Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I am not sure about you, but I love going through the antique shops in Amish Country. I am always looking for something old, something real old that I could use for decorating. Awhile back when I went to Amish Country with my Mom we went through a couple antique shops and looked through all of the goodies. I bought quite a few old antique kitchen utensils and hung them from my ladder which is hanging from my ceiling in my kitchen. I also bought a few other things to display on my cupboard in my kitchen. I love my Amish made cupboard that my Mom purchased for me at Country Gatherings.... I decided to go with the black cupboard because I just loved the way it looked. You could probably click on the picture to get a better look at some of my antiques.....I have an old crock on the top of my cupboard along with an antique pulley and then I have a kraut cutter and a cheese grater just to mention a few. I love the way they look with my some of my other primitives.
My mother in-law gave me this old antique trunk. I have it at the end of our bed and I just love the way that it looks. Both handles are gone off the side and as you can see there is a bit of the front that was torn off when it was given to me, but other then that I just love the way it looks and was so happy when she decided to give it to me. Don't you love it? I love old trunks like this, but then again I love old stuff!! Just think of all the history behind this trunk.

I remember when I was younger and I use to go visit my grandparents. They had a walk up attic that I truly loved exploring. They had a couple closets that I would go through every single time that I would go visit. I knew that there wouldn't be anything new in there, but just the thought of going through it and looking at all of the Old Zane Grey books, Roseville Pottery, old photo albums and records was just something I truly enjoyed. Both of my grandparents have passed away and of course all of the old antiques went to my Mom. I am hoping that someday they will be passed along to me and then I can proudly display some of them..... if not all of them.


big city prims said...

Wonderful pics and goodies!!! So inspiring! You have a beautiful prim home. I love visiting the Amish shops as well (in Lancaster) but it's a day trip for me, so I'll be doing that again this Spring. Love your blog! -- TJ

Kelly said...

I like that trunk, but I LOVE your cupboard.

My*Prim*Cottage said...

You have some wonderful things and you have them displayed very nicely! Everything looks beautiful!


PrimKarlee said...

Amish country is my favorite place to shop! Kaufman's, the antique mall and Country
Gatherings are always my first stop! Unfortunately I don't get down there as much as I would like..but I feel a road trip coming up! :-) Love your blog, your home is beautiful!~~Karen

Linda said...

Don't you wish that trunk could talk and tell you where it had been? I love old things with history!

Anonymous said...

Love your cupboard!!...and the old trunk is really wonderful. I love to go to Amish country, but haven't been there for a few years.

kathy said...

Lisa, I really like your trunk and your black cupboard! I've only been to Amish country once, and it was so wonderful. I hope we can go again someday! You are fortunate to live nearby.
p.s. I just checked our web addy on one of your recent posts and wanted to let you know that I deleted that particular album last week, I'm so sorry!! I have lots of other albums if you are interested. But, thanks so much for the mention :-)

Tracey said...

I absolutely love your are so lucky!
Tracey xxx