Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What a Wonderful Time & A Funny Story

Well, I am sure that you all know by now that this is my beautiful Mom. I was lucky enough to have her come here to my home to visit me for a couple days and we had such a wonderful time. My DH and I met them halfway and DH drove one car and I drove the other. We tend to do that to help my Mom out since my Dad is unable to drive due to health issues. Anyway, I was so excited to have them come for a visit and even more excited to share with my Mom everything that I have done inside my home over the last 6 months or so. I have made so many changes and she was pretty excited to see them. She first of all couldn't get over my kitchen makeover. She said that when she moves she is going to have me re-do her kitchen cabinets like mine and also install wood countertops just like mine. I always joke around with her and say that I won't do it, but to be quite honest...... I would do about anything to make my Mom happy and to make her smile. I love her to pieces!!
I decided that we definitely had to go to North Shore Primitives and indeed she fell in love with the shop. Mom is so use to shopping in Amish Country, but she admitted that North Shore took over the reigns as the best prim shop that she has been in. It is definitely a great place to shop in and if you all have to come through Ohio sometime then you should make a point to stop by there and check it out. My Mom wanted to buy me something and well she ended up buying me this beautiful punched tin light. Don't you just love it? I am absolutely in love with it and it is even more special because it is from my Mom. Thanks Mom - I love it and will cherish it always!! I Love You Mom with all that I am and I am so very happy and blessed to have you in my life!! Thank you for everything.......
Do you all remember this light that I purchased at a thrift store? Well, I bought it for $5.00 and as I was re-finishing it....... I noticed the sticker on the bottom that said "Pottery Barn - $29.00".
Wow, can you believe that I found a Pottery Barn light for $5.00?!? Pottery Barn definitely isn't me, but for me to find a light that is regularly $29.00 and to get it for $5.00 - well, that is awesome!!

Well, after searching for a lamp shade for this light at North Shore Primitives...... I decided to go with a red shade with white stars. Doesn't this lamp look great now? Definitely gave it a much needed and well improved look - don't ya think? At first I wasn't sure if I liked the worn off look on the light itself, but this is what it currently looks like. Do you like it this way or do you think it would look better all black with no worn edges? Please be honest!!

Here is a close-up of the lamp shade that I picked out. My Mom and I thought it was too cute and it will look perfectly in my family room. I have never really shared pictures of my family room because I literally have toys all over it all the time, but perhaps I will share it with you all someday.
I never get worked up over the toys because to be quite honest with all of you....... I waited years and years to have all of these toys all over my family room and someday soon I am sure that I will miss seeing them everywhere. Soon, very soon, I will share some family room pictures with all of you. I know that alot of you have been curious as to what type of furniture I have and I will be honest with you........ it is a comfortable couch and 2 recliners and they are quite comfy. I have prims and antiques here and there, but the furniture is not at all prim (lol).
Another funny story to share with you........ the other night when my Mom and I were out back looking at my flowers and watching Cameron play, we noticed something that instantly caught our eyes. My neighbor whom I really don't care for all that much was talking rather loud and was carrying stuff out of her garage. Well, you never know what she is gonna pull out of there and I wasn't paying any attention to her since she is normally drunk off her rear 24/7. Anyway, I was cutting the dead off my flowers when my Mom said "Oh My Gosh Lisa, look at what she has over there". Well, my Mom and I continued to pretend that we were still cutting the dead off my flowers when we were really be two nosey prim people. Well, it appears that good ole drunkin granny next door has had 6 beautiful and very old ladder back chairs stored in her garage with a beautiful old table to match. My Mom and I couldn't believe our eyes!!! I couldn't believe that she was selling them to someone and I had no flippin idea that they were even for sale. Oh - if I would've known that they were for sale then I probably would have bought them. Heck, these people probably got some heck of a great deal seeing as though granny was as drunk as a skunk and had to idea what she was doing. Anyway, it was funny to see my Mom and I pretending to cut flowers, but staring across the backyard to see what she was carrying out of her garage. Oh - trust me ladies....... you all would have been slobbering just like my Mom and I were. Yep, my flowers didn't need any water especially after all the slobbering we did over those ladder back chairs (lol). Oh how I wish I could come across some ladder back chairs myself.


