Thursday, August 27, 2009

By Special Request…

Thank you all so much for your kind comments about my re-finished ladder back chairs.  I myself was so pleased with them and was anxious to share them with you.  Many of you requested pictures of my chairs with my farm table so, I am happy to oblige and share with you some pictures.  Take a look!

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Others of you have complimented me on my new profile picture.  Thank you for those nice compliments!  I was lucky enough to get my hair cut the other night.  Oh yes, there is nothing better then having a little pampered time for Mom.  So, I am posting a close-up of my new do and also a picture of my sweet boy.  Cameron is doing great with potty training, but he is now getting into the habit of screaming bloody murder in the middle of the night and telling us he has to pee pee.  Ah, yeah – imagine being in a deep deep sleep and he screams out “Mommy, I gotta go pee pee.”  So, basically I feel like I am taking care of a newborn again (lol).  You gotta love it even more when you take him in to go potty and then all he wants to do is give you more excuses as to why he can’t go back to sleep.  I think I liked it better when he was in a diaper.  Anyway, enjoy these pictures!

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Oh – one more thing.  Have any of you started to decorate for Fall yet?  I am so anxious to get started, but was curious when you all start to decorate.  Let me know.  ~ Hugs  ~


Sherrie said...

You go girl!!!! Setting looks so prim and cozy. YOU DID GOOD! Also, love your new style...very becoming.
I have started a little fall my front door piece looking more like the changing of the seasons and I really like it. I really got into the mood after decorating the Nursing Home hall where my Mom is. It really looks nice and some of the residents really noticed the change. I had taken some ears of dried corn to mix in with an arrangement and when I checked on my Mom last nite I noticed something all over the dining room floor. I slowly checked it out and lord and behold, someone had shelled one of the ears of corn all over the floor !!! I could not believe it...I had to laugh...they had very neatly placed the cob back in the arrangement!! Oh these special people, I so love them and realize everyday how that could be me one day. Soo, I say enjoy everyday my dear friends and if you want to decorate for fall a few days early.....DO IT!! Capture the moment.. Hugs Sherrie

Susannah said...

Those chairs with your beautiful new table is so impressive ....and very, very prim. Such a great look! I love it!

Haircut looks great....nothing like getting the hair done!

Have a great day, Lisa.


Backwoodsprim said...

It looks wonderful!
I can't wait 'til you decorate for Fall either! LOL!!
Then we get to see more neat pics!!! :)

Have a good day!

Black Sheep Lisa said...

The table and chairs look like they were made for each other, you did an awesome job Lisa!!
I am getting my Fall out this weekend, I have been cleaning for the past couple of days getting ready!! Yay!
Glad to hear Cameron is doing good with going to the Potty, that is great for him that he is waking up to go, not so much for you, but least hes not bed wetting!

Craftyperson said...

Hi Lisa.....Love your ladderback chairs....they look amazing with your farm table...Your house and your makeovers are amazing to see how you change things around....Great picture of you and your little man...adorable..I haven't started decorating for fall yet...I've been making crafts for fall for the last two that alone has gotten me into the mood to decorate...Have a great day...Trena

Susannah said...

P.S. Lisa...Yes, I have started my fall decorating..afterall September 1st is Tuesday already. It is cool here in NY near the Finger Lakes so I'm ready.


Karen~The Barely There Primitive Bear said...

Lisa, the table and chairs look great together!
You do a great job on every thing! I like both pictures, you look good with short hair...I am waiting for September to decorate for Fall...I am making curtains and I need to paint my little hutch, first...

Bear Hugs~Karen

Wanda/Ridge Farm Nesting Place said...

Love your table and chairs,great marriage..very prim and homey!
Love your haircut, adorable! Your pic with Cameron is sweet.

Have a great day!

Jody said...

Lisa! Your chairs look just awesome with your table! I love the simplicity of it all....great job!
Oh and the new haircut is cute too!

the primitive country bug said...

Hi Lisa~
Your table setting looks great ~ I love the chairs done in black! You did a great job.
Your new hair cut is adorable and so is your little Cameron. I don't miss those waking up in the middle of the night days. I was the one that could never fall back to sleep! Don't worry, that too will pass.
I usually start fall decorating after the kids return to school. This Monday! Woohoo!
Hugs~ Birgit

Carmen C. said...

You two are just cute as lil buttons!!! Love your new haircut, and the new chairs look GREAT with your table:)

Anonymous said...

I love your chairs with our table...they look perfect together!!
I will start my Fall decorating around the beginning of September and do it a little bit at a time...and I usually have it all done by the middle of September. Love your new haircut!! I'm thinking about getting mine cut shorter...I've lost 40 lbs and am wanting a new do.
hugs, Cindy

Anonymous said...

Lisa, that should of said "your table" not "our table"...but you can share it with me if you want to! LOL...

LeeHillPrimitives said...

Hi, Lisa
Thanks for visit my blog. You did an awesome job with the ladder chairs. They looks perfectly with your beautiful table. Cameron is adorable and you looks vibrant with your new haircut. Today, I was in Michael's and they had beautiful flowers (with 40%off). I bought various and started my fall decor this evening.

Anonymous said...

I like your table center
piece. Can we see a full
shot of your dining room?
Susan in Wooster

Janet - underthewillow said...

Your farm table is fabulous and the chairs go with it perfectly!....and your new do is too cute!

You wanted to know when others start their autumn decorating and I start mine on September 1st!....guess I'd better get busy and put summer away!


Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

Oh you did good Lisa!! Just wonderful!! They are perfect with that table I am so in love with.

Oh man, they make moms young for a reason. I had Lili most of the day and I am exhausted!! LOL I am so glad she had diapers on.

Love your haircut too. A good hair day makes us feel so good doesn't it??

I see lots of gals decorating for fall. I am still holding out a bit. It is too early for my bittersweet!!

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

You did a great job on those chairs just love how it all came together. I agree nothing like a good haircut.
Oh the joys of potty comes back around again when the grandkids come along!

carolyn@primitive~devotion said...

Love the chairs and your cute new 'do!

Your son is growing so fast. He looks like a little man now. :) I'm glad to hear that he is doing so well with the potty training. Be thankful that he is waking up instead of wetting the bed! LOL! Hopefully soon he will be able to get through the night without getting up.

Have a great weekend!

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Lisa, your table setting turned out just should be so proud!

The smile on your face with your son is priceless....what a beautiful picture.