Saturday, July 11, 2009

Wood Countertops Are Underway

Yesterday was such a fun and exciting day here at my home. I haven't been out in my little workshop for quite some time. It was actually before I left for vacation when I was out there last actually doing some crafts and it felt GREAT to get back out there and get working on some stuff. After I put Cameron down for his nap yesterday, I grabbed the baby monitor and headed out to my little workshop also known as the garage (lol). I didn't know how fast the garage could turn into a mess, but it definitely hit a limit yesterday. I worked on 2 items before my in-laws came over, but I will wait to share those with you tomorrow. I have much more exciting things to share with you today. Well, my in-laws came over yesterday during the late afternoon. I was trying to get over being sick...... uh yeah, I was out during the middle of the day and I think I got overheated. I was sick to the point I was running to the bathroom (TMI) and also felt like I was going to vomit (another TMI), but after getting plenty of water in me and cooling off inside..... I was feeling better. I just don't do well with the heat and I should have known better with the warmer temps to not go out in the garage and go at it like I have no sense. I am just glad that I am feeling better and trust me - I have learned a lesson.
After I was cool enough and the temps were cooling off a bit, I headed back out to the garage with my FIL. We started the kitchen countertops and I must say that I am getting so flipping excited that I can barely stand it. I am learning more and more from my FIL when it comes to tools and what to do, but I still a bit nervous when it comes to his table saw. Uh yeah, I have been letting him take control with that bad boy. It is just loud and scary looking (lol). So, I let him cut the wood and then he showed me a few things and I started with the rest. This is what one section of my countertops look like so far. Kinda hard to see, but the countertop is currently turned over so I can add some wood braces to the bottom of the countertops to give it a bit more support. I used Liquid Nails to put each wood plank together as well as to add the wood brace on the back and then I will also screw the wood brace into the wood countertop, but of course once you turn it over....... you won't ever see the screws on the back and never know that they are there. Pretty nifty - huh? The clamps are still on this section and they will be taken off later this afternoon. Once they are taken off then I will sand the top of my countertops, stain the countertops and then apply clear silicone caulking to the cracks. Once everything is dry then I will proceed to add the polyurethane to the top to give it a protective coating. It won't be shiny, but it will give it a smooth protective finish so it will be easy to wipe up liquid or spills.
Once my clamps are off the other section that I showed you up above then I will proceed to this little section which will go beside my stove. This is what the top will look like.......of course the stain is missing, but I plan on staining it walnut to match with my wood knobs on my cupboard doors. I like to kinda tie everything in together and I am sure it will look great. Oh my goodness - I am so excited! I just can't wait to share the finished project with all of you prim gals!
I also wanted to introduce to you - my favorite new friend. Please take a moment and introduce yourself to Mr. Biscuit Maker. This wonderful tool is a biscuit joiner and I must say that it is THE NEATEST LITTLE THING. If you haven't ever used one of these little tools then it is definitely something you should try. It is quite nifty! You basically take your wood board, draw a line with a pencil as to where you want your biscuit, line up the line that is on the tool with your pencil line, pull the trigger on the tool and push the biscuit maker towards your wood. Once you are done then you move to your next line until you have your hole for your biscuit. When you are done, then you add your Liquid Nails onto the side of the board, put your biscuit down into that groove you just created and VOILA........ everything is put together and nice and sturdy once dry! I loved working with this little fella and trust me..... I will put him to good use until my countertops are done and then I will even use it when I start my kitchen table too. Yep, I am going to make my own farm table once I am done with this project. Can you tell that my favorite part of my home is my kitchen?
Well, stay tuned for more pictures tomorrow. It is raining cats and dogs here today......actually more like raining elephants and rhinos, but I am not complaining. We have been needing the rain for awhile now. My flowers and my yard were looking pretty bad and nothing better then using that good rain to make the ground soft and then head out to pull weeds. Yep, that is indeed the easiest way to pull weeds. That way you don't have to sit there and struggle and break your back trying to pull out some of those stubborn weeds. If all goes well then I will get to work on my countertops this evening and get a bit more done before my FIL comes back over tomorrow to cut more wood. I will post my TS re-do's sometime tomorrow and trust me...... they are worth coming back for. They turned out really nice or at least I think so. Hope you all have a WONDERFUL Saturday!!


Janene said...

I hate to be teased liked that!
I will definately be tuning in tomorrow.
Love the way the counter tops are coming together.
Have a great weekend.
See ya tomorrow!

Carmen C. said...

Aww...Mr. biscuit maker is cute, lol! I can't wait to see your countertops:)

Anonymous said...

This rain sure is coming down!! Our neighborhood garage sales were today...but with the storms, there won't be any garage sales today. Bummer!!
We need to run some errands in a little while, so maybe I'll stop by the GW to see if they have any good stuff today. Oh...I'll be back tomorrow to see your TS redos!
Your countertops are coming right along...can't wait to see them finished!
Have a great weekend.
hugs, Cindy

Kath ~★The Olde Weeping Cedar ★~ said...

Lisa...they're gonna be primfab!
I'll be back to check on your progress! ;) You are becoming quite the lil power tool aficionado there girl!!


carolyn@primitive~devotion said...

Yea! I know you are so excited with good reason! I'm excited for you! Can't wait to see the finished product!

Bittersweet Primitives said...

Lisa, I can't wait to see your new adventure. I am so glad you are feeling better. Make sure you pace yourself. There are so many projects to do..Can't wait to see your farm table too. Have a good weekend. Sherie

Brenda said...

Can't wait to see your countertops! I'm excited for ya!!

Susannah said...

Lisa, Everything is coming along nicely. We'll just call you "Lisa, the Tool Man Taylor"! Get it? It is all very interesting. I am looking forward to seeing the end results. And a farm table?? goodness, you can do everything! Good luck.


Betsy said...

I know what you mean about the table saw. I can do the drill, sander, jig saw and little bit with the chop saw but I leave the table saw for hubby. It's just too scary for me.
Can't wait to see your finished countertops. I know they'll look great.
Have a great evening.

Denise said...

OMGosh! I can not wait to see your finished countertops! I have NEVER seen any like those!


rebecca said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog. found it kind of by accident. i am currently in the process of redoing my kitchen cabinets. wanted so much to get new ones, but car decided to blow and engine...i don't need to say anymore.
so now applying kilz and then a barn red. will get new handles and putty up old holes and make new holes for handles. will show the hubs your idea for counter. you inspired me today!