Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Amish Country Here I Come.... With A List!!

I can hardly wait. I am going to visit my parents this weekend and I am looking forward to a day out with my Mom. Yep, I am off to Amish Country and I am taking a list. After seeing all of you wonderful ladies with these labels, it makes me wanna get some jars, tins or anything that a label would look great on. I have a couple old jars that I had around the house, but why not look for more. I also have a few other things that I want to look for as well so we will see what I can find. I will definitely have to show you and tell you everything that I saw and all the great deals that we found. There are 2 antique malls that we plan on going to so I can hardly wait to see what kind of old antique treasures I find. I keep telling my husband that I need more money and a bigger house for all of my prims and antiques and well he just laughs at me. I guess a woman could wish - right?
Well, I am off to the laundry room to do some laundry and hopefully I will have it all caught up by the time we leave for my Mom and Dad's. We will see. Here is some old prim clothes that I have hanging in my laundry room window. Aren't they just too cute!?!


basketsnprims said...

Oh, Lisa, lucky you. I've been to Amish country in Indiana and they have the best stuff, quilts, furniture, antiques. Have fun. Love your prim clothesline.


big city prims said...

Lisa, I'm jealous! I can't get up to Lancaster County until the weather is warmer...I love their stuff! Rondell and Linda seem to have started us all on a mason jar kick -- I made a lamp (again) with one yesterday, made Linda's idea with the safe spot inside, and I swiped the cheesecloth toppings and lables from Rondell. Love yours. Have a great time and bring back goodies!

Stacey said...

Well, all I can say is that I am so jealous! I wish was going with you. You are going to have such an awesome time, you lucky gal you. :) I will be anxiously awaiting to see the pictures of the things that you bring back.

Oh~and I love that little clothes line too. :)

Have fun, I know it will be so hard to do! (lol)

Love and hugs,