Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Did you think I fell in a hole?

Well, if you think I fell in a hole then you were wrong? Have I come to a road block? Well, I guess you could say that I have had my mind on different things for a little while. We got back from the beach and I haven't been out in my craft area doing much of anything. Oh trust me, I really do miss it and need to get back out there soon. I have been wanting to start on my kitchen counters, but with DH's Dad just having surgery....... it has pushed things back a bit. I need his help and expertise on a few things so hopefully soon I can get started on that. I also would like to get started with making myself a new farm table, but once again I need my FIL and with him laid up.......well, it puts my things on the back burner (Oh shucks). So, I am trying my best to be patient, but this prim gal is not very patient at all. Do you remember this spoon rack that I received in my goodie box from Beth? Well, I hung it by my back door and currently have one prim spoon on it along with two others that looked old in the thrift store, but then I got them home and put them on the spoon rack......well, I guess you could say that they didn't look very old (lol). So, my spoon rack is looking pretty bare with one spoon on it. Any suggestions as to what else I could put on it other then spoons until I get some more?!? I really haven't been working on much more lately. I have so much stuff that I bought at the thrift stores that our one empty bedroom is becoming not so empty anymore. I would really like to have a garage sale this weekend, but with DH umpiring and me being home with Cameron and no one to help out........well, I guess I will just keep the stuff until another time. Ughhh, do you ever feel like you are being strangled with clutter? That is how I feel right now. We are out growing our home so terribly bad right now and moving is just not an option right now. Hmmm, what does one do with all this stuff that I don't need?
Well, hopefully I will get back to working on more signs and such. I need to do something, but right now...... I feel like I am in such a funk and I am having a hard time getting it together! So......... hopefully I will have some more interesting things to share in a couple days. Stay tuned and if you don't - well, I won't blame you (lol). Gosh, what is up with my horrible attitude? Shake out of it Lisa! Come on girl. Snap out of it!!


Kelly said...

hey Lisa, if you can not have a yard sale, try selling some of your things on craigslist or even ebay.

I know what you mean about being strangled by clutter.
We will be moving soon and I am getting rid of TONS!

girliegirl said...


It's ok I think we all go through this from time to time. I'm sure you'll be inspired and have more time later.


Olde Tyme Marketplace said...

Hey Lisa!!
I have seen some spoon racks that have had little bunches of sweet annie filled in here along with the spoons. The look is great and prim! I was being strangled this past weekend and when I cleaned out the garage I felt tons better! Loaded up two huge boxes and hauled them off to Goodwill. You're probably thinkn...man I wish I could get to her Goodwill but it was just a bunch of nothing really and stuff that had been moved around from room to room to garage. Glad to get it OUT! So, grab some boxes and DONATE! It feels GREAT!

Goat Creek Grandma said...

Its great to see you post Lisa. I have missed you here! :)

Take Care,

carolyn@primitive~devotion said...

You'll be alright! Everybody goes through thigns like this. I'm with you about the clutter. If you can;t sell what you don't need right now, try packing it up and putting it away for awhile. If you are anything like me, as soon as you sell something, you will realize that you should have kept it! LOL! But usually clearing some things out makes me feel a lot better.
And about the spoon, why not beat it up and age it with paint & stain? I know you are great at doing things like that. So why not?
I hope your FIL recovers quickly.
Chin up! And have a great week!

Janene said...

I knew with all of those vacations that you have been taking that blogging would go on the back burner! LOL
What you need is a GW shopping trip with me! We would have a blast...or a fight...that is up to you! LOL LOL LOL
Clutter...UGH! Been there and done that. It does feel so good to unload (That is one reason that I had my giveaway!) But then I ask myself "Janene, why do you keep going to GW and buying more?" I have no answer!
Sweet Annie or dried herbs would look great in the spoon rack!

sonyadawn said...

Hey Lisa, I feel the same way. In a funk is a good way to describe it. Ever since I got home from my trip to Md I have been this way. Maybe it's the heat. Hope you snap out of it soon and become inspired.
Have a blessed day!

Evelyn said...

Hi Lisa,

Sorry to hear you are in a funk. I really enjoy reading your Blog and seeing all of your energy and wish I had some of it. As a matter of fact I finally made myself a couple of pantry cakes with your recipe and even my DH was totaly impressed! When I first said that I was going to make them he figured that he got to eat them and was just horrified when I told him that tey were just for decoration. He has a real sweet tooth. They turned out great, I had alot of trouble finding the right form but I finally did.

Feeling in a funk is not fun, but I guess we all go through it and some how manage to survive, it's just the going through it part that sucks. I too get overwhelmed by everything in our house and wish we had a bigger one, but I think you just end up with more stuff. My sister in law has named me the queen of squeeze and every time our son bugs me about how much we have I threaten that the ceiling still has lots of room and it really is just wasted space....lol.

Again I really enjoy reading your Blog and the zest you have for your family and your crafts, keep up the good work!

Evelyn mchappy@shaw.ca

UPON A HILL said...

Hey,Lisa ; I know how you are feeling. I got boxes of stuff to get rid of. Even so, this funk will pass.

OldeAnniePrimitives said...

Geez...clutter is my middle name! Know exactly how you feel. That's why we haven't been able to park in our garage for years now! Good luck getting rid of yours! LOL! ~~Annie

Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

How about making your spoons look older? Scratch them up a bit then rub them down with stain and wipe it off. I have done that to Dollar Store spoons and they came out great!!

I say pack up the stuff you aren't using in tubs and then when you feel like tweaking, you can shop from your own tubs of goodies!

hugs, Linda

Mandy in Mayberry said...

We all get that way (at least I do!)

I've been decluttering like crazy this summer. It feels so good! You'll find the right thing to do with your stuff!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that you are in a funk, but it's ok as we all get that way sometimes.
If you can't have your garage sale soon, just pack what you want to get rid of until you can have that sale. That's what we did...stored some of it in the garage and some in the shed. We have a neighborhood garage sale every year and I decided not to do it this year...so those plastic crates will stay in storage until next year.
Miss you and hope that you feel un-funked soon!!