Tuesday, August 18, 2009

We need a break from this heat!

This heat has done NOTHING for my energy lately!  I have asthma so when it gets real hot outside and we have air quality alerts then I tend to stay inside and out of that nasty muggy air.  I have gone out a couple times to the garage and sanded a few small things and then brought them inside to finish them up.  I definitely don’t stay out there too long or else it gets pretty hard to breathe.  So, I haven’t really accomplished alot lately and thus have not much to share with you.  I know…. how disappointing!  I am however thinking that it is affecting alot of people because I am not seeing alot of you wonderful prim gals posting much either.  Does the heat have you in a rut too or are you just at a stand still?  I recently took a couple things to our local GW store and received my tax forms in return.  I love taking stuff there and unloading it and then of course going back in to see if there is anything I need (lol).  Doesn’t make much sense that I drop things off and then pick things up (hahahaha).  I have to be honest though…. I haven’t found much lately, but that is ok.  I feel like after the garage sale that I finally was able to unload some clutter and it feels pretty good!  I was able to organize and get things moved around, packed and stored and things are looking better in my home which is a good thing.  Do you remember this cute little wooden house that I bought a long while back at the GW store?  I bought it while shopping with Cindy @ Cynthia Lee Designs.


Well, I am happy to report that I finally took the time to paint it.  It turned out ok, but I am definitely not that great of a painter especially when it comes to painting such small details, but I gave it a try – right?


I also finished another sign and have the perfect place for it too.  I ordered this stencil along with a couple other new stencils and I am just getting around to using some of them.  I wanted this one so I could hang it above Cameron’s picture in my hallway.  Afterall, he is definitely a miracle in every possible way!  So, just when you think that miracles aren’t possible….. just remember that Miracles Happen, but they just happen in God’s time and not ours.  I had to remind myself of that constantly when I was going through fertility treatments and when I finally handed it all over to God, well things gently fell into place and we were able to get pregnant through IVF.  So, if you ever have any doubt….. just ask me because I will tell you over and over again that God allows Miracles to Happen every single day!


I also finally finished that cabinet that I bought at my local GW store.  If you recall, I painted it black, but it turned out to look more like a grayish black.  Well, I decided to sand it and see what it would look like after I was done with it.  So, that is what I did and then I applied the Dark Walnut Stain  to it and I think I am pretty pleased with it.  It definitely has a different look, but I think I could get use to it.  I will post pictures of it tomorrow so Stay Tuned!

I will also be adding more pictures of some signs and game boards to my selling blog so keep an eye out for those if you are interested.  Over the next couple of weeks I will be working on my trash bin that I bought at the GW store as well as my ladder back chairs to go with my new farm table.  I can’t wait to get those re-painted to match my table.

Not much more is happening here.  I went to the doctors yesterday and was told that I lost 5 lbs in 2 months so that was good news.  They are trying to get my diabetic meds regulated because quite frankly my glucose levels have been out of control so hopefully those will get back to normal soon.  I also had to get a pneumonia shot and boy oh boy does my arm hurt like the dickens!!  Oh – I hate getting shots like that because my arm will hurt for days and maybe even a week and well you myswell just throw it out the window if you want to lay on that side at night when you are sleeping.  I rolled over last night and thought I was gonna go through the roof.  My arm just hurts something awful.  I think about what our little ones feel like after a shot and then I feel for them.  Poor little ones!!  Well, I better run for now.  Cameron is begging me to go potty for the billionth time in about 10 minutes.  I think he just wants to turn the light off and on, but I guess we will see.  What a little squirt he is these days!  I still love him even if he is ornery.


Sherrie said...

Morning Lisa, know what you mean about the weather. It is unbearable down in S.C. and I love the heat, but these humid, muggy days are no fun. I had no energy yesterday but today is better. Hope to get some projects done while chidren are down for naps.
Just want to pass something on to you shared by an elderly nurse/friend. She told me when you get any type of immunizations you need to rub the area with alcohol as often as you can. Also, she said you could take tylenol for the soreness. I always did this with my babies and it seem to really help. It may be a little late to help this time but remember it for you and Cameron.
Hope you have a good week.
Hugs, Sherrie

Farm Field Primitives said...

The weather is pretty bad. We finally had rain last night. Praise the Lord for that. The crops were getting pretty droopy. I think it is supposed to cool down some up here in NW Ohio. Maybe it will make it your way. I haven't posted any redos lately cuz I have been running kids to all of their practices lately. They start school next week, so maybe then I can do some. I really don't think I'm ready for the school routine yet. Ususally I am but not this year. Who knows!! Good job on the weight loss!! Take care and stay cool.

carolyn@primitive~devotion said...

The heat is just plain ole depressing to me. I do not like summer whatsoever because of the heat & humidity. It makes every chore even harder.

I don't have asthma, but I do have sinus problems every summer. YUK! It gets old!

Glad to know that I'm not the only one who donates a truckload of stuff to GW and goes in to look for more! LOL!

Enjoy the rest of your week!

big city prims said...

ohhh....I know of what you speak!! It's miserable here -- 90temp, 80 humidity-- oppressive! My mind says "do" but my body says "what? you crazy?" LOL...lots of projects waiting for some nice cool, Fall weather! With asthma, you gotta be careful, so stay cool.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,
I remember that little wood house that you purchased when we went shopping together. Love how it turned out...you did a great job!!

I don't like this heat wave very much either. I can hardly wait for Fall to get here with cooler days. Hopefully, things will cool down soon...so that you can breathe better.

I haven't found much at the GW and TS around here in a long while. Of course, I haven't been out much since the end of July with all the gallbladder problems...and now with DH going through his health issues, it will be a while before I even have time to get back out and about.

Take care my prim friend and I will chat with you again soon.
hugs, Cindy

american girl primitives said...


I hear ya on the heat girl. I hope it cools down before we have to move.

Take care and great news on your weight loss, baby steps is the best advice to make lasting changes.