Grandpa.  He actually won a marble championship competition back when he was 13 years old and these are the marbles that he won with.  Pretty neat – huh?  Like I said…… this trunk was full of lots of interesting and great memories!



Here are just a few old family photos that I thought I would post as well.  Who doesn’t love stuff like this?  I know that I love it!!  Thanks Mom for allowing me to have all of these wonderful treasures.  I will forever treasure them and take care of them.

This picture was of my aunt on the left and my Mom in the stroller.  Wasn’t my Mom just the cutest baby?


This is a picture of my Grandpa (Jack), my Grandma (Clara), my aunt (Susie) and my Mom.  Gotta love my Mom’s little belly shirt.


The last picture that I share with you all today is a picture of my grandparents.  I believe that this was their engagement picture.  Aren’t they a beautiful couple?  A beautiful couple that created a beautiful daughter, mother and friend in my Mom.  Thank you Lord for blessing me with such a wonderful family and sweet memories of my grandparents!  Another neat thing that I am sharing with you today is that I found in some of the albums that today is actually the Wedding Anniversary for my grandparents.  They were married on August 31, 1937.  Pretty special.


I hope you enjoyed some of the wonderful treasures that I shared with you today.  I know that I enjoyed them so I hope you did too.  My next post which will probably be shared tomorrow will feature some prim goodies that I received from Mom.  Oh ladies…. too bad you all don’t live close to my Mom.  She will be selling alot of prim goodness and other items in her garage sale.  Thanks for looking today.

Until Next Time……


carolyn@primitive~devotion said...

Oh, how beautiful! Love the doll and I am sure she is worth a small mint! I have a soft spot for dolls and teddy bears.

Treasures indeed! If I were you, I wouldn't be able to get a thing done until I had looked through everyhting in that trunk!

Enjoy yourself!

Susannah said...

Hi Lisa...over the years Mom gave me many treasures just like your Mom did. I still have them and they are "part of me"...just so special.

Your Grandma's doll is gorgeous. I have my grandmother's doll, too.

I totally know how you feel, Lisa. Things from the past get into our hearts and stay with us forever. It's so wonderful to just look at them and think of where they have been, who owned them and how they came into your family.

Anyways, you have a wonderful day.. checking out the treaures in the trunk.


Karen~The Barely There Primitive Bear said...

Lucky girl, what memories to share!
Have you traced your family tree? I know you would love doing it, if you haven't...It is so interesting to do so! I'll tell ya about mine sometime...If Antiques Roadshow comes to your area, take the doll to have her appraised....I want to go to your Mom's sale!!!
Thanks for sharing, I loved it!

Bear Hugs~Karen

Sherrie said...

Oh what a very special post today! I got all teary from the wonderful memories of your family that you shared. Kind of ironic that you are sharing this with hundreds of friends on the very day your grandparents began their journey together!!! Love everything...and the doll is very valuable but priceless to you, I am sure. It would be neat if you could have the flag and the picture of your grandfather put in a shadow box. I have seen it done by a framer but not sure how. I know you want to do this yourself but a framer may be able to steer you in the right direction. Such a SPECIAL TREASURE! Hope you have a good week, my friend! Sherrie

Black Sheep Lisa said...

OH my, great family treasures!
Sounds like time well spent!

Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

Oh Lisa!! What treasures you came home with! I can't wait until you share more!!

Denise said...

Oh, Lisa! You are indeed blessed to be given these wonderful family treasures!

I ejoyed all of the stories about them!


UPON A HILL said...

Thanks for sharing a part of your family history. That doll is beautifully awesome & such detail. You are blessed!

Kris ~ Simply Prim said...

What great family heirlooms, Lisa!!
Looking forward to seeing what other goodies you brought home!

Take care,

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

What wonderful treasures! I love the doll and all the old photos - I especially love the one of your mom in the little belly shirt!

basketsnprims said...

What a beautiful doll, Lisa, among all of the other wonderful treasures.

Kath ~★The Olde Weeping Cedar ★~ said...

What a wonderful post, Lisa... filled with such touching treasures! What beautiful keepsakes to have and pass along.

Enjoy your week!


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

I'm glad you had a good time sorting thur all those wonderful treasures Lisa! Love the doll and the old pictures:)

american girl primitives said...


I love all the pictures and photos of your family things. You are surely blessed!


american girl primitives said...


I love all the pictures and photos of your family things. You are surely blessed!


Anonymous said...

What wonderful treasures that you were given by your mom!! I have some things that were my grandparents...isn't it the greatest feeling to have these items that once belong to them!
Can't wait to see what else you got!!
hugs, Cindy