This Country Girl said...


What a funny story....and they were right there under your nose and you never knew!

Your mother is beautiful. I think you two favor alot too!

Your lampshade is perfect and I love both lamps you showed!

Enjoy those toys scattered over the floor....there will be plenty of time for a perfectly decorated house! I know exactly how you feel as we waited the same as you!


Kelly said...

I like the lamp just the way it is!!! Great job!!!
I think you look a lot like your Mom.
As for ladder back chairs...have you ever checked craigslist? I see them on there ALL the time. Sometimes the people want and arm and a leg, but sometimes not so much. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,
I laughed as I read your are right, we all would of drooled over those ladder back chairs for sure!!
Love the tin lamp you mom got for you at NSP...and I love the lamp you redid! It looks great the way you finished it!!
Have a great weekend.
hugs, Cindy

chandelier said...

Such cute lamps!

Janene said...

I love BOTH of your lamps!
I seem to be buying more and more lamps lately...What the heck am I going to do with them all?!
Thanks for the laugh this morning...too bad you didn't use a camera phone to snap some pics...on the sly of course!! LOL LOL
Makes you wonder what else the drunken granny has in her home!

Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

Morning Lisa,

Your mom is a very pretty lady!! How lucky you both share the love of prims!! I always enjoy watching her slideshow.

LOL - sounds like you need to pay more attention to your neighbor! You never know what she is hiding from you!!

hugs, Linda

In His service, Anne said...

LOL- I can just see you two peering out over the flowers, giggling....too cute!!! That was a funny one. Glad you had another special time with your mom, still waiting to hear the place is sold, and they are free to move close to you.

carolyn@primitive~devotion said...

Lisa, I know you so enjoyed your parents visiting! And what a great present she got for you! I love it!
And your lamp re-do is awesome! I love the worn paint. I think it gives it so much character than a plain flat paint job.
Too funny about "spying" on the tipsy neighbor.
Have a great day!

Susannah said...


Your Mom is so cute...serously. What fun the two of you enjoy.

The lamps? First the one that Mom bought you is to die for. That was a very nice gift. How thoughtful of your Mom. My opinion of the second lamp that you redid? I love it just the way it is right now. I think you did a terrific job making it look prim. Love the lampshade, too.

And ..I can just see you and your Mom in the back yard trying not to be nosey. I wish that I was there to get in on the laughs! LOL!


Black Sheep Lisa said...

I think it is so great that you and your mom are so close and share the same interest in prims!
Maybe you should befriend ole drunk granny she may have more goodies, LOL!

girliegirl said...


Thanks for sharing your stories. Your mom is very beautiful. It's funny how other people take for granted what they have.


Kris said...

Hi, Lisa!
I'm glad you had a great time with your mom!! Your lamp turned out great! I love it! I wouldn't change a thing!
Funny story about the neighbor! Maybe you should talk with her more! Who knows what she'd give away when she's drinking! LOL

Take care,

Mandy in Mayberry said...

Oh Lisa, that is too funny! It's so nice that you and your mom have such a great relationship.

I think the lamp looks great the way it is!

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

That sure is a funny story and I can just see you and your mom trying not to be obvious.LOL I'd have done the same thing:)
Yes, I miss those days of toys all over but I get plenty of days with the grandkid's toys!
Love the lamp and shade!

Sandy said...

Now that is a funny story :)
I would have done the samething...hehe. Sometimes people really don't know what they have.

I love the new look of your lamp. I think it looks great all sanded and the worn look. And I have to agree that the lamp shade gave it that final touch.