Friday, July 17, 2009

TS Finds & A Barn Sale

What a fun day today!! My husband took me to Lowe's today where I picked up my new faucet for my kitchen. I was so happy that they had it and of course I had to look around a little bit more. I am keeping my stainless steel sink so I wasn't able to get the faucet that I really wanted, but this one will do for a couple years or so. I had to go with something that I had the money for plus something that would go with my sink that I already had. I would have really liked to have gone with my brushed bronze, but it was out of my price range. I am pretty happy with what I have though......definitely a big change to the cheapie I have now.
Well, we were driving to some of the Thrift Stores in the area and I saw a huge sign for a Barn Sale. I asked my DH if I could go and look and he so kindly drove me there. They had all sorts of stuff, but once again....... I only had so much money and I loved that they were so reasonable. My first purchase was this old lantern. I ADORE IT!! I love that it is red and rusty and it will go perfectly in my home. Don't you love that it is so old? I got it for $2.00.
This item was actually a Thrift Store find for $2.00 - Don't you love that it is so old?
I bought this box full of old silverware at the Barn Sale for $3.00. I was going through the box and looked at 2 pieces of silverware and noticed that they were Rogers & Brothers silverware so I bought the whole box full of old silverware for $3.00. Got home and realized that the 2 pieces that I looked at were the only 2 pieces of Rogers & Brothers silverware. The other is Oneida silverware, but it is old looking and that is all that matters...... I guess.
This was another Barn Sale purchase for .50 cents. I am seriously thinking about painting it and distressing it and putting a battery operated candle in it. I thought that would look nice and prim on a shelf or something and for .50 cents - well, you can't beat that!
Oh - this is a TS find. I bought it for $5.00 which is kinda more then I wanted to spend, but I have been looking for a wood light that I could re-finish and make a bit more prim. So, after biting my lip and handing over the $5.00 I was able to bring it home. Stay Tuned for the make-over! Now to find a prim looking shade to go with my light.......hmmm, I am thinking about making it black. Doesn't black go with everything?
Well, I was gonna show you all my one section of my countertops today, but I decided against it. Sorry ladies...... I just thought that if I mixed things up with the countertops then the other stuff wouldn't get the recognition that they deserve : ) Ok, ok that was mean of me, but you will see it tomorrow - I PROMISE!! Oh - it is SO WORTH THE WAIT!! Our garbage men are gonna love me....... I can see it all now on the 6:00 news - Weird Things are happening across the USA tonight.......the local garbage men are complaining that everyone is tearing out and pitching their kitchen counters. What in the world could possibly be going on? Yep, you all are so gonna wanna hop on the bandwagon or at least my prim friends will (lol). Stay Tuned!


Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Great TS finds, Lisa and I love the red lantern! I can't wait to see your countertops - I know they're going to be amazing!!!

sonyadawn said...

Oh Lisa, what great finds... Love the Lamp, and the bobbin, actually I love it all. You have a great eye. I just got a lamp base very similar to yours and painted mine black to, then found a darling shade at a local prim shop. Don't you just love to redo something that you have gotten so cheap and breath new life into it. Looking forward to tommorrow

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,
Great finds!! I love the red lantern! DH and I just got back from dinner...while out I went to the GW, but didn't find a thing. Didn't even find anything yesterday at the huge TS in Centerville. Bummer!!
So looking forward to seeing your newly primitive kitchen with those great new countertops!!
hugs, Cindy

Denise said...

Ooh, you sure got some thrifty goodies!

I can't wait to see the countertops!


Janene said...

You have got to be the meanest blogger around! LOL LOL
Making us wait is just torture!
I do love what you found at the TS...especially the red lantern! I can think of a great place in my home for that rustic primitive!!
Have a good night!

basketsnprims said...

Great TS finds, Lisa. Love the red lantern.

~Judy~ said...

Lisa, I'm really anxious to see your countertops and the rest of the kitchen. LOVE the red latern. I'll check back tomorrow.

Ann said...

Lisa, Great finds. I can't wait to see the lamp shade you use. They are the hardest thing for me to find, prim lampshades that are the correct size for the lamp. Be sure to post again when you're done. ~Ann

carolyn@primitive~devotion said...

Great finds! I have several of those wooden bobbins. In fact, I have a LOT of them in assorted sizes and styles. I just love old wooden items.
The lamp is going to be great! Can't wait to see it when you're done!